Card Night!

So usually, the more exciting parts of the day arrive towards the end.  I started off in my communications course – Public Speaking, finished writing a short essay for the class, and then made my way back up to Menlo Park to the Sunset Headquarters.  Why?  Well, wouldn’t it be neat if I could work a couple days a week up there next fall or even intern at some point?  I had sent my resume along with a few blog entries to a number of individuals at the company but received no response.  So, I thought it might be worthwhile to drive up in a full suit to hand deliver my resume and cover letter.  Of course I am stopped by the front desk and asked to relinquish it there.  I possibly thought I would be able to meet someone important, but realistically that wasn’t going to happen.  It was worth a shot and I’ll just keep working at it.

Later in the afternoon, I filmed a short “campaign commercial” for my communication class.  Our last speech/project consisted of a group of us creating and carrying out a presidential campaign.  We modeled ourselves after the Justice League/Avengers and I have to say, the movie we put together in a little over 2 hours was pretty solid.  Hopefully our teacher thinks so as she has ultimate control over our grades.

I was a tad bit tired and was flip-flopping between a nap and exercise.  If you know me well enough, you will know that a nap would only stress me out and so of course I took a run around Santa Clara.  It was relatively relaxing and I randomly ran into Margeaux Kambe (family friend who also attends SCU) but I don’t think she saw me.  Funny how small of a world it can be.

Anyways, after a quick shower, I helped one of my Theta sisters, Sam Nelson (the most adorable girl ever! from Kansas) move her storage boxes into the Theta basement.  She kept thanking me, but I told her my friend Ariel did the same thing and that’s what friends (and sisters if you want to go there…yes, Mom you can make fun of me) are for. She treated me to a delicious Benson salad and no, I am not joking.  I hadn’t eaten there all year, so the lure of choosing from at least 30 salad toppings including 10 different dressings was quite appealing.

I followed that dinner up with a quick snack at my Greek Big’s house.  We were attempting a last (and first) family dinner and as I had already promised Sam I would eat with her, I made it a little supplemental snack.  Mary had made some delicious chili, beer bread, and the salad was provided by Tierney.  I somehow wish my Greek family experience had been a little different, but it seems to be the luck of the draw.  Some people mesh better together than others.  Meeting Mary was lucky though, even if I don’t feel completely connected to the rest of my family.  We ended with a medley of Ben & Jerry’s provided by Isabel (compliments of Benson points & the cellar) and Tierney’s fudge brownies.  Mary, being a senior and already graduated, left us with a stack of Theta gear, some of which I am excited to sport next year.

You must think I am constantly eating, but I swear I work out as well 🙂 No junior 15 here! 😉

To end the night, and probably the most exciting part of the day, was CARD NIGHT!  I was invited by new friends from TriClub/those I met from Into the Wild.  We spent the next couple hours laughing and playing countless card games.  One was called “Mau” and I have no idea how to explain it.  Let’s just say its a game where you aren’t told the rules, you just have to figure it out as you go.  Being the competitive individual I am, I did my best to figure it out and even though I was still a little lost, I still one a game 🙂  While I won’t be present for next week’s card extravaganza (and chicken wings apparently), I am thoroughly excited to hang out with my new friends next year.  What’s even better is that we will all be living in the same vicinity and I won’t have make the effort to plan things out as much.  I’ll be able to walk over a few yards and knock on the door.

Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should do, they never get around to what they want to do.
– Kathleen Winsor


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