Life of Late ~ 8.19.16

Can we get a little BEYONCE up in here on a Friday? Yes.  Broadway Bodies with Alistair was certainly a highlight from the week.  My attempt to be hip, cool, and sassy was a fail but it was 100% fun and worth it.


Since three of us won free classes, we’ll have to go back to dance part 2.  That or I’ll just add dance classes to my monthly budget.  #priorities

In other news, it’s been a whirlwind of a week.  I went to probably 10 different apartments in the full blown humidity and let me say that I was this close to packing everything up in a U-Haul (or really tossing it on the streets) and driving back to California. Yep, love you too New York.  BUT we found one (yay Lindsay’s excellent apartment search skills) and are making moves.  Ok, one stress out of the way.


^^ On Monday I swam with my friend Emily at one of the free outdoor swimming pools before meeting a few other friends for Clinton Street Baking breakfast. Obviously the only way to order is a whole helluva lot of plates to share.

To be honest I wasn’t such a fan of Monday’s pool – Hamilton Fish – but loved the Asser Levy location and even found $20 at the bottom of the pool. Not that those two points are correlated but it made the morning sweeter for sure.


So I’m trying to do this thing where I actually stick to a training plan.  I’ve never been good at sticking to a diet plan or really training plan but know that if I want to run well and feel good, I need to fill my body with GOOD foods and be smart about training.  Sadly that means that I may not be working out with NP that much.  I need to fit in the miles where possible.  One solution to this was to run to the Wednesday workout and finish up the miles with the 5:30 crew.  The best part was reuniting with my buddy Annelise! Twinning of course.


Running is not always pretty.  Thankfully my friend Chloe (who also wrote and stars in this hilarious show “Dating My TV” – shameless plug you should all check it out) caught me mid stride in last week’s Inaugural Brooklyn Mile.



How is marathon training going?  Well, there are days where I feel that I am making progress.  I have Track Tuesdays, Long Run Saturdays, and I’m doing my physical therapy exercises from NY Custom PT.  Then there are days where I see everyone else running millions of miles and I question the process.  Will I be ready?  Am I eating too much?  Not enough?  Am I doing enough strength?  Of course I could be doing more core.  Ice cream.  Yep, that’s how the thought process works.

^^ #runtoeat or #eattorun ?

^^ Putting in the miles with Summer Streets and basking in the lovely humidity.  Yay East Coast!  Something unique about the second picture (if you can spot me in the pink) is that I have an extremely off balance stride.  My PT pointed out that my hips dip REALLY low when I am running and yes, that is quite evident (and embarrassing) above.  Must work on that…


^^ Epic collaboration with Ciele Athletics and Janji for the new Mombasa Collection.  If you are in need of some new workout swag (yes I just said that), head over to Janji to see what’s happening.  As I’ve mentioned before, not only is the clothing super cool in design BUT the company mission is absolutely legit – helping to raise money and awareness for ending the global water crisis.  Do I really need to say anymore?

I may have myself on a very tight budget (thank you apartment for pretty much taking my life savings…jk…maybe not), but I’ll be investing in some tights and possibly a new singlet as well.

This weekend is either considered 1) pretty domestic or 2) pretty boring.  A long run on Saturday with some friends along Summer Streets and a whole lot of packing.  My goal is to PURGE my closet and be realistic about what I need.  Yes Mom I will vary my outfits and not look like a cartoon character and yes Dad I will always look presentable😉 but let’s be realistic – we all own way too.much.stuff.

I also want to finish a recap photo book from our trip to Alaska, maybe some blogs (maybe) and watch the last couple days of Olympics.  Since I’ll be home for a wedding next weekend, this is pretty much my last summer weekend in the city.  Shocking, right??  Feel free to provide any suggestions of last summer hurrahs!

What are your weekend plans?  


NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 1-4

It’s true that I’ve never really considered this blog a “workout blog” per se but I do happen to upload quite a few running related items.  When I first started the blog, I had planned to create this quasi food/lifestyle/workout theme and share certain runs and races to keep myself accountable.  As you will note, this has fallen by the wayside but there is no time like the present to get back on that wagon.  I’m going to attempt to make note of my training and random thoughts along this journey to 26.2.


Week 1 – July 18-24 (and 7/16)

Saturday 7/16 9 mi (Montrose loop @ 8:40 pace)
Monday 7/18 – 
5 mi (8:18 pace) in Fairbanks prior to departing
Tuesday 7/19 – Hike steep/slow 4 mi in Denali
Wednesday 7/20 – Walk (transport 6am-9pm)
Thursday 7/21 – Run 6 + hike 3 + walk 3
Friday 7/22 – 3.8 run + walking around town
Saturday 7/23 – Walk + transit (watch said ~ 8 mi)
Sunday 7/24 – 10 min bike + 45 min elliptical

Thoughts: I considered taking this week easy since I never really gave myself a true break after the Brooklyn Half.  Eh, it was a so-so week, making do with the territory I had.

Week 2 – July 25-31

Monday 7/25 – 45 min elliptical + kayak
Tuesday 7/26 – 40 min elliptical + squats + 1 hr stand up paddle
Wednesday 7/27 – 30 min bike + 15 min elliptical + 3 hour “bushwack” hike
Thursday 7/28 – 60 min bike + 2 hr stand up paddle
Friday 7/29 – 40 min elliptical + 4 hr kayak
Saturday 7/30 – transit/off – only steps around Stika
Sunday 7/31 – 11 mi (9:00 pace) along my old XC trails.  Meghan was nice enough to run with me and my slow pace on the condition that I didn’t complain (especially about how much I had eaten on the trip).  She didn’t exactly say all of this but I know she doesn’t like the complaints.  Man it was struggle city out there but that’s another long run in the books.  I worked to focus on the landscape instead of my running and was shocked at how rivers and ponds that once were scattered along the trail are practically non-existent.


Thoughts: Well, vacations are fun but not always conducive to 1) maintaining your figure and 2) your workouts.  I have found myself to be somewhat of an all or nothing gal (not good, I know) and let’s just say that coffee with copious amounts of half & half with dessert three times a day for at least 1-2 weeks does nothing for my running.  That being said, it was interesting to see how reliant or obsessed I can be on my routine.

Week 3 – August 1 – 7

Monday 8/1 –  Swim 30 min – I was working from home but wanted to wake up and get the 700+ emails sorted before chaos ensued.  Swimming midday was good but I never feel like I accomplish much (probably because I’m flopping around unlike Katie Ledecky or Missy Franklin)

Tuesday 8/2 – 4-6 miles of walking + evening Intervals. ~ Speedwork: Meghan and I ran with California Republic in East LA at 8pm.  I normally don’t workout this late (or in the evenings at all) so it was sure going to be interesting.  Total miles 5.5 with 4×1200 thrown in.  The goal was 1) marathon pace 2) 1/2 marathon pace 3) marathon pace 4) 10K pace and no one followed.  If I ever run a 7:10 marathon or 6:58 1/2 marathon…yeah maybe in another lifetime.

I realized my goal now is to 1) NOT BE STUPID and 2) NOT GO OUT TOO FAST.  That should save me some trouble down the road.


Wednesday 8/3 – 2 miles round and round with NP_LAX + burpees thrown in.  6 mi later in the evening with one helluva hill (thank you for bringing down the average pace), which left me wondering how I ran all of those hills in high school.
Thursday 8/4 –  Yoga x 2. Was feeling ever so sore and decided to use my flex day to stretch.
Friday 8/5 –  12 mi (9:00) pace.  Started the first 7 with my friend Sarah and sister Meghan in Altadena and then slogged through another 5.  The quads were shot but it was a better pace than last week so that’s a success! Fueled with a Honey Stinger waffle pre-run and acai gel mid run.
Saturday 8/6 – Bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs >> 2ish mile hike (around 5,000 steps for the day)
Sunday 8/7 – 10 holes of golf

Week 4 – August 8 – 14

Monday 8/8 – 3.5 mi shakeout run in the evening (after a red-eye and minimal sleep the previous weekend).  Well this was somewhat disappointing.  I felt like a hippo (though my sister reminds me that hippos run fast) logging around the lower part of Central Park.
Tuesday 8/9 –  Intervals with the track crew. 5 miles (1 mi warm up – 1×1600 + 2×800 + 4×400 – 1 mi cool down)
Wednesday 8/10 – 3 mi trot around NP.  I was planning to fit in 3 during the 5:30 workout but didn’t get my butt out of bed in time.
Thursday 8/11 – 9 mi around 8:56 pace and … PHYSICAL THERAPY!  Lots of insight and readjustment and so grateful for NY Custom PT.
Friday 8/12 –  Biked 2.5 to the Brooklyn Bridge + 2.5 Jog with the backpack (not smart) + mini NP workout (I half-assed it) + walking around and around looking for apartments.


Saturday 8/13 –  14.8 mi (8:34 pace) Ran from 18th and 1st up to 72nd and down along Summer Streets with some stop and go into Brooklyn.  I probably should not stop as much but they say just to get the miles in…right?  Best part was getting ice cubes in Brooklyn to put in our sports bras and my hat. Genius plan. Fueled with 1/2 Honey Stinger Waffle and 1/2 Banana – mini cliff sample about 6ish miles in and NUUN for the win.
Sunday 8/14 – Couple of miles jogging before Brooklyn Mile (6:21).  Hot and humid and all the possible speed.

Thoughts: Marathon training is tough.  Fitting in all the workouts + strength + stretching is tough.  I haven’t even done all that I could or should but the goal is to enjoy the process and it’s going alright thus far.  Now onto weeks 5-8!

“It’s supposed to be hard.  If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.  It’s the hard that makes it great” – Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own. 

Life of Late 8.12.16

Well now that I’ve been back in NYC for a week, I’m back to my regularly scheduled “Life of Late” posts but not really back to my scheduled routine yet.  I have had to adjust my routine already since this thing called marathon training is a beast.  Last night I went to physical therapy and my therapist told me that I was doing too much and too many of the wrong exercises.  Interesting.  Tell me more because the hamster inside of me is dying to go go go go go until I crash.



So physical therapy.  A couple of months ago my friend Chloe posted about this application to win physical therapy sessions with NYCustom PT.  Well, yours truly was lucky and won!  For the next few months, I’ll be attending weekly sessions and learning how bad my running form (or glute muscles) actually are.  The therapist was AMAZING and analyzed my running gait and figured out that the lack of strength stems in my core and my butt, despite all the working out that I do.


We chatted about my running history and what I wanted to get out of this experience. At the end, we chatted about whether I wanted to run for a long time or focus on running fast.  For some, both is possible.  But for someone who tries to do it all (hi, that’s me), I need to take things one step at a time.  Literally.


^^ Yep, hoping to stay running for the long term.  Thanks to these gals for helping me through my long run last weekend.


Days Unplanned ~ Why My Lifestyle Blog (DaysUnPlanned) Makes Me Smile Too ~ Such a great reminder to find an outlet and little hobby to put a smile on your face

Revelist ~ “If you put one foot in front of the other, YOU ARE A REAL RUNNER.” ~ Inspired by a friend, fellow NP runner, and ‘ultramarathoner who was told she was ‘too fat to run’ put her body shamers in their place’.  You go girl.

In It For The Long Run ~ Vegan Fruit Pizza w/ Graham Cracker Crust ~ May not be the cheesecake I would like but fits along my “attempt to streamline my eats for full running potential” plan (or so I hope)

Tech Radar ~ “iOS 10 Will Include More Diverse Emoji(s)” ~ PUMPED!


^^ Last weekend I took my first trip to Palm Springs for my friend Liz’s bachelorette party! It had been at least three years since I had seen her (and our other friend Katie) and we had quite the relaxing weekend to celebrate the bride to be.  Her sister organized it all and I have to give her MEGA props for the details, schedule, and swag.  Liz’s shirt and hat said “bride” and ours said “tribe” so together we were the “bride tribe”.


^^ Super super excited to be a part of this group.  As mentioned on Wednesday, I have been looking for a way to volunteer and give back and when my sister told me about Janji awhile back, I knew it was something that I could do.  As a runner, I understand the importance of water and honestly couldn’t imagine a world without it.   Along with a number of other runners across the country and world, we hope to help raise awareness and fundraise for organizations that help alleviate the world’s global water crisis.


If you are fan of funky running wear (or athleisure wear), I highly recommend checking out their site.  Also check back on August 17th for a new collection of clothes!  From the snippets I saw in the email, it’s going to be good.


^^ Trying to tone those butts at November Project Los Angeles.


^^ Good morning sunshine!  A little view along my Thursday pseudo long run.


This weekend entails a long run, celebrating Summer Streets, packing parts of our apartment, the Brooklyn Mile, and oh so much Olympic viewing.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t do” – Rikki Rogers

The Power of Water & Running for Another

Having grown up in Southern California, I’d like to say that I know something about drought and water conservation.  In reality, I know nothing at all.  Sure, my home state is mostly consists of an environment that suffers if it doesn’t receive the annual amount of rainwater to sustain its bodies of water.  Between global warming and human over-consumption, it has become a mega-problem. For some people, it’s a big deal and for others, it’s whatever (I’m making an assumption that some individuals that don’t care too much about this subject may use this fun phrase when referring to the drought).


When doing a bit of web-search, I found that California has its own man-made circulation system with canals that carries in water from mountains to where the people are.  There are thousands of places to consume water without worrying about disease.

Did you know that the global water crisis takes away 3.4 millions live each and every year??? (*)  Because so many people don’t have access to clean water, water-related diseases kill 1 out of 5 children under the age of 5. (*)

So why am I writing about this?  What’s just another charity or organization?  Well, I have been looking to give back for some time and haven’t found something that matches my interests.  Ok, I have volunteered at some races and at the local soup kitchen through New York Cares but I wanted something that I am truly passionate about (very millennial thing to say).  In its own words, Janji is a running apparel brand that helps provide water for those in need.

All runners understand the importance of water in their daily lives.  There’s the daily routine of hydrating and of course the crucial pre/mid/post run and/or race refuel.  But what about the areas that aren’t so fortunate to have clean water as a basic necessity?  Well, proceeds from apparel purchases go towards organizations that help to end global water crisis.  I’m excited and fortunate enough to say that I will be able to support Janji for the next year and hopefully beyond, raising awareness and funding for this issue.

I’ve got a few ideas rotating around in my head and if you happen to be interested in helping out and actually made it to this part of the blog, please let me know🙂 All fun things and minimal to no cost of course.

Janji Pop-Up Shop
~ About ~ Men’s Gear ~ Women’s Gear ~ How It Works ~
144 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

Savvy Summer Spending

It’s summer and for many that means time to spend spend spend. There are family vacations, weekend trips, local races, and oh the occasional ice cream cone because the Mister Softee truck won’t shut up.  That or there just so happens to be a Magnum Bar pop up that must be visited.  Anyways, summer is also a good time to look at finances and it’s never too late to reevaluate.

One of my good or bad habits (depending on the situation) is carrying my credit card around with me wherever I go.  I signed up for the cash back rewards so me spending $$ = me earning $$.  Solid plan, right?

There are plenty of companies such as B of A and Credit Card Insider that offer similar rewards, allowing you to spend and save.  Then there are the countless store credit cards that reward you for your shopping loyalty.  I haven’t dipped into this pool yet (too dangerous and my closet can’t handle any more clothes) but there are some benefits of having various credit cards!

Here are some of my other favorite ways to save:

  • Meal prep and pack at least breakfast and lunch for the week.  Triple points if you make dinner as well! >> I like to attempt all of my meals during the week and leave the weekends open to explorations.
  • Sell clothes to thrift stores or on eBay/Poshmark
  • Sign up for product emails rewards programs (sure they are annoying but that 20% discount will come in handy at some point)
    • Starbucks may have changed their program but still provides certain benefits to being a Gold Star member! (my theory is purchase plain black coffee for days and reward yourself with an extra shot mocha frappacuino)😉
    • Other coffee joints or eateries with frequent purchase cards = free drinks/food
    • Shutterfly sends out emails about free products all of the time! You just have to pay for shipping, which is a steal
  • Split meals out (sharing is caring and usually portion sizes are much bigger than necessary)
  • Picnic/pregame ($10 bottle vs. $12-$15 beverages in NYC)
  • Money tips for days (PureWow)
  • Have your parents pay for everything (juuuuuuuuust kidding!!! totally a millennial thing to say😉 )

For more information, check your local bank website and/or Credit Card Insider.  And of course just make sure to pay them all off😉

How do you save money?  Do you keep a budget?

Alaska Travels: Cruising to Sitka

All good fun must come to an end and today I share the last of my pictures from Alaska.  Although, I do have to say while Monday and Wednesday’s posts provided a wonderful (biased of course) look at the state, nothing beats getting out to explore on your own!

IMG_8718After wrapping up the land portion of Un-Cruise on Friday, we took a tour of Anchorage and had dinner with a couple my mom knew when we lived in England for a short time.  They have moved around a lot in the last twenty years and are now locals of Alaska and loving it.  They selected the Moose’s Tooth as the destination of choice and boy was it crowded – must mean they are doing something well.  With unique beer brews and delectable [pizza] pies, I’d give it double thumbs up.

On Saturday we woke up bright and early (hello 5:30) and headed off to Juneau via flight.  The actual Un-Cruise cruise wasn’t set to depart until after 5pm so we checked our bags in and went off to explore the state’s capital in the rain.  After two weeks in the mist I can safely say I would not last long in the northwest.  I love my sunshine, even if it’s humid sunshine.


We also took a bus out to the Mendenhall Glacier and then walked around the park a little bit.  The rain pants and rain boots allowed Meghan and I to wade through the water and get closer to the falls but were not exactly the most comfortable to power walk in.  Duly noted.


^^ On the bus back to the hotel where our bags were staying we saw a bear! Correction: I saw a bear and my dad missed it by a smidge.  Hello bear and sorry dad.

By 4:30 we were were at our orientation and by 5:30 onboard, taking off from Juneau, and en-route to Stika.  We met the rest of the 70 or so passengers, enjoyed some nice bubbly and cheese and settled in for the week ahead.


Every morning Meghan and I woke up around 6 to “workout” on the elliptical and stationary bike.  I honestly don’t know how I managed to use the elliptical so much in college because it can get quite monotonous…

We also participated in the morning “stretch” class led by one of the guides.  I use quotes here because 15 minutes of very light stretching doesn’t really cut it for most people.  There was some disappointment since they used to have a yoga teacher/masseuse but in the end, Un-Cruise needed someone who could actually help in other ways onboard.


^^ Here’s the family mid-hypothermia dance


Our activities ranged from skiff (boat) tours around the bays or coves, searching for wildlife, kayaking, standup paddle, bushwacking (hiking without a trail), or shore pokes (mild walks).  Overall Un-Cruise did a pretty solid job of avoiding disastrous weather, rearranging certain activities and cruise routes so that we wouldn’t have to deal with too much rain the entire trip.  Of course weather is never in our control and we just had/have to make due with what Mother Nature provides. << Something that’s always good to remember rather than get frustrated by.

IMG_1038 IMG_1044

^^ Day 1 was spent in Glacier Bay National Park with some more excellent views of the local ice packs.  Sadly enough global warming’s impact is quite evident and I only fear what the next 10-20-50+ years will bring.

IMG_1157 IMG_1219 IMG_1369


^^ Personal floatation device (aka PFD) was a must on most outings and obviously made for a very attractive look.  You know for the amount of time I spent in rain pants, I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on as the next fashion trend.  Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse during the fall Fashion Week.

IMG_8835 IMG_8864

^^ Oh yes.  The meals.  There were three square meals a day with buffet-style breakfast and lunch, a gourmet sit-down dinner and yes, dessert + coffee came with all three.  They actually had a beverage station so the coffee was optional but I decided to have tea and coffee at all three meals.  Despite the fact that I switched to decaf starting at lunch, that weeklong decision made for a TERRIBLE caffeine withdrawal upon my return.

IMG_9104 IMG_9139 IMG_9111

^^ From a shore walk to a bushwack adventure. Plenty of vegetation to see and walk through.  Much different in comparison to my usual NYC posts, right?  No concrete in this neck of the woods.

IMG_9176 IMG_9179 ^^ By far the best cookie of the week.  Certainly about the 10th cookie too many for the trip (they make a different batch every day for lunch…) but that doesn’t mean it still wasn’t delicious.




IMG_8841By Saturday it had been one full week on the water and it was time to disembark in Stika.  We left with a few more friends and definitely some good stories and plenty of pictures to look back upon.

IMG_9224 IMG_9228 IMG_9230 IMG_9231IMG_1375

Alaska.  It’s been real.  Until our next adventure.

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christen Anderson