Afternoon at Peggy Sue’s

After one long afternoon of the library, I was ready for a Friday night adventure.  I do have to admit, spending that much time in one spot (my second floor cubby) allowed me to make significant headway on my international business final paper.  That leaves me with studying for marketing and operations management.

Anyways, who doesn’t love an old-fashioned diner?  I’m always in search new and fun restaurants and it just so happens I stumbled across Peggy Sue’s diner last week and thought this would be perfect!  My friend Hallie absolutely loves the 50’s and 60’s; a generation when diners were thriving, and as for the rest of us, we just love the diner atmosphere and the tasty food that usually accompanies it.

Living in Pasadena, I am used to all the diners and restaurants having their own sort of lot and lay of the land, a place to spread out, so I was a little surprised to find that it was located in the midst of a few office buildings (actually right next to Adobe Headquarters) and in downtown San Jose.  Parking wasn’t great, some scattered spots on the streets or a public parking garage with a set weekend rate of $7, which we settled for.

Of course I had research the menu ahead of time, but I still had no clue as to what to order.  If only I could choose a few different options and have a little Pu pu platter of each.  What I loved about their menu is that each item had the most creative names.  For example, the Blue Hawaii Burger (which I had debated about ordering…probably because it had ‘Hawaii’ in the title), Silly Philly Cheesesteak, My Little Chick a Dee, You Turkey, La Bamba, Karate Burger, Great Balls of Fire, and more.  I really could go on, but you should just check it out for yourself.

Dreams do really come true 🙂 Somehow drinking legitimate milkshakes in a diner makes everything better.

The restaurant itself was well laid out, had the walls decorated with all sorts of magazine covers, posters, albums, etc and was pretty hopping.  It was cute in the fact that it had all the booths, metal tables, and juke boxes, but felt like it could possibly use a makeover.  On a different note, it certainly didn’t have the commercialized feel as a Johnny Rocket’s or Ruby’s diner might have.  I ended up with the Victory At Sea tuna melt (tuna, cheese, toasted wheat, mayo, lettuce, tomato), half of a chocolate shake with Hallie, some of their seasoned fries, and a whole lot of BBQ, ketchup, mustard, and ranch.  Really, if you are searching out the west’s best fries, I say you give Peggy Sue’s a shot.  It was a thicker slice and must have been seasoned in some Lawry’s season salt or something similar, and were cooked to perfection; they were not too soggy, not too crispy, and just enough potato.  I also strongly believe that the best milkshakes are those that come in a silver canister, which ours did. 🙂

My choice of “Victory At Sea”

Liz’s chili creation – “Cisco Kid”

Liz had debated the hot Great Balls of Fire burger, but ended up with the Cisco Kid, a patty with chili.  Katie was just “Little Katie” and ordered a cheeseburger with just cheese and a bun, plain, but loved it.   Best part was that it was tasty and our meals didn’t break the bank.  In fact, I came home with dinner for tomorrow, so it was all in all, a huge success.

Afterwards, we made a spontaneous trip to the mall, which I’m sorry if this is sad to say, was quite adventurous and exhilarating.  I’m used to a lot of planning and outlining of schedules so it was fun to just make a random trip somewhere.  Once we returned, Liz, Katie, and I ended up watching Bridesmaids, which made for one hilarious evening.

What other shenanigans can we get into before finals?

“To change one’s life: 1. Start immediately. 2. Do it flamboyantly. 3. No exceptions.”
– William James


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