NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 5-8


Week 5 : 8/15 – 8/21

Monday 8/15: Swim 40 minutes.  My legs were feeling uber sore from running 6 days in a row with 1 long run and 1 race thrown in there.  I met a friend at one of the local outdoor pools and while it was cool to swim outdoors, I was a little grossed out by the clumps of hair floating around…

Tuesday 8/16: 6 mi total >> 2 mi warm up + #tracktuesday (6x800s – ) + 1 mi cool down


Wednesday 8/17: 6 mi total >> I woke up around 5 to get in 4 miles before November Project.  The thing is I didn’t accurately account for my pace and running uptown.  I arrived mid-workout and jumped into the 5:30 crew for an extra couple miles and few sets of pushups.  Later in the night I went with a bunch of people to a Broadway Bodies class to learn how to shake it like Queen Bee.  Apparently all hail Beyoncé.

Thursday 8/18: Swim ~ 1.3 mi (45 min) + Physical Therapy.  I had thought about going to pilates but then missed my chance during lunch


Friday 8/19: 6.12 miles around Central Park and the Reservoir. Steady miles with negative splits, reminding myself that I want to run for the LONG term


Saturday 8/20: 15 long miles up and down Summer Streets and into Brooklyn for Brunch. I accidentally stopped my watch for a short time so Strava says 14.1 buuuut since my friend Annelise ran with me, she can vouch that we ran 15.

Sunday 8/21: Yoga. Yep, that’s it.

Week 6 : 8/22-8/28

Monday 8/22: PT Stretches at home + PT + Yoga after work.  While it’s good to take a day off, I felt oh so lazy and lethargic.


Tuesday 8/23: 8 miles around Central Park (emphasizing hills) around 8:53 pace.  Slow and steady for fear of getting injured…still need to focus on me and just do my thing (but adding friends to my run was lovely too!)

Wednesday 8/24: Ran about 7.7 to and from Central Park with some November Project stairs in between. I really wasn’t feeling the stairs and the whole run felt off.  I feel like I should be running faster but also don’t want to get injured.  I did have a few excellent chats with friends who reminded me to enjoy the process and to focus on my own journey and not compare them to others. Do I sound like a broken record yet?  I write this mostly for my own good…Finished the day with PT exercises and yoga.

Thursday 8/25: Swam for about 40 minutes + stress walking through terminals + PT exercises

Friday 8/26: 15 lovely miles in Southern California.  I actually managed 7.5 hours of sleep before jumping up at the 5am wakeup call.  The first 7ish mile loop was a bit faster than normal (with the exception of one mega incline) and then I kept things steady for loop #2.


Saturday 8/27: Dancing the afternoon away at my friend’s wedding!

Sunday 8/28: 5 mi jaunt in the burbs and 4 hours of walking the golf course

Thoughts: Foam rolling and core work could be better but the running schedule hasn’t been too terrible.  For some reason my back always hurts following my long run – anyone else have that issue?  Probably because I have a weak core. Duh.

Week 7 : 8/22-8/28

Monday 8/29: One should not function on less than 5 hours of sleep.  I was a royal witch and took myself to swim during lunch.  That + PT exercises.

Tuesday 8/30: Still on the struggle bus from my Sunday night red-eye and needed to skip Equinox’s total body workout or/intervals.  PT exercises + bike to work + free weights instead.

Wednesday 8/31: Ran 9.5 up to and around NP Bridge Day and back down through the park.  I was feeling alright – just a bit of ache in my hip/shin.  When I went to PT later that day, they told me my muscles were all sorts of tired.  Yeah, I guess you could say that then.  I was lucky enough to use the compression boots for a full 15 minutes! It’s like heaven where the boots inflate and massage your legs like the chair in the nail salon does.  Pure bliss.


Thursday 9/1: Another loop of the park for the week (6.2 miles).  This time chasing down a few friends and not digging the Ethiopian food I had for dinner the night before.

Friday 9/2: Struggle city as running this many days in a row is no bueno.  I ran about 5 miles to the west side of the city and ended at the November Project location (Foley Square) only to half ass the workout because my body hurt.  This would be called “Junk Miles”

Saturday 9/3: 15 solo miles around Manhattan…dragging along.

Sunday 9/4: Walking all around town.  I had planned to swim but plans got in the way and I had left my swimsuit at work. #issues


Week 8 : 9/5-9/11

Monday 9/5: Was supposed to take this off but it was my friend Emma’s last official NP_NYC workout so off to Williamsburg Bridge I went.  Around 5.3 miles and a midday yoga class for the win.

Tuesday 9/6: bEAST River Track Club >> Ran 3 down to the east river and 3×1600 repeats (around 7:22 – 7:12 – 7:03/7:11) and plank + 1 mi run back to apartment.  Actually was feeling good!

Wednesday 9/7: Yoga + 30 minute swim at lunch

Thursday 9/8: Easy loop around CP and while there is some pain under my knee, it felt pretty solid (last two on the treadmill which I did NOT like)

Friday 9/9: PT Exercises + Pilates Power.  I’m feeling some pain under my knee, which my PT says it’s a frontal/anterior tibial something or other from higher mileage. Cool.

Saturday 9/10: Participated in part of my friend Liysa’s amazing run “No (Man)hattan is an Island” – inspired by and in support of The Herren Project. The goal of the day was to run 32 miles around the island.  You could do it solo, with people, in a relay, etc.  I had set up a relay but when the humidity hit this week, we all decided to start out together at 7:30.  The event was powerful and the 5ish or so people (possibly more) that made it all the way around are beyond inspiring.  Their stories, the miles, and the people.

I ran about 12.4 miles (~8:47 pace, which is not what the VT has been telling me to do – ~9:19) and probably went out a little fast.  The last couple of miles sucked and my right calf pretty much hates me.  So next week’s goal for the 18-mile tune up is to RUN SLOWLY.

Sunday 9/11: OFF


^^ Words of wisdom by Ciele

Thoughts: Running during the past few months has somehow been tougher than last year.  I don’t feel the speed (that I think I need/should have) and I have some points of doubt.  Like a true millennial, I’ve expected things to come easy.  There I said it.  But this is not true, especially for a marathon.

As my PT pointed out again, I have to decide at what cost I want to run this race.  Is it to run fast and ignore my training and ultimately get injured?  Or is it to enjoy the process, learn about myself and run for the long term?  100% the latter and every day is a struggle to remind myself of this.  Here we go with about 2 months to go!

LDW 2016 in Review

When I wasn’t spending the time unpacking box after box of clothes and kitchen items that would no long fit in our new apartment, I was out and about on the streets of New York.  Friday evening was spent with a few friends in Midtown at a happy hour, where I stayed for one drink and then dragged myself home to hydrate and rest my legs before Saturday’s long run.

Within the last week I have started to watch the Lifetime series UnREAL and I’m such a fan.  I don’t exactly follow the Bachelor/Bachelorette series to a tee but I do listen in every week as our apartment watches. (Generally I’m walking back and forth and packing up for work the next day)  If UnREAL sheds any light on what could be happening behind the scenes, man oh man I really would never sign up.

To be honest, this was the first week that I was truly dreading my long run.  My body had been aching from the red eye flight, sitting so much at work, and moving various boxes on Thursday night.  I still got my butt up and out the door by 7, wrapping around the bottom of Manhattan and ending in Central Park.  I then proceeded to treat myself to avocado toast at Bluestone Lane Coffee (highly highly recommend this plan of action) and then biked home to take an ice bath.


The rest of the day was spent monitoring the movers, praying that the couch would fit in the staircase, cursing the couch that did not fit in the staircase, and more unpacking.  I did take a break later that night to make dinner with some girlfriends, which was so necessary and much more cost efficient than going out.

Part of me laments the fact that I didn’t spend enough time hiking or going to the beach, but I have to remember all the fun activities I did partake in and celebrate the fact that the mountains and oceans are not going anywhere.

Sunday was spent running errands, returning our cable box, picking up a new internet box, unpacking some more, and brunching with some foodie friends.

We met up at the Lower East Side’s Lowline, which is a testing ground for the world’s first underground park.  This is open every day from 11-5 and is completely free to the public! It’s a bit small since they are only testing the science, but worth taking a look if you are in the area!  It’s truly fascinating what science and technology can do.

From there we wandered through a local market (as only foodies would), picked up some uber cheap berries ($0.99 for STRAWBERRIES AND BLUEBERRIES!) and continued on to a Brazilian lunch at Galeria and relaxing in Central Park.  I honestly could have stayed in the park all afternoon and evening had I not chugged a massive bottle of water.  Cue panic that all the bathrooms are spread out and of course the women’s line is about 30 people deep.  Women’s bathroom suck.  Just throwing that out there.

The rest of the evening was slow as I finished unpacking my clothes and simultaneously watched Unreal and college football.  While I am sad to see summer go, I am excited for fall leaves, cooler weather, college football and all the harvest foods.


Monday was NP_NYC’s bridge day at the Williamsburg bridge and while I was supposed to take a day off, I decided to move that to later in the week and have a little more social time.  Besides, it was my friend Emma’s last official NP_NYC workout as a resident and she had selected a pretty clutch breakfast spot (Kossar’s) for afterwards.

It’s safe to say that the rest of the day was SUPER productive (no sarcasm) as I mounted pictures on the wall, went to yoga with my favorite instructor (my legs were very appreciative), went to Michael’s twice, Home Depot, and picked up/installed an A/C unit.  With that, I’m planning to plop on my bed, eat whatever random items I have in the fridge (probably pickles, hummus, veggie chips, berries and coconut milk ice cream), watch Bachelor in Paradise/college football and crash.  #adulting at its finest.

How was your Labor Day Weekend?

Life of Late ~ 9.2.16

Now that we have all gotten over the shock that 1) summer is ending 2) it’s already September and 3) it’s Labor Day Weekend, we can move on with our Friday.

But wait, there’s more.  I’ve been living in this city for 3 YEARS! To me that’s insane.  I have even lived in the same apartment for three solid years – something unheard of in the city.  So while I’m not leaving Manhattan just yet, we are leaving our original apartment and moving a whopping two blocks away.  I’d like to say this is the quintessential New York apartment.  No A/C, tiny rooms, even smaller kitchen, and it has a fire escape.  My friend Lindsay was dying for a brick building and porch stoop but since we weren’t able to afford the West Village (even with our life savings) and Brooklyn was out of the question (sadly), we had to let that dream go.  But I mean, fire escape, good living and good to know that we have easy access to the street.

I wish I could say that I’m jetting off to some cool place for the weekend but alas I have to stick around for the movers to schlep our boxes into the new unit.  It will be nice to get things in order before the week but I hope that I can at least escape to the beach or a mountain hike.  Until then, life has been pretty good.  Lots of running, a wedding celebration, and more running.




Taking a red-eye back from California was tough because my sleep has been messed up all week. Buuuuut views like these where I get to start the day on the right foot and see the sunrise make everything worth it.

I try not to run too many days in a row for fear of injury or fatigue.  Marathon training is going pretty well but I am regretting this 4-day-in-a-row week.  It’s day 3 of 4 and the legs are not too pleased.  Ah what we do to achieve our goals (and pressure ourselves into the pain of running)

^^ But runs like these are why I keep going.  Running with some awesome people, goofing around, showing off Janji, and eating back all the calories that were just burned.  Distance running is fascinating because while one would think running = skinny and svelt, that’s not so true.  The issue comes in when you eat more than what you burned off.  My goal is just to stay even for the time being.

^^ So to stay balanced, these are what my typical lunch and often dinner meals look like.  It’s really just the weekends where I go on a runventure to eat after my run.  Trust me, about 75% of the food snapchats that I send, I do not eat. But that 25% is oh so enjoyable🙂 We all got to live a little, right?

Speaking of living a little, I’ve been uber social the last few weeks – first going out to three bars in one night and dancing like a maniac and second going to my college friend’s wedding and again dancing like a maniac.  Do you see a trend here? I love to dance.  I even think that I could be an excellent wedding-date-for-hire to simply get the party started.  I love talking to people and have no qualms about getting out there too dance. #noshame

^^ So the picture on the left is of me and my college friends (bride in the middle) at the rehearsal dinner (excellent candy and dessert spread on the bottom).  The now married couple is actually more into candy than they are regular desserts hence the decorated “E” set.  I had run 15 miles that morning and apparently hadn’t refueled properly and despite the delicious taco spread, I had shoveled 3 of the caramel shortbread peaks into my stomach by the end of the night.  #balance

So back to the top pictures.  I thought I did a solid job getting dressed up and I even wore makeup AND wedges.  But then the next day, we all got ready at the house and had our hair and makeup done and well, it was no comparison.  We looked AMAZING.  Again, #noshame in saying that.  Everyone asked me how the wedding was and I swear, it was phenomenal.  All the props to Liz and Eddie’s family for what they put on – from start to finish, I was so grateful to be a part of it and hope I can see them soon!  Sucks that we are a couple thousand miles away but that’s the beauty of our friendships, we may come and go, but when we are all together, it’s like we never left.


Any weekend plans for Labor Day?  Enjoy this last bit of summer!!

“Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there” – Old Saying

Wednesday Wisdom

Well it’s been a little while since I shared some wisdom or had close to a heart to heart on the blog.  I probably still won’t be going in that direction today but here are some of the links that I have been bookmarking over the last few weeks – maybe it provides a little insight into how my brain works or helps you figure out something in your own life.  A place to visit, a reason to relax and not worry too much about the future, a recipe to make with this last weekend of summer.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to scroll scroll scroll.

FullSizeRender (1)

Sometimes Always Never Blog ~ “Are You Hustlingyou’re your Worth” ~ Very good read.  Remind yourself to truly pursue a passion and don’t hold back.  But also know that you won’t solve the world’s problems in one day.

No Manhattan is an Island ~ This is a charity “celebration” (run) put on by a good friend of mine.  It’s only one morning – 10th and if you are in New York, I highly recommend checking it out.  “In this city where so many live so isolated, I have found people who will inspire others to go just one minute further. Sometimes that’s all we need.” 

Well + Good ~ “How to Stay Calm During Stressful Situations

Self ~ 5 Things Nutritionists Do Every Weekend

Runners World ~ “The Problem Is Not Women Running Alone” ~ Even while walking down the street at lunch, some random guy whispered to my friend “you’re beautiful” and walked away.  Some see that as flattery.  I do not.  Another time that I was running with a group and some homeless man told my friend to watch out for her belly button.  Really?

Womens Running ~ Emma Coburn First Steeple Chase Medal ~ Because she is awesome and we need inspiring women in our lives.

This Runners Recipes ~ “4 Myths of Racing Weight” ~ This is a tricky subject.  From magazines to social media to the chit chat and cliques in the office – you hear about losing weight to look good and dieting to hit that sweet spot for your PR (personal record).  I admit that I’m bad and joke with myself about #runtoeat and #raceweight.  Sure, if I lost a few pounds I might run a little bit faster and fit more of the media’s depiction of “attractive” but I’ve accomplished some neat things.  But you know what?  I’ve run fast with this body and have learned to appreciate my assets.  Every body is different and I now fuel to feel good.  Of course I still have a bit of #runtoeat from time to time.

FullSizeRender (2)

Project Inspo ~ “The 9 Most Expensive Cities to Live In” ~ Cool. Between rent and coffee (oh and road races and eating out occasionally) it makes sense why I live paycheck to paycheck.

Explores More ~ “A Guide to Traveling On A Budget” ~ Because we can all use some money saving tips. **Sharing food and splitting food is always one of my favorites! That and walking

Bloglovin’ Travel ~ “Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible in Your 20’s” ~ The exploration of culture is key.  You are so much more open-minded after venturing near and far and certainly more grateful.

Cupcakes & Cashmere ~ “Healthy Updates to Childhood Snacks” ~ If you are feeling nostalgic, read this one and immediately go make some dirt cups!!  Ah the good ‘ol days.




Happy Centennial to the National Parks Service!

Hip hip hooray because it’s the National Parks Service BIRTHDAY!  Whether you realize it or not, national parks come in all shapes and sizes and today is the day that this grand organization turns a whooping 100 years old.  Growing up I was fortunate enough to spend time in the great outdoors from Mammoth Lakes to Yosemite and even Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach, all of which I greatly miss while living back east.

I’d love to plan a road trip (some day) around the states and stop through Yellowstone, the Badlands, the Grand Tetons, Acadia (Maine), etc…yeah pretty much all of the ones that everyone wants to visit.  I have to give my family credit because we have traveled to so many already! ~ Zion, the Grand Canyon, Denali, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Hawaii, and more.

Since it doesn’t look like I’ll be making many west coast trips in the near future, let alone road trips, my focus is set to this lovely east coast of mine.  Did you know that New York even has a hefty list of its own?   I would highly recommend jumping on the “explore-the-outdoors” bandwagon because in celebration, the National Park Service is granting FREE ADMISSION!!  From the 25th to the 28th, free admission to over 400 national parks.  Get out and explore – it’s good for the body and soul.  Trust me on this.  You won’t regret it.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite” – John Muir

Life of Late ~ 8.19.16

Can we get a little BEYONCE up in here on a Friday? Yes.  Broadway Bodies with Alistair was certainly a highlight from the week.  My attempt to be hip, cool, and sassy was a fail but it was 100% fun and worth it.


Since three of us won free classes, we’ll have to go back to dance part 2.  That or I’ll just add dance classes to my monthly budget.  #priorities

In other news, it’s been a whirlwind of a week.  I went to probably 10 different apartments in the full blown humidity and let me say that I was this close to packing everything up in a U-Haul (or really tossing it on the streets) and driving back to California. Yep, love you too New York.  BUT we found one (yay Lindsay’s excellent apartment search skills) and are making moves.  Ok, one stress out of the way.


^^ On Monday I swam with my friend Emily at one of the free outdoor swimming pools before meeting a few other friends for Clinton Street Baking breakfast. Obviously the only way to order is a whole helluva lot of plates to share.

To be honest I wasn’t such a fan of Monday’s pool – Hamilton Fish – but loved the Asser Levy location and even found $20 at the bottom of the pool. Not that those two points are correlated but it made the morning sweeter for sure.


So I’m trying to do this thing where I actually stick to a training plan.  I’ve never been good at sticking to a diet plan or really training plan but know that if I want to run well and feel good, I need to fill my body with GOOD foods and be smart about training.  Sadly that means that I may not be working out with NP that much.  I need to fit in the miles where possible.  One solution to this was to run to the Wednesday workout and finish up the miles with the 5:30 crew.  The best part was reuniting with my buddy Annelise! Twinning of course.


Running is not always pretty.  Thankfully my friend Chloe (who also wrote and stars in this hilarious show “Dating My TV” – shameless plug you should all check it out) caught me mid stride in last week’s Inaugural Brooklyn Mile.



How is marathon training going?  Well, there are days where I feel that I am making progress.  I have Track Tuesdays, Long Run Saturdays, and I’m doing my physical therapy exercises from NY Custom PT.  Then there are days where I see everyone else running millions of miles and I question the process.  Will I be ready?  Am I eating too much?  Not enough?  Am I doing enough strength?  Of course I could be doing more core.  Ice cream.  Yep, that’s how the thought process works.

^^ #runtoeat or #eattorun ?

^^ Putting in the miles with Summer Streets and basking in the lovely humidity.  Yay East Coast!  Something unique about the second picture (if you can spot me in the pink) is that I have an extremely off balance stride.  My PT pointed out that my hips dip REALLY low when I am running and yes, that is quite evident (and embarrassing) above.  Must work on that…


^^ Epic collaboration with Ciele Athletics and Janji for the new Mombasa Collection.  If you are in need of some new workout swag (yes I just said that), head over to Janji to see what’s happening.  As I’ve mentioned before, not only is the clothing super cool in design BUT the company mission is absolutely legit – helping to raise money and awareness for ending the global water crisis.  Do I really need to say anymore?

I may have myself on a very tight budget (thank you apartment for pretty much taking my life savings…jk…maybe not), but I’ll be investing in some tights and possibly a new singlet as well.

This weekend is either considered 1) pretty domestic or 2) pretty boring.  A long run on Saturday with some friends along Summer Streets and a whole lot of packing.  My goal is to PURGE my closet and be realistic about what I need.  Yes Mom I will vary my outfits and not look like a cartoon character and yes Dad I will always look presentable😉 but let’s be realistic – we all own way too.much.stuff.

I also want to finish a recap photo book from our trip to Alaska, maybe some blogs (maybe) and watch the last couple days of Olympics.  Since I’ll be home for a wedding next weekend, this is pretty much my last summer weekend in the city.  Shocking, right??  Feel free to provide any suggestions of last summer hurrahs!

What are your weekend plans?