Life of Late ~ 12.2.16

Too soon to say Mele Kalikimaka?  Nope.  Since Thanksgiving is already in the rearview mirror and we are 1.5 days into December, I say it’s time to get this festive party started.   New York has actually been in full decorating swing for the past two weeks and I’m sharing this sweet gem that Lindsay took with her friend at Wednesday night’s tree lighting.

There are tons of decorations up and down Manhattan, Brooklyn, and probably every other borough.  I went skating in Central Park last weekend and am lucky to have seen all the shiny stars along 5th Avenue.  To be honest, I prefer and HIGHLY recommend touring these spots early in the morning (like 6 or 7am) when no tourists are around.  My personal favorite is to go to 30Rock before my workout class and walk past the Today Show, Christmas tree, and skating rink.

LinkedIn ~ “Career Advice I Wish I Had at 25

CNN ~ When you are never too old for a job.  This guy’s desire to keep moving and avoid boredom is inspiring~ “Don’t just sit there and be bored, try to do something about it”

PureWow ~ “The Ultimate NYC Christmas Checklist

Time Out ~ Walking in a Gingerbread Wonderland

PureWow ~ “The Best Holiday Markets in NYC

^^ The November Project documentary “Showing Up” that follows 8 individuals finding a community, identity, and why it matters to be a part of something. ~ “Watched All of the Gilmore Girls Revival?  Let’s Talk About It” ~ I did enjoy the comforting characters in the new episodes but this writer makes some very excellent points. **SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE

(All the tears) News of a high school runner DQ’d for helping a foe. Worth the watch but grab some tissues first.

Facebook memories reminded me that in 2007 it was popular to post every single thought and feeling.  Turns out that I felt Southern California winters were too cold to run in (probably 50’sF). Oh Kaitlin, just wait about 9 years and you’ll be gallivanting in 20’s (still cursing the cold but feeling more weatherproof from it).


^^ Delectable find in Brooklyn following the fun run with Resident Runners.

Anyways, I happen to be back on the west coast this weekend and am in the bay for the first time since I graduated college!  (well with the exception of one Labor Day layover in SF…so technically since graduation).  I’m very excited to explore some of the lesser known to me areas (probably still considered touristy) like the Painted Ladies, Haight and Asbury, Seed+Salt, Jane, and of course Golden Gate Park.  Not to mention the fact that I get to meet up with a couple of my college girlfriends – one who I haven’t seen in at least a year and another who I haven’t seen since her wedding!

The November Project workout this morning is/was at Twin Peaks (time reference depending on when this goes live or people actually read it).  Since I may or may not be able to catch an epic view for Instagram, I’ll leave you with this picturesque shot.

Until next week friends, go out and enjoy the weekend!

Never Stop Exploring.

Life of Late ~ 11.25.16

Hopefully everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!  I had so much fun out in New Jersey with my friend Zara, her boyfriend, and her family.  There was plenty of food and laughter, so all is well in my book.

So consistency in my posting is lacking, I know.  I’m not going to post “just to check in” but I am also trying avoid a blogger burnout (tips from Georgie here).   This has hurt my traffic but I have never really been about the numbers.  Sure, seeing them skyrocket is always a plus but I usually am able to thank my friend and birthday twin Ali to boost my traffic for a day or two😉

Anyways, I haven’t spent many evenings at home this week, which is very rare for me!  Between babysitting and going to work events, there hasn’t been any time to decompress.  So lounging around, reading, catching up on shows like Netflix’s The Crown, and rearranging my room are ALL on my to-do list this weekend.  I’m torn on one thing and maybe people reading can help me decide.  So I have an AC unit that can be removed (but hasn’t) and I have a feeling is letting a breeze in.  Now if I remove it, I could still open the window BUT if it does get toasty in the winter (remember last December’s warm weather?) I wouldn’t have access to the fan or AC. Then again, I don’t foresee too many boiling nights in the dead of January.  Thoughts or previous experiences? ~ “Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend On It” ~ My aunt sent me this and while I do whole-heartedly agree it would be better for my concetration levels and FOMO, it wouldn’t do much for my social life or blog life.  This is because a majority of our November Project correspondence happens through Facebook and a number of people read my blog when I publish it through social media.  Now if I can just keep myself from logging on when I’m bored, that would be great.

Women’s Running ~ “A Runner’s Super Honest Dating Proile” ~ But really.

INC ~ “How to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Yoga Word Nerd ~ “You Can’t Help Yourself Until You Help Yourself

Sometimes Always Never ~ Oh two good ones this week!!  “My Hope for Wanting Less” and “Are You in a Hurry to Matter?

 ^^ Highlights from last week’s trip to Long Island.  A lovely 5k, matching my friend Pete, and some sweet donuts from the local shop

Did anyone watch the live streaming of the Presidential Medal of Freedom Awards?  There were so many wonderful recipients there from Ellen DeGeneres to Tom Hanks, from Robert DeNiro to Bruce Springsteen, from Lorne Michaels to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and my favorite – Vin Scully!  I almost wanted to cry because he makes me so happy.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and let the Christmas holiday festivities and cheer begin!

“As long as you live keep smiling because it brightens everybody’s day.” – Vin Scully

Giving Thanks ~ 2016

In a perfect world, I would remind myself of things – people, places, events, etc – that I am grateful for on a daily basis.  Whether it’s when I wake up, before bed, on a walk around the city, it’s possible.  Maybe it’s written in my phone or on a piece of paper or even repeated like a mantra as I run, it’s possible.

For now, we prep for the day of thanks, feasting, and a day with friends and family.  I won’t be traveling to California this year but rather spending it in New York and New Jersey with some good friends🙂

Without further ado, some of what I am grateful for:

  • A supportive family that believed I could make it across the country and will respond to my random questions and thoughts (sorry for blowing up the data plan…)
  • My work environment that has provided me with some excellent work friends/family
  • Access to a wide variety of food to feed and fuel our bodies
  • Technology that connects so many of us together though we are miles apart
  • A healthy body that can carry me for 26.2+ miles
  • Friends that understand me and my quirks, challenge me to be better and also to relax😉
  • Workout groups like November Project that have turned into my east coast (and global) family
  • My family again because they are that cool.


{Well, the turkey visor will be making its east coast debut tomorrow but sadly I’ll be dressed in about 5 more layers than I was four years ago…ah California}

“I’m thankful for every moment” – Al Green

Life of Late ~ 11.18.16

Last week was my 3 year work anniversary!! Can you believe it?  Or rather can I believe it since I’m not entirely sure who reads this or how many of you have been around since the beginning😉  I am holding myself accountable for a few missing posts here – year #3 recap, a look at Halloweekend in Maine, and maybe a few others.  All in due time (hopefully) and today I ramble.  So enjoy!


It’s been about two weeks since I ran the New York Marathon and thankfully I’m almost back to normal.  While I never really altered my diet, I know the pressure of racing for four hours took down my immunity and so hello sinus pressure and body aches.  To be honest, I haven’t been that sore following a race in my entire life.  So after the box of DayQuil didn’t do the trick, I’m turning to some recovery foods and top natural remedies like lemon water, pineapple, and ginger.  Worth a shot, right?


What about mentally?  I haven’t been able to figure it out, but I just feel off.  Sure I am thrilled with how the race went.  I know there were some things I could have done differently – training and race wise – but hey, it was an amazing day.  I have a few fun runs and races coming up, so it’s not like I’m finished running but I’m feeling some of the “post-marathon blues”.  Christina (The Athletarian) – who I met at the pre-marathon shake-out – and Bethany (@babfitrunlife) explained their feelings perfectly here.

Need need need some control over my sugar habit, especially as we enter into the holiday season.  But really. Here’s to Well and Good and their potential guide to cutting out sugar (I’m talking the not so good kind).  At least I can try to be more aware, not so impulsive, and help my wallet by not frequenting the cookie shop.

Maybe this goes back to the mentally feeling off post above.  I love my November Project workouts, but something is different and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  I’m not sure where my workouts should be taking me, how hard I should (or want) to be pushing myself, and what I want to take away after each sweat session.  Thankfully we have a skilled writer in the home tribe of Boston and his words so eloquently hit home. {“November Project Just Isn’t the Same Anymore“}


Remember those tests or quizzes that would tell you what type of job you should have?  What about what type of original thinker?  Kimberly-Clark came up with this fun little quiz to see how people challenge themselves and figure out which job might be best.  Hey, it’s never too late for a career change!

I signed up via one of my favorite bloggers (Whitney @ Sometimes Always Never) to be a letter writer.  Letters for what you might ask?  Whitney has started this fabulous program “To Love Ourselves” where women can write letters to empower women, encourage, support, uplift, and celebrate each other.

Fall is here and much warmer than in years past! This suits me just fine since I’m NOT ready for the chilly weather.  Yes, I’ve made it for three winters and the bitter cold gets me every time.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not excited for Christmas in NYC because I am.  Seeing the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center is truly amazing and seeing it at 6:30a when I’m off to the gym is even better because there are no tourists in site and I have Mr. Fir all to myself.

And if any of this randomness didn’t brighten your day, watch all of the instagram videos in the search feature, take a lovely walk outside, and scroll through Buzzfeed’s latest adorable list.

What I Learned from Running a Marathon


Well, marathon #1 is in the books.  Yes, some people (and even myself) questioned whether this would be a 1 and done.  I swear there were days during the process where I told myself this was it.  Then there were days where I couldn’t wait to plan the next one.  I guess that’s just the addicted runner mentality, right?

I had  my family come into town on Friday, ate dinner with Meghan at the Meatball Shop, and ran with the #werunsocial crew on Saturday morning.  Even though I picked up my bib with Ali on Friday, I went back to the Expo to show my family around and purchase some race swag.  It turns out that going to purchase gear earlier in week at the expo is the way to go.  By the time we arrived, it was mass-chaos and there were no decent sizes left in the jackets.  I did manage to find the LAST jacket size M and came out with an excellent discount thanks to my NYRR membership.  I’m talking going from $140 to $94!


The race day itself was perfect.  I took a bus from the Essex house down to Staten Island. Because I was volunteering for TCS, I had access to porta-potties with shorter lines + coffee/breakfast.  In the end there wasn’t much time to sit around and I took a water as I jogged over to the corrals.   Something I didn’t prepare for on race day was the heat.  We ran a ton of our training runs in the heat (hello summer) but man, the 55F was deceiving.  I  had to take Gatorade and water at every single mile station (except the last 2 miles) and was very surprised that I didn’t cramp.  Thank goodness.

It’s well known that the corrals close 30 minutes prior to the start.  I definitely didn’t register how quickly that would happen until someone announced “5 minutes until wave 1 is closed”.  Juuuuust made it in Fuelling fashion AND ran into my friend Amrita! Love it when that happens🙂

We waited on the start of the Verrazano Bridge for about 20 minutes and then the race was off.  Now I was scheduled in a MUCH faster corral based on a 5k time I ran last year.  I did my best to start off “slow” but that’s relative since everyone is over-eager and usually goes way too fast.  There was even a man who was not so thrilled that we “slower” runners were taking up too much space and made sure to yell to make himself heard.  Thanks dude, hope we didn’t ruin your race.

The New York Marathon hype is real.  I don’t think there was a single portion of the race that didn’t have people cheering or screaming for you.  I definitely should have had my name on my jersey but loved when the crowd screamed “Janji“.  I knew I should have a mantra or something to remember when I hit the wall, so that morning I wrote “Carpe Diem + Smile” on my arm.

Everyone told me to start slow.  I even told Amrita to go slow.  Then I ignored all of this advice and went way too fast in the first half. I was feeling so fine and every time I looked at my watch (using auto-split) I knew I was going too fast.  So it’s safe to say I did not get the Strava back half challenge.  I’ll just be purchasing my own New Balance shoes, thanks.

The goal was to hopefully break 4, smile, and soak in the experience.  I ran without music and took in each band (LOVED the drum-line and techno corner), each crazy sign, and all the cheers along the way.  I REALLY appreciated the folks who were yelling tips like “head up and shoulders back” because when the fatigue hits, all you want to do is bend over like you are running into the wind.

My family was AMAZING and found me in 3 different sections of the course – between my mom’s knowledge of the city, my dad’s ability to plan, and my sister’s amazing research and race knowledge (she may have known more about the course than me…).  They went out to Brooklyn, back to the Upper East Side in the 80’s, and mile 23 in Central Park.  I was so thankful to Lindsay for bopping around different places to cheer me on and loved hearing from some coworkers and old roommates who also appeared throughout the course.  I loved running through Mile 10 where our November Project group was situated and totally I would be able to recognize more people but it just felt like a whirlwind.

I started to falter around mile 15.  I had to stop and stretch three separate times (hello quads) and was then worried about my hamstring seizing up.  I was thrilled to get into the Bronx because as my sister reminded me, it was just a couple of miles and then back into Manhattan.  But man oh man, that mile 20 wall is SO REAL.  When we got to 22 and 23, I knew that I couldn’t stop. I wanted to walk so badly but had my goal in reach and let’s  be honest, if I started to walk, it was not likely that I would start running again.  Even if it was just a shuffle, I could do it.

Central Park.  My home.  It felt BEYOND good to get into that park because I knew the twists and turns and knew it was almost over.  I forgot that we exit at 5th Ave around the Plaza Hotel but then turned the corner, charged towards the Time Warner Center with the rest of my power and up the hill to Tavern on the Green.  It felt a little surreal to finish, but I made it with sub-4, an amazing accomplishment that I have to remind myself of.  Even better was that I was happy with my effort and I enjoyed the experience.

So here’s a funny thing about racing – I didn’t really train at the speed that I planned to race.  As a matter of fact, no matter how many times I realize this, I never have put it into action (besides Track Tuesdays).   I don’t think I’ve been in so much fatigue/pain.  But as a runner, I’m strangely addicted to the pain – knowing that I put in the effort and left it all on the course.

Things I have learned during the process:

  • You can never have enough glide.  Under the boobs and on the arms…I still had chaffage.
  • Pain is temporary and the training runs and memories last forever.
  • Say yes to bRUNch. I love catching up with friends in these manners and am blessed that my body enables me to be able to do this
  • I love training but also miss my strength workouts.
  • Core & yoga is key.  Definitely should have improved on that.
  • Booze does nothing for my body nor my mind.  But a post-race beer (after the chocolate milkshake of course) tasted pretty good.
  • Why was there so much chafing during this training?  I don’t recall chafing before.
  • Get the post-race poncho and stash your post-race clothes with family members.
  • Look for free engraving by JackRabbit on the Monday following the marathon!
  • Wear your medal…you DESERVE IT!
  • Running and racing are different.  I did not really train to “race” and sure felt it during NYCM.

Total Cost (or there abouts) for New York City Marathon 2016:

  • Race processing fee $11 + fee $216
  • Training hat $22.50 + shipping $8.03
  • Shoes #1 $120 + #2 $78
  • Expo Swag – Jacket $94 + Hat $13 (thank you NYRR discount)
  • Honey Stinger gu/waffles + Nuun (throughout process)

= $550+ (yikes) … “free fitness”


I’m not finished with marathons but have fallen even more in love with the half-marathon distance.  I plan to take the next couple weeks off of running buuut did happen to sign up for a few races ranging from a 5K to a North Face Marathon relay (only 6 miles for my part).

“That’s the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is.” – Kara Goucher

NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 13-16

This is it.  The last round of training posts for the New York City Marathon.  I plan to do a mini post on the marathon itself, but let’s dive into 13-16.

Week 13 >> 10/10-10/16

Monday 10/10: Bike to PT

Tuesday 10/11: 6.5 #BRTC – Track workout with 4×1600 (8:15 + 7:43 + 7:29 + 7:28)

Wednesday 10/12: 5 mi run to and around NP + biking to gym/from NP

Thursday 10/13: 6.8 miles around the park with my friend Lauren. Solid runchat.

Friday 10/14: Bike to barre and plenty of carbs (actually just this amazing croissant from Maison Kayser…almond chocolate croissant for the win)

Saturday 10/15: 21 miles in the books. Longest run EVER.

This run was a humbling experience, realizing what your body can achieve and how it can hurt to get there.  My friends and I joined the Alzheimers Association group with 20 or so miles from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens.  I ran without music because I wanted to simulate the actual race (in a few ways, including my race outfit).

I tried to keep our pace relatively consistent and with the exception of the Queensboro bridge, we did an excellent job.  Now I just need to be able to run those last 5.2 miles.  Hopefully the adrenaline and nonstop movement (aka no 1st avenue stop-and-go) will carry me through.  Oh and everyone running in the same direction – only two women yelled at me for not paying attention.  Cool.

Sunday 10/16: Walking around the apple farm


Week 1 >> 10/17-10/23

Monday 10/17: Bike >> Swim >> PT. Attempted to go to yoga but work got in the way.

Tuesday 10/18: 4 #BRTC – Track workout with 5×1000 + POW arm workout

Wednesday 10/19: Bike to Equinox >> 6 mi run to and around NP + subway/yogging back to Equinox + lunchtime Barre Burn

Thursday 10/20: Power Yoga + dancing at the client happy hour (didn’t exactly feel/need the Moscow Mules but when it’s free…)

Friday 10/21: Bike to Equinox + 6 mi loop of Central Park with friends.  I was surprised that my body was feeling alright (see Thursday’s shenanigans + only 5 hours of sleep) and we ended with a sub 8:40 pace!

Saturday 10/22:  Walking around. Day “off”.  Nice 30 minute roll sesh at the gym.

Sunday 10/23: 13 mi around 9 min pace with my friend Maura.  We headed up the West Side along the Hudson and it was GORGEOUS! The time flew by as we chatted and despite the wind and terrible arm chafing, it was a wonderful morning.

Then later in the afternoon ran 2 more miles because I forgot cash and had to run home from lunch, take out cash, and run back to get the bagels.

THEN later on I did a “restorative flow yoga”, which was pretty much a stretch class.  Amazing.


Week 15 >> 10/24-10/30

Monday 10/24: Considered an AM “Whipped” full body class or swimming or yoga.  Nope, needed that extra hour of sleep. + Barre at lunch. Feel the burn.

Tuesday 10/25: BRTC Yasso Workout.  Supposedly the average of your 10×800’s pace is the time that you will run the full marathon.  My friend Jess was about 10 or so minutes off and that’s pretty clutch.  I don’t think I’ll be this fast but it was fun! >> 1 mi warm up + Yasso (3:39 + 3:30 + 3:28 + 3:30 + 3:29 + 3:28 + 2:26 + 3:27 + 3:25 + 3:16)

Wednesday 10/26: I woke up to real feel 38F and was not impressed.  Stupidly forgot my gloves, biked to the gym, ran with my backpack to the 102nd street bridge, finished my 5.5 mi and biked down to the gym once more.  That ride back to the gym was PAINFUL.

Thursday 10/27: “EH” pilates.  Should have gone to yoga. Oh well.

Friday 10/28: Biked 3 to the gym + 5 mi jaunt (stop and go taking pictures of the sunrise to remind myself how freaking cool Central Park is) and eating my weight in cake pops hoarded from the Halloween party.

Saturday 10/29: 8 mi run (<9 min pace) around Maine with plenty of stop and go for picture taking.

Sunday 10/30: Walking around Maine.  The carboloading has begun and I don’t think it’s the “right carbs”.  Let’s just say I’m in a sugar coma…


Week 16 >> 10/31-11/6 … THE LAST WEEK OF TRAINING!!!

Monday 10/31:  Woke up around 4 to flight back to NYC from Maine thus skipping any morning workout >> Evening vinyasa flow instead.

Tuesday 11/1: BRTC ladder (2×400 – 800 – 1600 – 800 – 2×400). Untimed oops.  Definitely think the fastest part of the workout was on the way home in order to shower and make it to the pop-up Lululemon Sweatbox in time to get a free pair of capris.  ‘Twas a success.

Wednesday 11/2:  Bike to/from NP with a 3.3ish jaunt at PR day.

Thursday 11/3: Bike to gym + power yoga.

Friday 11/4: Bike to gym.  I was planning to run to NP (Bethesda Fountain) and then back to Columbus Circle for a shakeout with Shalane Flanagan.  Then I saw ALL of my friends there AND Kara Goucher.  Minimal workout, maximum love.


Saturday 11/5: Short shake out with Kelly Robert’s crew and #werunsocial.  Then about 8 miles of walking with the family…oops.

Sunday 11/6: RACE DAY RACE DAY.  26.2 in 3:54:04.

“Do the work. Do the analysis. But feel your run. Feel your race. Feel the joy that is running.” – Kara Goucher