4th of July Festivities ~ Mammoth, CA Edition

this year’s fourth was quite a treat as we spent it in mammoth mountain, located in central  california.  over the years we have spent our 4th in mammoth, the alisal (near santa barbara) and even england.  yep, that was the most anti-climactic 4th ever.


last year was spent at the jersey shore and next year will be celebrated in good ‘ol NYC with a fireworks spectacular.  added to the bucket list and already planned :)


the first morning’s view.  having flown back the day before, I still hadn’t adjusted to the west coast time zone but waking up at 5:50a had its bonuses – soaking up this view and taking in the peace and quiet…so different than the hustle and bustle of nyc.

IMG_0945breakfast out at one of the local spots.  we normally don’t eat out for breakfast (only if it’s Looney Bean coffee + scones) but we had agreed to meet up with our parent’s friends and so the stove it was.  actually, we used to go to the stove on a regular basis but hadn’t eaten there in over 12 years.  it has all the basics – eggs, pancakes, etc, but nothing too special.  make sure to factor in some waiting time as it’s one of the more popular spots in town!

the stove
644 Old Mammoth Road
Breakfast & Lunch daily (6:30a-2p)
Dinner served Th-Sun (5p-9p)
*no reservations


meghan and I were refueling after running down and around town.  she went for a belgian waffle + side of bacon (after crushing a long 10 miles in the altitude) while I stuck with a “pancake sandwich”

IMG_0941 this was just too funny not to post.  the two dads probably analyzing something as they sip their orange juice and let the girls gossip.


how’s this for an evening view?


families that run together stay together.  all the girls rocking the red, white, and blue. of course I had to rock my november project shirt :) I actually ran into another november project girl who had grown up in Mammoth (or the area) and lived in boston for some time.


we teased meghan about winning because an apple pie was on the line.  she didn’t win outright, but earned 3rd in our age group.  I finished 8th in the group with about 7:20 mile – not bad for zero race warm-up and full-on altitude (my throat burning the entire length of the course and legs feeling like lead)


^^ pre-race chaos.  all the little kids decided to line up at the starting line, sprint the first 50 yards and promptly stop.  we also spotted deena kastor with her daughter and husband.  thankfully she was running with an actual running stroller, unlike some other bozos.


this would be my kind of post-race treat – what they call a frozen “Looney Latte”, topped with chocolate covered espresso beans and whipped cream.  I even substituted in coconut milk and was highly impressed by the flavor!


three’s company.  we happen to be a lab family if you can’t tell

IMG_0980tfred and I took a trip up to the top of the mountain and biked our way down.  let’s just say that maneuvering the rocky terrain was not entirely enjoyable but once we made it past the  sharp turns, it was full-speed ahead (really though, I prefer speed to rocks and jumps)


“why don’t you bike down and take a picture of me biking” ok dad.

IMG_1005night #2 and just as breath-taking

IMG_7505 ^^ meghan pre-ordered a customized ben&jerry’s ice cream cake.  it was heavenly and I’m already planning one for my 25th birthday.  go big or go home.


^^ willie wishes he that he could partake in the sweet festivities

IMG_7537 a trip to the mountains isn’t complete without a hike.  this trip we decided to hike a portion of the john muir trail ~ a lovely 13-14 mile jaunt.

IMG_7515 IMG_7523 IMG_7526

I may have gotten myself in a pickle by pushing ahead too far, losing sight of my family, and losing the trail.  lesson learned. stay in sight.

IMG_7528 IMG_7529

fern lake (trail from devils postpile)

IMG_7534“The power of imagination makes us infinite” – John Muir

Life of Late ~ 7.3.15

For once it looks like I will be starting this Friday post off with a whole lot of ramblings and links to share rather than bombarding you with photos.  Will have to see which format I like better and which is more/less overwhelming.  In all honesty, I just didn’t take too many interesting pictures this week, so posting for quality rather than quantity :)

Lately I have been in the mood to switch up my workouts mostly because I am a proud  member of Equinox (thank you mega-corporate rate) and I want to get my money’s worth.  Believe me, if I had to pay the normal fee, that would so not be happening.  But, thanks to my company and the fact that there is one in the basement of my building, things are working in my favor.  Plus, they have chilled/scented towels, fresh towels to use while working out and for showers, excellent hair dryers, and premium Kiehl’s body wash/hair products.  My daily showers are almost worth the membership fee on it’s own!

Anyways, from total body conditioning to barre burn to cardio kickboxing, I am more sore than I have been in a long time.  I also have realized I have muscles that have not been properly exercised in ages!  Meaning it hurts to walk or squat.  Please don’t make me do more squats or lunges.  Also, my kickboxing form is embarrassing. I can’t get my leg higher than one or two feet off the ground.

I have also been craving fresh fruits and vegetables and all the fun recipes on Pinterest but not wanting to spend any money on groceries or spend any time cooking.  Thus, I end up with some healthy fast food for lunch or Trader Joe’s green juices and a whole lot of grilled vegetables/kale medleys.


^^ new food obsession. the chipotle for Mediterranean food. 

On another note, I found out that we get about 5 extra days off!  Our department distributed a schedule where they assigned each person a certain set of Fridays off this summer.  I am SO STOKED!  I would much rather have an entire day off than just a half day.  Knowing me, I will still be going to November Project bright and early and then probably take a trip to the beach or try to set up another trip.  Shoutout to Sarah and maybe the Baltimore tribe???

~ Links I Love ~

Listening to Anderson Cooper with Howard Stern

Jet Set Times ~ “10 Reasons Why Running is the Best Form of Tourism

The Cooper Review ~ “Difference Between Living in SF and NY” (some of these are spot on…I still love my current city though)

The M Dash ~ “Do’s & Don’ts of Finding a Mentor

IMG_0690^^ sample sale in soho? yes please.  

The Washington Post ~ “Of course you don’t love your job.  You’re not supposed to”  (“We need our jobs to survive, but we need our hobbies to make a life“)

Looking for gifts?? Check out these fun shopping ideas: Packed Party ~ Adorable boxes for party favors, cheering up your friend after a break-up or just for the hell of it! ~

Eat Clean ~ “5 of the Worst Things You Can Do To Your Coffee


^^ Meet the Black-and-white Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich or as Grub Street calls it, a Truly New York Concoction.   Um, thank you to Ample Hills Creamery and Baked bakery for the Black & Walt, after Ample Hills’ bovine masc

yes please.  Let’s just eat one of these after another juice cleanse or long run.  #runtoeat

^^ #1 great song  #2 this is amazing and makes me want to go watch these movies and go dance.  Seriously, any opportunity to rock the dance floor or make the bar my own dance floor and I’m game.  My roommates love me for it (or so I remind them) ;)  #noshame

 (image source)

One of my new favorite brands to follow on Instagram – Faherty Brand.  If only the clothing wasn’t so expensive.  Knowing me, I’d either spill something on it or rip it while trying to jump a sidewalk or dance in the bar.  Yes, I may have ripped my jeans while doing such a thing (they were already ripped though…)


^^ Finding some of the best tile artwork in the NYC Subways.  What strikes me as funny is that I have gotten so used to relying on public transport that I haven’t really used a car (besides a few taxis) in over a year!

Oh and apparently it’s national BLUEBERRY MONTH!  Struggling to figure out how to celebrate?  Well besides scrolling through Pinterest for days on end, spend some time in these wild articles here.  If you are like me, you will be drooling and dying to try every single recipe on the page.  Blueberry muffins (the Betty Crocker kind) are a childhood favorite but these days I opt for blueberries in the form of smoothies, overnight oats, and stuffed into my pancakes :)  So, in honor of the blueberry month, enjoy this video:

Lastly, have a fantastic weekend and 4th of July!  I spent last year down at the Jersey Shore, but this year I was able to fly home and am already soaking up the hot hot California sunshine in Mammoth Lakes :)  (note: I may have jinxed myself by pre-scheduling this post and we may be encountering some freak rain showers in the mountains.  thank you east coast for following me back west. not)  Looking forward to some good ‘ol altitude running, hiking, coffee, Mammoth Freedom Mile, and hopefully fireworks.

What are your plans for the 4th of July weekend?  


A Summer Weekend ~ NYC Does Country

What is your favorite thing to do on a summer weekend?  Boy the options are endless, aren’t they?  I would love to wake up and run, go to the farmer’s market and pick up some items for dinner, and then go to the beach or even a hike.  Somehow I’ve let those activities go to the wayside (well besides the running :) ) and instead invested some time in more unique city opportunities.

How about road races (no, not that it’s new to this blog) and a country music festival?  Yes, the weekend started off with a November Project workout – Sunrise 6k race – compete with bibs (looking pretty spiffy right? they were actually handed to us as we finished), cold brew coffee (thanks Chameleon!) and deadly and delectable doughnuts (thanks to Strava)

IMG_0722 ^^ I normally look for the regular flavor of cold brew (rather than vanilla or mocha) but this wasn’t half bad!

Friday afternoon was the first day of Farmborough, NYC’s first country music festival.  Sure, if you know NYC, you may be thinking why in the world would they have a country festival?  Well, it seems that there is a demand for it.  Sure, there weren’t nearly as many people there as at Stagecoach (CA) or even the Governor’s Ball, which is held at the same location, but they did have a decent showing, even with the rain.  Yes, rain.  I”ll get to that in a minute.

The festival was located on the upper upper east side of Manhattan on Randall’s Island.  Our best bet was to take the 4 train up to 125th street (practically a different world up there) and walk the 30 or so minutes across the bridge.  I wouldn’t advise walking alone up there but would recommend checking it out.   The festival lasted three days and “doors” opened around 2pm.  They had one main stage as well as a side stage with some up-and-coming folks.  I managed to get out a bit early on Friday but still didn’t make it to the venue until 3:30/4.


^^ Boots and denim and I’m ready to go!  Note to self, don’t expect a cheap pair of DSW boots to last forever.  The heels somehow imploded and I was left with a soggy and destroyed pair of faux leather boots.  At least my outfits looked good! ;)


^^ We were trying not to spend too much money over the course of the weekend, mostly because we had fished out a handful for the tickets and items were pricey, but with this mac & cheese being offered, I could not resist.  Some of the other popular foodie favorites included:

  • Savory and Filling Category:
    • Stuffed risotto balls
    • Key West Noodles
    • Southernmost Falafel (falafel, gyro, hummus…the whole gang)
    • Corndogs + Pizza + Burgers (duh)
    • Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (flagship, just jack, penne & chipotle…swoon)
  • All Aboard the Sweets Train:
    • Fried Oreos
    • MELT + Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches
    • Risotto Ball w/ nutella
    • Rita’s Italian Ices (mango, raspberry, lemon, green apple, or cherry)
    • Funnel Cakes (allllllmost got this but refrained)


^^ Friday night highlight was DIERKS BENTLEY!! I had seen him in concert last summer with my sister (Hollywood Bowl made for an awesome venue) and was stoked to see him again.  Arguably one of my favorite country artists.

**On Friday 6/26, the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. This weekend also happened to be Pride Weekend in both San Francisco and New York City.  November Project helped to cheer on runners at the Pride Run 5m on Saturday morning.  (yes, the signs are a bit explicit. watch the video here and a recent blog post here to learn more about the November Project movement before making any assumptions)

IMG_0787 ^^ I was on the cheer squad rather than #raceeverything squad.  my legs are screaming for a much needed rest.  I don’t know how some of my friends pull off marathon after marathon or epic 50milers (or even 100 milers…gasp)

IMG_0795^^ the festival view for Saturday.  yes, that time above where I mentioned rain. it started raining around 3 and did.not.stop.  it pretty much POURED on us.  stark contrast to stagecoach’s 100+ temps, right?

IMG_0800 ^^ those who love country music, stick together (also the fact that we are all roommates and sort of have to stick together. just kidding, love them lots)

I went into Saturday night, not really expecting to enjoy myself, mostly because it was so darn miserable outside.  But with an attitude adjustment, the realization that you really do only experience these things once, and some good company, it ended up being a blast.  We stuck around in the smaller side stage (the lesser known or blossoming artists) until Brad Paisley came on around 9:20pm.  I wouldn’t say he was my favorite but give him mega props for coming out and singing in the rain.

We dashed out a bit early and practically jogged our way home in the rain (absolutely drenched) and passed out a little after midnight.

Sunday’s set list might have been one of my favorite, mostly because it ended with Luke Bryan (oh the poor people who hashtagged #lukebrian on Instagram…not true fans).  I actually started the day with a kick boxing class, a first for me and one that left me sore to this day.  The benefit to having a festival in the city is that we can sleep in our very own beds and don’t have to worry too much about food or time outside of the concert.  We could just get ready at our leisure and I even brought my own dinner of stuffed bell peppers two of the three nights.  Yes, I was that person.

IMG_0875^^ Yes, that is my kind of night indeed! Or at least one of my favorite kinds of nights :) Good times, good people, and good music.

 We pretty much arrived around 4:30, didn’t leave until 10:30, and stood the entire time.  Needless to say my legs really could use a break!  But the entire weekend was a blast, despite the rain (thank you east coast) and another item checked off the bucket list.

Do you like country music? (I know it’s a hit or miss)  How about festivals or concerts?

Life of Late ~ June Favorites

Quick.  Think fast.  How would you summarize the last 6 months?  How about the last month?  Exciting, adventurous, optimistic?  Maybe I should just pick up a dictionary and thesaurus at a bookstore to help improve my vocabulary.  Now if I could explain everything via songs or GIF files, that would be truly amazing.  Alas, I can’t (always) and so I turn to my other method of expression – pictures.  It’s crazy to think that just yesterday I was running over the Randall’s Island footbridge in 3-5 layers of clothes, just to celebrate the start of the new year with my November Project friends.  (Not that I’m really reminiscing over the cold…)


But still, come Tuesday, we are finished with the first half of 2015!  That means that I have lived out on the east coast for just short of two years, I will be in the midst of my second humid summer (still not sure what’s worse – humidity or bitter cold), have made so many wonderful friends, and even more amazing memories.  The ups, the downs, the moments of pure boredom.  That’s life folks and I’m just another twenty-something learning how to function in this world.


^^ flowers from one of my account executives for helping out with a million dollar idea :) isn’t she sweet?  fingers, toes, and limbs crossed we can sell it through!  (PSA: the flowers are still on my desk…the daisies may have passed on, but those green objects are holding strong, a solid 3 weeks in! don’t worry mom, I’ll throw them out when they smell)


^^ may not have bought into their juice cleanse (yet) but am loving all sorts of green juices and smoothies – especially in this humid weather!

IMG_0454^^ work event at Escape the Room (“Agency” Midtown…much harder apparently than the downtown location) – We did not escape :(


^^ when you are invited to dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant like the STANDARD GRILL, you definitely experiment with the cocktail list.  this here was the SIMPLY(RED), which definitely falls on the sweeter side.  my advice is to go for the THE PROFESSOR & MARY ANN {Gin, Strawberry-Champagne Shrub, Lime, Prosecco} … extra points if you know where the name comes from (I grew up with it…the reruns that is)

IMG_0478^^ when NYRR uses your fastest time for your bib and it’s an all female race.  I don’t always snapchat, but when I do, it’s memorable.  sometimes.  ok, maybe I just think it’s funny.


^^ was able to meet this gal – a fellow blogger and NP_SF member – all the way out from the west (best) coast!

IMG_0498^^ yes, we race hard but our cheer squad cheers even harder

IMG_0524^^ some of my favorite november project buddies and accountabilibuddies (in retrospect, I should have merged all of these photographs but I didn’t.  so there is that much more love and photographic evidence circulating on the internet) #nplove

IMG_0531^^ when your friends work for food companies or are just full-on foodies, you make homemade nutter butters and banana ice cream. oh, and this was in brooklyn.  how hipster can we get?

IMG_0564^^ (I realized that I may post too many pictures of myself. then again, it’s my blog sooooo sorrynotsorry? for the record, we have epic NP photo albums after EVERY workout.  it helps that we have some amazing photographers – professional and recreational) – fair warning, not all of them are attractive but hey, you win some, you lose some.

1966328_948893675133890_8800845930441453038_o^^ a new tag for this weekend’s PRIDE run (stewarded by the amazing Burke)

11221751_948895365133721_90525601569340533_o^^ the tribe is strong.  the tribe has pride.  here we are on Wednesday’s bridge day in FULL RAINBOW gear because dressing in all the colors definitely helps you work out harder. (the guys definitely won the prize here!) not that I coordinate my workout clothes on any other day…


^^ my hometown has a mini-version (obviously mini since nothing compares to NYC), which I do love, but music in THE Central Park was a whole different ballgame.

IMG_0568my instinct is that every event is classical, which isn’t exactly my favorite, but going once made for a check on the bucket list


^^ my kind of happy hour. I met up with a bunch of Thetas who are living in the city and since some of them are not 21, we settled on something sweet.  SNOWDAYS shaved cream is one of those blossoming trends and if you ever find yourself in the east village (10th & 1st), test it out.

also, apparently if you add a few half dozen hashtags to your instagram, you acquire a lot more (random) likes.  though, I still haven’t come close to hitting the numbers that my college-aged cousins hit.  how in the world do they do that?  kids these days.


^^ that time I traveled to Hoboken for a workout.  yep, the lengths that we go to for our november project workouts.  I have to say, I do love that city, even with the fog and humidity settling down on it.


^^ I can’t thank NP enough for the places that I have been able to visit and the people that I have been able to meet.  my world is that much larger and I consider myself more positive and that much better of an athlete because of it.  again, the tribe is inclusive and the tribe is strong.


^^ a pizza place in Brooklyn (conveniently right off the L!)  I use the hashtag runtoeat for a reason…

1563 Decatur St
Ridgewood NY, 11385


^^ happy (belated) father’s day to this trail blazer :) Looking forward to some solid hiking when I’m home!


^^ 1) how cool is that globe?  it’s located out in Queens from the World Expo area and the location of last week’s race aka the MOST HUMID RACE EVER.  but really, it was gross.   my legs were so not feeling it and yet I was still somewhat happy with my time.  needless to say I’m a bit raced-out for the time being and will be taking some time off of “racing-everything”


^^ my high school friend came down from Boston to run in the NYRR Queens 10K with me.  we managed to avoid the massive rain storm, but had quite a time dashing through Queens in the humidity.


^^ nothing beats working out and replenishing with a fresh-blended acai bowl.  I’ve always been a huge fan of juice generation, probably because it’s the first juice shop I stumbled upon in the city.  the bowls average about $10 but are totally worth it.  those of you shaking your head at the prices let me explain – 1) I am attracted to all the health foods or “health” trends (acai…supposedly is great for you) 2) once you live in the city long enough, you lose track of what’s normal to pay for food.  it’s all absurd so might as well swipe the credit card and pray that you don’t bounce (just kidding dad – I’m very good about managing my money) #worktospend

now, if anyone is seeking food testers, I’m your gal! :)


^^ less than 1 week and I get to see the Bodie man!


Travels Tips ~ Avoiding Those Blonde Moments

First and foremost I have to give a mega shout-out to my sister Meghan who not only booked and organized a majority of the trip we took to Scandinavia, but dealt with some of my blonde moments and almost mental breakdowns.  Secondly, I would like to list out some of my tips and tricks for traveling in and around the country/world, with emphasis on Scandinavia.  I could call it “Traveling by the Seat of your Pants” but I think the published title tells it all.

So, most of these bullets are taken for my own use, to bookmark for future trips (in hopes that I review them prior to traveling) but maybe I can provide some wisdom and help you learn from my mistakes experiences.

  • It’s probably smart to review the trip prior to departing.  This means taking into account the following:
    • Do you have the necessary documents to enter? Tickets, ID, etc.
    • Do you know how to get there? Maps either provided by AAA, tourist booths or printed maps (thank you Google)
    • Do you have a guide book that tells you about the locations that you are visiting?  Our family is a huge fan of Rick Steve’s travel books and I think we got our money’s worth out of the Scandinavia book for sure.  Meghan was the smart one and read up on each place, whether we should purchase city passes, etc.  I just went along for the ride and acted as the photographer.  
    • Do you know where your passport is?
  • Worried about how you look in pictures?  They “blue steel” face from Zoolander is quite nice and makes anyone look good (even fit and trim)
  • Look for snacks in some of the local grocery stores rather than relying on takeout/coffee shops.  This is especially helpful if you are staying in one place for a longer period of time and save oodles of money vs. going to restaurants for every single meal.
  • Always report to your bank that you will be traveling in a foreign country.  One used to have to go into the bank or even call and wait for an operator in order to do this.  Now they even have a link online to fill out the proper forms and information.
  • Photocopy all of your important documents (passport, credit/debit cards, ID) leaving a copy at home and another on hand with you for traveling.
  • Send your travel info/flight schedule/itinerary to a friend or family member just so they know where you are if anything happens.  Or so they can track you on their atlas.
  • If you are a student (or maybe just graduated) ask for a discount.  Most places in Europe offer a discount and hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?
  • Keep an eye out for free walking tours.  Again, these are pretty prevalent across Europe and are a great way to explore the city on a low-budget.  Just don’t be a butt and actually leave a tip.  They have them in most cities, but Sandeman’s New Europe is a good place to start if you are traveling to big name countries.  They even have walking and biking tours!
  • Not all restrooms (WC = wash closets) are free…rarely actually.  Either make sure to cary coins on hand or find your way into a local fast food joint.  Even then they may charge you so be thankful that the US of A has not jumped on that bandwagon.  Also don’t chug your water before getting onto a tour bus…things will not end well for you.
  • Some essentials: gum, hand sanitizer, tissues/napkins, plastic baggies, water bottle to fill up
  • No matter where you are going, always bring a workout outfit and bathing suit.  Just trust me on this.  Years of experience.

The Blondes Abroad ~ Sweden Travels

We have almost reached the end of our journey.  As you read from Monday’s post, we had a brief stop in Goteborgs for their 21km or 1/2 marathon race.  Friends, let me just say running with 64,000 people was INSANE!


^^ Rocking the November Project #grassrootsgear :) Represent internationally!

But we made it out alive – we may have been a bit more sore but a bit happier as well (PR earned and no more stressing about the race).  We spent the night in a hotel by the airport (oo la la, an actual hotel rather than hostel) that had a sick spread for breakfast.  I may have loaded up on all the calories that I burnt through the day before, but I have awhile until my next half to get down to #raceweight.  Plus, it was vacation, so it didn’t count. ;)

~ DAY 9 ~ 5/24/15 ~ STOCKHOLM ~


After arriving to Stockholm Sunday morning, we bused into the city, dropped off our bags, and set off for a hop on-hop off boat tour.   We rode through the small harbor for a couple stops and then got off to explore Skansen, which is an open-air museum/zoo/playground.

IMG_7357 IMG_7362 ^^ Seriously, the Scandinavians REALLY love their licorice.


IMG_7373 ^^ One of the working shops where actual work continues to occur.  This man was molding something with metal.  Although, being in a museum, you’ll have people staring at you and taking pictures all day long.  Not sure I would enjoy being on that end, but now we know what the zoo animals feel like.

IMG_7398 IMG_7422 ^^ I’m serious.  They LOVE their candy.  Who wouldn’t be obsessed with little sweets in these jars?



Once we had our fill of the animals, we headed back out to the boat to finish the tour and find a bit of FIKA or espresso and coffee break.  Coffee always pairs well with chocolate, that was the treat of choice for the afternoon.


^^ chocobolle {Swedish chocolate coconut ball} for Kaitlin & Meghan and espresso for Kaitlin

IMG_7458 I think at this point of the trip, we had explored all that we could, or all that we desired to.  We rested in a nearby park, reading our Kindles and soaking up the spring sunshine until it reached a decent time to eat (none of this “4:30pm special”)

Meghan’s friend had traveled to Sweden earlier in the year and stumbled upon this amazing vegan and vegetarian buffet.  For about 15 dollars, you could get up and select whatever you wanted from this buffet.  I tried to keep it relatively clean since vegetables were seriously lacking on this trip.  So, while the picture below might be horrendous, it’s a solid depiction of the spread (grilled vegetables, eggplant lasagna, coleslaw, hummus, and a few other Mediterranean dishes)


Hertmitage Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant 
(such a clutch find and recommendation by one of Meghan’s friends)

Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we strolled back through the old town and headed to our hostel for some reading, television, and good ‘ol bedtime.

~ DAY 10 ~ 5/25/15 ~ STOCKHOLM ~


The final day consisted of a scavenger hunt for breakfast (ending in an “eh” sandwich – aka roll with one slice of cheese and ham each) and free walking tour of the Stockholm city center.


We scoured our options for one last Swedish meal and found a grocery market (think upscale La Boqueria) and settled on a platter of Mediterranean-ish food for lunch. I went ahead and ordered a Flat White coffee simply so we could sit in the coffee booth.  In retrospect, coffee doesn’t really pair well with Mediterranean, but oh well.

Then it was back to the hostel, onto the 45-minute bus to the airport, and back to Copenhagen before flying home the next day.

IMG_7472^^ this was meant to be more of a sad face but now I realize that she looks like she is in shock or just ticked off.  The sentiment is the same – she was about to finish her last ice cream cone of the trip and finish her 4.5 month abroad experience.  I would be in shock too. 

So with that, our brave blonde adventures has concluded.  The final score is as follows:

7 flights
3 countries
too many kroner conversions (and instead swipes of the credit card)
5 hostels
8 cities
endless miles walked (if only we were wearing a Fitbit!)
0 fights (but 2ish moments of hanger each)
1 hell of a trip 

Until our next adventure…