Almost There

So the school year has come to a close. Almost. I was able to finish my final communications critique last Friday (thus allowing me to attend the gym instead of a final on Monday), pound out (sort of…see below) my management paper, and finish one in-class final today.  Oh wait, there’s still one final to go.  Taking finals is sort of a teaser, because for the lucky ones with multiple tests, it’s a grueling process of studying for one exam, exhausting your brain actually taking the exam, taking a deep breath, and repeating the process.

Theoretically we all should know the material from studying it throughout the last ten weeks, so my operations management final on Thursday should be no problem.  Fingers crossed. 🙂

Alright, as for my management paper, who knew writing papers could be so time consuming?  I have a number of friends who have the amazing ability to pound papers out like nobody’s business.  I on the other hand have to plan out what I am going to say, write it, rewrite it, rewrite it, and oh, let’s just say rewrite it about 10 more times.  I believe this paper probably took me over 10-12 hours.  That’s nothing in comparison to what I will have to spend on my final Capstone project next winter.  The Capstone project is a final class in the business school that allows students to apply what they learned into a mock case and analysis.  But, for a paper I thought I could breeze through, this was not the case.   For this paper, I was the hypothetical owner of an upscale chocolate confectionery business, and I had to analyze the market of Malaysia to determine whether or not I would be able to enter.

I do have to say, this class was probably my favorite this quarter and I think it had to do with the professor.  Professor Mank was a fascinating man who has been traveling all around for the past 40 years, mostly to Japan.  The stories he shared with us were simply unbelievable and inspired me to do a little more research into working or at least traveling more abroad.

So, today’s final was marketing analysis.  I spent the past three days from about 12pm-6pm staked out in the library, with the rest of the Santa Clara student body, reviewing terms, cases, and making our allowed “cheat sheet”.  I used to only be able to study on my own, yet I think college has taught me the ability to branch out (yes, out of my comfort zone), and work better with others.  I was actually really fortunate because I could study for my marketing test with my friend, Liz, who happened to be in the same class.  If you followed my abroad blog, you will recall that I lived and traveled abroad with Liz.  Well, while we aren’t sharing a room next year, we figured out we work well enough together to share a townhouse apartment and so that’s what we will be doing.

Back to the final.  As I mentioned, we work well together, so reviewing the information, taking it through, and asking each other questions was extremely helpful.  Actually taking the exam this morning was a little bit like a slap in the face, but let’s be real, when is it not?

Strangely enough, I am not in the library studying, but home in order to see my baby sister graduate. 🙂 Pause for the “awwwww.”  And I will fly back to take my last final and drive down the beautiful “5” freeway home.  It’s certainly a strange feeling arriving home for summer.  I was successful in unpacking my clothes and rearranging my room (especially since my sister decided to go through a few of my drawers…), but am starting to miss college already.  It’s mostly the ability to see my friends and meet new people every day. Maybe the gym too :), but definitely the people.

I’ll expand later, but I am happy to say that I was finally able to enjoy myself this year.  There were ups and downs as always, but the friends and memories I made, will hopefully last a lifetime.  Now, off to enjoy my short bit at home and enjoy Meghan’s famous TACOS!

P.S. I apologize for all the food pictures that might (will) be posted this summer.  It’s one of the things I love to do, as over-done as it is today.  There was even a McDonald’s commercial showing an older woman taking a picture of her oatmeal to “blog” about it later. Well, my food will be a little more adventurous and tasty in comparison to McD’s, so that’s a plus.  Even my own mother made fun of me taking a picture of dinner.  Please Enjoy!

We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.
– Tobias Wolff


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