Summertime at Last

Classes, camps, internships, and jobs.  Hostess, lifeguard, dog walker, baker.

With so many choices, how can I possibly decide how to fill the long days of summer?  Having a number of options can be appealing, but also overwhelming.  Most yearn for the summer, a wonderful time of year where the day lasts longer, the pools and beaches are prime locations to relax, and for us students, no school.  There are so many choices of activities to do in the summer, a time of year that most yearn for, yet when it actually arrives, most are left sitting around facing the television, their iToys, videogames, or browsing the Internet.

For the past three summers I have found myself involved with a number of full-time internships.  Before that, I worked as a camp counselor for a local kid’s summer camp.  This summer is probably the most important as I enter my last year of college, enter into the real world, and summer ceases to exist, as I know it.

Starting today and for the rest of the summer, I hope to share with you how I plan to spend and actually do spend my time.  While many students are already celebrating their free time, I have the lovely opportunity to enter finals, but have penciled in activities to enjoy today.  I hope to explore ways to sample new recipes, become more active, learn more about the city you live in (or maybe a new city and its activities), and find the most happiness and enjoyment out of each day.  It is summer after all.

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.”

– Morris West


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