Class Project Crunchtime

This week starts the last week of classes of my junior year.  Sort of sad to say that (or write that) aloud, but it’s true.

I started my first class with a marketing presentation and ended my last class with an OMIS or Operations Management presentation.   The particular marketing class that I am in currently is about Market Analysis.  Each week for the past 9 or 10 weeks, we have looked at a variety of companies and analyzed the markets they are in and responded to a certain marketing dilemma they are having.  To wrap up the course, we were divided into teams and were responsible for creating a case of our own.  After days of searching for respectable companies for which we could find a potential flaw or even financial data for, we decided upon Jamba Juice.

So fast-forward a few weeks.  I have spent a great deal of time writing about the history, compiling information and discussing potential solutions with my group.  I was discussing the case with my mom this weekend and being the crafty and creative 4th grade teacher, she recommended actually bringing Jamba smoothies to class.  While the idea sounded perfect, that would mean cutting out precious time from the gym, driving over, and paying for extra smoothies.  Now what sort of attitude is that?  The gym will always be there and hey, it’s for a grade!

Don’t worry, I got my act together and with some encouragement and help from the family, made it happen.  Best decision.  The class and professor loved it and I felt very good about how our presentation went.  The smoothies seemed to tie it all together.

As for my international business class, we had wrapped up the readings a week or so ago and were simply waiting to finish our final essay.  In today’s class, we were simply discussing some of the issues going on in the economy, mainly the EU, Greek and Spanish crisis, and other questions brought up about our professor’s experience and work.  I knew most of the class was waiting to be dismissed early, but unlucky for them, I had spent the time thinking of questions to ask for today’s class.  Let’s just say I know how much I am paying (or my parents are so graciously paying) for my education and while it may not be the most exciting thing in the world, I might as well make the most of it.

Last class for the day was OMIS or Operations Management, where we all presented our group projects on process systems. My group had chosen the Santa Clara University Admissions Department and we discussed how the applications moved through the system as well as acceptances and so on.

As I am sure you are hanging onto my every word, not, I’ll keep it short.  Keep in mid this is the life of a college student.  I made my way to the library to be semi-productive.  I know that if I bike all the way back home, I will get nothing done, so my time is usually better spent in one of the cubbies on the third floor.

On a more exciting note, I was able to spot Venus through the lens of a telescope.  Turns out my friend John Mark had been camping out by one of the science buildings for about three hours spreading the word.  I don’t know who else stopped by, but it was a neat sight – pretty much a tiny black dot vibrating in the far off distance.

Ended the afternoon with a Greek meeting.  I am going to be a recruitment counselor for our Panhellenic Recruitment this fall, so we all met up at Kappa and learned the walking route in which we will be leading the new PNM’s (Potential New Members).  Hey, with your new knowledge of greek lingo, you too could go through recruitment!

After a trip home, back to the store for milk, and back home, I whipped up a tasty dinner, quinoa, salmon, asparagus, broccoli, guacamole (compliements of TJ’s Avogadros’s Guac), and salsa.  I’m sorry if you are disgusted, I know my mom was.  I certainly thought it was tasty and that is all that matters 🙂

We had a house meeting to discuss moving out plans and again, it made me realize how fast this year has flown by.  Turns out they have ordered new dressers to enter our room, which means a few of my roommates and I need to have all our clothes out by Thursday.  That should make things interesting.

Well, ending my night with a slice of leftover sugary cake (last night’s Theta Senior Recognition dinner … I don’t know why we have these things sitting on the table. It’s like an open invitation that none of us really need) and glass of milk was not my best idea, but I might as well use the sugar rush to get some things done.  Be somewhat productive, don’t you think?

“If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin.”
– Ivan Turgenev


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