The Big Day

No, no one got married, but my sister did graduate from high school.  Quite an accomplishment indeed, but I have higher aspirations for her 🙂 I recall when she was younger and wanted to be a scientist, or an astronaut, or like many of her classmates, president.  She will probably take on the world someday, but for now, she will enter the class of 2016 at Claremont McKenna College, run on the cross country team and represent the Stags wherever she goes.

Look at the excited almost graduate! Just need to move that tassel from one side to the other.

M’s Welcome Home sign, created by yours truly. 🙂

It’s crazy to believe that I was apart of the graduating class of 2009, just three short years ago.  Of course there are times when I feel like time goes on forever, but it really does seem like last week.  I’d say “yesterday” but who needs another cliché?  Overall, some good memories, but I’m glad I’m out of there.

Anyways, I was browsing through her yearbook, looking at every grade, all the sports, clubs, cheer squads.  Yep, high school is still high school and I am so glad to be finished with all the drama. Here’s a look at some of the fun caps these grads took the time (or not) to create.

I spy SCU! Go Broncos!

Even though I am still technically in school (one more final tomorrow morning), I attempted to make the most of my “teaser summer” day.  Meghan and I ran according to the mileage or time requirement provided by her future CMC cross-country coach, ran a few errands, and spent the afternoon studying.  One of my favorite stops today was at Bristol Farms, due to the ability to browse the hundreds of different products.

If only I liked soda and could purchase a few of these bottles.  Don’t you love all the different packaging and labels?  My favorites seem to be the most outrageous designs with random characters affixed to the brightly colored pop bottles.

I love the type of ice that accompanied both drinks.  A sort of smaller pebble like ice, very different and refreshing from the glaciers that Starbucks serves.

I also did indulge in a couple of treats today, consisting of an iced latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (thanks to a recent gift card discovery) and a unique lemonade blend, from none other than the new Pasadena restaurant, Lemonade.  This cute shop has a plethora of options both food and beverage, and are of course known for their wildly flavored citrus drinks.

Lemonades offered daily (along with a sugar-free option):
Blueberry Mint
Old Fashioned
Watermelon Rosemary (our selection)
Cucumber Mint
Peach Ginger
Arnold Palmer

Hitting the books for one last day.

After graduation we celebrated at home with a delicious “Diane Salad” from the Pasadena classic restaurant, Green Street.  Trader Joe’s has attempted to re-create this salad in its “Pasadena Salad” form, but it certainly cannot do the chicken, peanut, citrus salad with zucchini bread on the side, justice.  It was great to see my grandparents, but I really enjoyed catching up with my cousins.  We are all getting to an age where we share similar experiences and it is interesting to get their take on the world, even if they are six or so years younger.

Fuelling Clan in full force!

Well, off to bed, since it will be a long day.  But, it will be a wonderful day and there will be many more to come!

 The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started.
Norman Cousins


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