Home Sweet Home

Well, I finally made it to summer, to being a senior, and back home.  I started the day with an early flight back to Santa Clara in order to take my last final.  Thankfully Starbucks was open and I could snatch up an iced nonfat vanilla latte.  I hate to say I have entered the snobby coffee world, but waking up at 5:30, and being fully coherent for my last final, yes, the coffee monster has emerged.  If you need a different or better reason, it practically tastes like ice cream and who doesn’t like waking up to ice cream for breakfast?

It was pretty funny because I thought I had been the only one stressing out over this last final.  Turns out every one of my fellow classmates had been thinking the same things and by the time we arrived to class, we were torn between being stressed and being so sick of finals that we really didn’t care anymore.  Now, before you make any judgments, just think back to how you felt (or feel) studying endlessly for these long-drawn out periods of exams.  That’s what I thought.

Now that we are all finished, I have to emulate the same emotion shared by the rest of my classmates on their respective Facebook posts: I am thrilled we have finally entered summer and cannot possibly believe that we will be seniors!

After cleaning up the rest of my stuff from the house and my gym locker, I met up with a friend for lunch at Panera (mmmmmm Fuji Apple Chicken salad…what’s new?) and then turned back around and drove down the endless 5 freeway.  Usually, it takes about 5 hours.  Today, it was a good 6.5.  It wasn’t rush hour traffic that slowed me down, but rather a couple of accidents past Gilroy, and CalTrans’ decision to start roadwork on the 5 and cut the two narrow lanes into one.  Brilliant move.  However, I was able to enjoy the nice dust fields that surrounded me, as well as the occasional cow or sheep pasture, and certain overwhelming smells.  Use your imagination.

I also was able to catch up on every pop and country song (at least once, maybe twice) that has been out recently.  My mom had given me Tina Faye’s book on tape, Bossypants, in hopes that I would listen to it and wouldn’t spend the entire drive overanalyzing my life.  I listened to one out of 6 CD’s, but was rather unimpressed.  It was funny at some points, but the sarcasm got to be a little much.  So, instead, I took to finding out how every song that played seemed to mirror something in my life.  I don’t think that falls under the “overanalyzing category,” do you? 😉

So, now back at home, it’s time to click into summer gear, Kaitlin style.  That means unpacking every bag imaginable, emptying the fridge and pantry, tidying, and organizing, all in one, or two days.  I’m sure my mom is thrilled that I am home.

“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.”
– John Ruskin


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