Life of Late ~ 4.17.15

Bienvenidos a viernes (Friday).  I decided that I miss listening to the Spanish language and have started to listen to ESPN deportes at work.  I never am really able to listen to TV shows or music for fear what I hear actually makes it into emails.  ESPN deportes works because I don’t really follow that closely and honestly can’t understand it that much anymore.   Maybe it’ll be the kickstart I need to practicing again.  Anyways, another week bites the dust!

Did anyone watch the Masters?  Jordan Speith?  One class act, that’s for sure.  Even watching him clap for the crowds, hug his family, and interview on countless shows after the tournament, it was amazing.  One of my favorites was from the Today Show and I don’t think anyone can say enough kind things about this emerging golfer.  Amazing job Jordan!

IMG_9146Recap from the Scotland Run 10k a few weeks back!  What a good looking turnout right?  This was on Saturday of Easter weekend, so after a nice run around Central Park, green juice and brunch, it was off to Philly/New Jersey for Easter.  Fun fact: This picture not only made my instagram feed (duh #instagrameverything) but was the main #RunforJuice Juice Press Instagram!


~ This was the shirt for the Scotland Run.  Those legs.  I think we might have the same genetics.  #scotlandlegs ~  


 ~ NYRunning Company’s Monday Night Run Club “Sexy Pace” ~

I really planned to swim on Monday but when you arrive on the pool deck and your swim cap snaps, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  So lucky for me, NYRunning Company is located in my building and I could swing down after work for a quick jaunt.  Well, a jaunt turned into a speedworkout.  I decided to keep up with one of the guys who actually was just doing a shake out.  Is it sad that his shakeout pace was my “oh dear lord just keep up” pace?  Kidding.  Maybe.  Anyways, it’s great to have so many people to help push your limits and help you improve.


 ~ “You don’t have to be fast. But you’d better be fearless” – Christopher McDougall ~

On Wednesday, November Project was graced by the presence of Christopher McDougall, writer of “Born to Run“.  McDougall has since written and released his next book “Natural Born Heroes“, which encourages people to get out and move more outside (think outside the confines of your cubicle and gym…novel concept as I sit on my rear typing right now)

But anyways, I was able to meet him at the 6:28 workout and just rambled when I asked to take a picture with him.  It didn’t happen if I didn’t document it, right? (wrong but whatever).  That afternoon/evening, I went to an event put on by Back on My Feet, where McDougall led a group run and then held a book signing.  I loved hearing him speak and he brought up a few good points:

  1. Sitting is the new smoking – Not quoted from him (rather it was Runner’s World) but true all the same.  We have become so much more sedentary and it’s scary how much this is affecting our bodies.
  2. Be useful – Useful can mean different things to different people, so it’s all about how you define being “useful”.   Is what you are doing in your life useful?  Is the food that you eat useful to your health or your happiness?  Is the workout helpful to your life?  Are you useful within the organizations or your job?

So basically if my life isn’t centered around running already, let’s just add a little bit more focus shall we. (my legs may be a little angry with me right now from all the running this week)

IMG_9240 ~ Celebrating the lovely Emily + Jeanne + Sam’s birthdays.  So, we do like to work hard and play hard.  We also do enjoy getting dressed up like normal people.  Most of the time. ~ 


“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place.  And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that” – Alice in Wonderland

Lilly Pulitzer Love and Chaos

Confession: I woke up early to attend the NYC’s opening of the Lilly Pulitzer Target line at Bryant Park. Ok, not super early, just my normal 6:20 alarm but still.  Woke up to stand in line.  Some people arrived at 5am.


Confession: I waited in line for 75 minutes with tons of girls who looked oh “so New York/East Coast”.  Most of them were dolled up and some decked out in Lilly gear head to toe (as if that helped you move up in line…not).  You had pearls, Sperrys, designer sunglasses (at 7:30am), Tory Burch flats, and Louis V purses.  (guilty on the Sperrys but not guilty on the vast amount of makeup some had on).   I felt a little out of place.


~ It was actually more fun to see some of the artists painting Lilly prints than standing in line waiting for the mad dash into the store. ~

Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with brands.  I love Lilly and Tory Burch and Kate Spade.  I love the bright colors and unique patterns, but so many are one of a kind outfits and I never really have the forethought or desire to put all of it together.  Let’s just say style has never been my “thing”.  Honestly, I tend to roll in with the “California casual” as my go-to style.  That or relying on the “I just worked out” look.  Hence why all my pictures lately seem to be me running around (literally).


Confession: We didn’t actually make it into the Lilly store.  By the time we would have crossed the threshold, it would have been 9am and about 30 minutes past the time I should be at my desk.  Rumor was that items were flying off the shelves and being snatched out of the assistant’s hands.  I have a strong feeling that people will be ready and armed with their credit cards on Sunday morning, grabbing every single item  and immediately re-selling them online for a profit.

IMG_9312Realization: the other side of Bryant Park is where the fun is really at.  They had/have (from 8am-6pm) a huge area filled with hammocks, chairs to relax in, free manicures with Lilly Pulitzer-Essie polish, and a free juice bar.  What we really should have done was just arrive to soak up that experience and leave the shopping to another time (or to people who don’t seem to have work and can stand in line all day).  But still glad I stopped by because only in New York.


Confession: This dress is still on my mind.  Fingers crossed my mom is or I am able to find one at a Target and that it actually fits.  Rumor is that the sizing is a bit out of whack, but that’s what you get for cheaper material and cheaper prices.  First world problems.

Are you a Lilly Pulitzer fan?  Did you (would you?) brave the masses for Bryant Park?

Heartbreak In Boston


I have been a runner for about 10 years now and the meaning of running and community has never been more clear. Today is unique. I don’t want to say memorable or special because that somehow comes off differently than I would like. I have never run Boston and like many other runners, dream of doing so one day. This post was written by a friend of mine from November Project and it speaks to the thoughts and feelings that occurred on this day two years ago, as well as the thoughts we all have today.

What I have learned to appreciate, is that we are all runners, no matter the speed, and we are in this together. Here’s to Boston, here’s to running, and here’s to achieving the impossible.

Originally posted on keep running / keep writing:

I knew shipping up to Boston to watch my very first Marathon Monday would be memorable. I knew I would feel inspired by the thousands of runners competing in a race that, to many (including myself), represents the unattainable. I knew I’d likely shed a few tears as I cheered on my friends (and total strangers) along the way, trying to give them an extra push of encouragement toward the finish line. And I knew, at the end of the day, there would be a story worth telling. But never in a million years did I know it would be a story of grief, chaos, and heartbreak.

After reading many first-hand accounts of yesterday’s tragic events at the Boston Marathon, I confess mine is not a terribly unique story to share here — for which I feel incredibly grateful and lucky. All of my heart, my thoughts, and my…

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Powering Through the Week

I know, my usual go-to hodge-podge of a post comes on Fridays.  Who knows, maybe I’ll have just enough energy and creativity to wow you with a back to back post.  Throwback to days where I posted 5 or even 7 days a week!  No, the 7 was only when I was abroad, but still.  Goodness knows what I even talked about :)  For now, let’s get the day rolling with some good links and facts about life.

In honor of the Masters Tournament starting today, here’s the latest ad staring Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.  Like McIlroy, I grew up watching Tiger.  He’s had upsa nd downs and from what I can see, he has it together.  Let’s see what happens this weekend.  I’m rooting for them both.

 After being involved with November Project for over eight months, I’ve picked up a bad case of FOMO.  I want to be involved in everything and that’s a bit unrealistic.  I love pushing myself and have to realize that sometimes sleep and rest trumps an early alarm clock.  I just barely missed Wednesday’s workout but thank goodness for double alarms and New York City taxis.

If you happen to follow November Project happenings, posts, blogs, and news, you would know that they have partnered with North Face (an epic company in itself and now it’s a beyond epic partnership).   NP members have been attending a number of the North Face Endurance challenges (last year’s summit in Madison) and have made the upcoming September Challenge in Utah, the NP Summit.  Boy oh boy would it be cool to attend.  I already missed the ball on the DC and New York challenge. Utah would be awesome, and so many cool people.  I also want to do a half marathon the weekend or so before with my friend and then have the Staten Island half the month after.  Let’s just say I work to spend money on races.  Let it also be known that I am not the best saver in my family.  That award goes to my sister.  We joke that when I move back, we can live together and she can help me save money :)

Speaking of saving.  We need to save water.  That is California needs to save water.  Here’s how races and race administrators are doing their part, but are you?  Buzzfeed featured an article a few weeks ago about the disaster that is starting to occur.  So sad.  So sad.

But, with global warming spring weather around the corner (or HERE!!) we can do much more of the following:

ice cream in hot weather.

Is it weird that I prefer eating ice cream in cold weather?  I don’t like it melting…

Get ready for a ramble.  I’m sure you’ve read how some bloggers go through phases with writing – loving it, hating it, sharing their life stories, and then despising how they feel trapped or obligated to post.  Well I won’t go into that right now but let’s just say my brain feels pretty darn fried right now.  From staring at a computer at work to the TV and computer at home and my phone in between (the latter totally my fault and self-imposed), it feels as though my ability to concentrate has plummeted and my creativity dipped.  What I really need is a full break from technology but I’m not quite sure where that will come from.  The constant desire to be in the know, included in get-togethers, setting up outings, or just making sure your voice is heard (texting, calling, IG, or other social media).  Oh technology.  It’s a blessing and a curse.

Piggybacking on the above concept, it can be tough to stay positive every single moment of the day and week.  That’s normal.  What I try to remind myself is that life is a blessing.  Hear me out – there are so many difficult situations in the world, so many things that people around us are going through.  Never judge a situation and never think that you aren’t loved.  I have to remind myself of this all the time because in a world that is constantly moving at a million miles a minute (ok maybe I’m over-aware because I live in the city that never sleeps), each one of us is valued.

IMG_3073~ feeling wanted works too ~

You may not be a Nobel Prize winner and you may not get a perfect score on your SATs.  Heck, you may never start your own company, but the value you bring to your friends, family, and job/school/activities is totally unique to you and that’s more powerful than anything.  The phrase of the year – “you do you.”

let things happen

Life of Late ~ 4.3.15

Are you enjoying the spring weather?? Because when I woke up and saw the forecast for 60’s (while ignoring the threat of rain), I felt a little bit like this:

Never would I have guessed that anything in the 40s would be considered “warm” but 50s and 60s? Oh my, it’s glorious!  I’m sure all of you runners out there (maybe all the east coast folks at least) could understand this article “8 thoughts every runner has on the first spring run“.  100% accurate.   I may have only logged about 6 total miles on the treadmill, but we are heading towards the days where you only need to wear one layer of clothing, not five or six.


>> possibly one of my favorite running pictures to date.  I jumped in on Lauren’s 20-miler last week with the Nike Run Club and their pictures are out of this world.  I will definitely be signing up for more group long runs when I train for my (future) marathon <<

Speaking of running, I’m absolutely loving my running and workout schedule.  My mom jokes that I’m like the hamsters in this cartoon.  I like to do cardio in the mornings and have now found a love for lunchtime pilates or barre burn classes at Equinox.

hamster cardio

If I spent as much time thinking about exercise as I did learning a new hobby or subject, wow, I could be on the road to creating the next big start-up.  But I don’t, so I won’t be asking for any investments just yet :)

So while I’m having a blast running every week and making friends along the way, it’s not always sunshine and daisies, that’s for sure.  There are foot pains, times I wish I hadn’t had that extra scoop of peanut butter (because stomachs are finicky), and times I compare myself to the other runners.  Don’t we all?  Georgie at In It For the Long Run had an excellent post this week about finding happiness with yourself and your weight. I don’t always talk about this mental part of running or life but it was exactly what I needed to read this week.


>> last week’s NYRR Spring Melt Down 10K at Central Park. I may have gone out a little too fast but ended up keeping the pace and finished with a PR and 1st place in my age group!  I lucked out because it was a smaller race (not a marathon qualifier either) and so not as many of the speedy New Yorkers were out.  Still, I was uber proud of the PR and proof that not only those with the bodies of Shalane Flanagan can be speedy. (not a dig at Shalane, she is one of my favorites) <<

lily dress

>> this dress. oh my goodness PLEASE.  it’s just perfectly me. the nautical, blues, and spaghetti strap are beyond perfect for summer.  the question will be if it is still available for purchase on April 19th at Target. fingers crossed.  I might even to splurge early when the collection is released at Bryant Park on April 16th… <<

With the help of my friend Laura at 50 By 25 (and her fabulous weekly list of links), here are some good reads:

~ Being a People Pleaser is a Strength Not a Weakness ~ We often act as if this as if it’s a negative attribute but after reading this article, I think not.  Moving forward, I’ll do my best to be positive, make connections, and word hard rather than suppress my inner nerd and try to be cool (because when I do that, I’m just awkward).  No shame.

~ “Learning How to Forgive” – Sweet & Salty. This is one of my best friend Laura’s (a different Laura) blogs and a really good reminder.

~ How to Talk at a Networking Event ~ It’s easy to wine and dine (ok maybe not so much) but it’s an important habit to learn.  Those dinner parties, networking events, weddings, and holidays can either be miserable or a joy.  Key takeaway?   Be Open.

IMG_9067 Back to running.  Because I can’t talk enough about working out :)

IMG_9037Last week I went with these lovely NP ladies to test out a Mile High Run Club class.  Lauren has an excellent review here and I have to say I quite agree with all her remarks.  I’m not a treadmill runner and honestly may never be a treadmill runner.  Though I did enjoy the instructions of when to sprint and what gadgets to push, you won’t find me coughing up $30+ to be yelled encouraged on a treadmill anytime soon.

IMG_9028>> When one enters a Bloomingdales sale, one does not leave empty handed.  I was lucky to spot a dress for only $36 (come on people…very reasonable for Bloomies) that’s perfect for June’s country festival <<

 Hope everyone has a GOOD FRIDAY :) (pun borrowed from a friend) and a wonderful Easter/Passover/regular weekend.

“Freedom lies in being bold.”
– Robert Frost

Yo. It’s April. Boom.

As you may have caught on, I am really into this whole throw-everything-in-my-life-into-one-blog-post – mode.   Themes, eh.  You can live without them right now :)  I prefer the list of random articles found on sites like Buzzfeed or A+ (an emerging Buzzfeed-like but with a more positive-focus company that my old boss will be working at!)

Did you know I’m pretty crafty?  No, I don’t mean in the sneaky, conniving way (although I can be a trickster if you don’t watch out).  What I mean is I love the arts and crafts (not so much on the modern arts or interpretive arts though).  Sewing, baking, hodge-podge, anything that has to do with organizing, you name it.  So call me a grandma.  I learned from my grandma so that’s an honor.

Maybe I do get a bit excited over trips the Container Store and browsing through Pinterest.  I was stoked when we got a Michaels in the Flatiron area and have since made it one of my happy places – if I’m stressed and upset, the Flatiron 5th and 6th avenues are dangerous locations…heaven for us organization queens – the Lauren Conrad being one (yes, even if it’s organized chaos).

And don’t even get me started on Target, but then everyone and their mother is obsessed with Target.   What would you do if you had an entire room for crafts?  That’s getting a bit extreme, let’s live in a fantasy world for a moment – game room, movie room, workout room, etc. whatever suits your fancy.  Mine would have all sorts of turquoise colors and nautical themes.


>> Lindsay introduced me to Henri Bendel candles and now I’m slightly obsessed with the “Beach” and “Ocean Mist” .  Can you tell we are California girls through and through? <<

Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk bored?  Hopefully not because that would not make for a fun day, but it happens to all of us.  My friend sent me a Fast Company article that listed out the “Exact Amount of Time You Should Work Every Day“.  This goes along the lines of finding out what type of worker you are.  Do you take mini breaks throughout the day?  Can you work for two or four hours (or 8 or 12) straight?  (Spoiler – you shouldn’t do this).  So how productive are you and how productive do you want to be?  The most efficient employees took 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes worked.  It’s all about working smarter.

Lindsay sent me this blog – Sperrys and Sunshine – the other day and it’s yet another thing that I’m obsessed with.  Sperrys, flowers, nautical, Lily Pulitzer, ocean waves, bright colors, sunshine…where could one go wrong?  It’s a bit like Pinterest, so addicting that you have suddenly lost track of time and have scrolled through the entire feed without realizing it.

This article/these photos will make you smile and feel better about life.  Hands down.  If it didn’t, let’s chat offline because you probably need some humor and a pep talk in your life. :)


“I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow.”
– Julia Cameron