Toxic Thoughts

Are there certain ways you can help yourself become less successful?  Certainly.  It’s called thinking negatively.  There must be thousands of articles, books, pamphlets, and courses about how to become more successful in one’s life or career.  But rarely have I come across an article that lists out the top five reasons people are unsuccessful.

This is an article worth reading that does note the top 5 negative thoughts that people and which actually help ruin their careers.  Usually, the people who fall into these categories and who have these thoughts will allow others around them to define their lives for them.  I believe not being able to take a stand for what you believe in and what you want will lead you down a path of unhappiness.  At least be able to know what makes you happy in life.

Negative Thoughts You Should Never Have:

1.    My self-worth is based on what others think of me.

Most people define themselves on how others see them.  No one should be able to define who you are.  It sounds cheesy, but having self-confidence and creating your own identity will take you a lot farther than having someone else do it for you.

2.    My past equals my future.

Mistakes and failures are inevitable. They are there to learn and make the future even more successful.  I know there have been countless times where I have gotten discouraged and wanted to give up.  Simply searching for an internship this summer drove me crazy.  It seemed for each five emails I sent; there was an automated rejection response, or no response at all.  But, this lesson taught me to only fight harder and become more creative.

I discovered opportunities that would not have presented themselves had I stayed close-minded and depressed by the rejections.  Keeping an optimistic view about the future has also allowed me to seek out some of my other passions and interests.  Don’t let your past define who you are or stop you from who you would like to become.

3.    My destiny is controlled by the supernatural.

This one I don’t really have an explanation or piece of advice for.  “Luck, fate, or intervention.”  The motto I seem to follow is that “Everything seems to happen for a reason.”  Just be careful not to get too superstitious.  It works for some and not for others.

4.    My emotions accurately reflect objective reality.

I was interested with how the author, Geoffrey James, responded to this belief.  Many people believe that their emotions are tied to external events, when emotions are actually based upon how we perceive them.  There’s a difference.  Make note of that.

5.    My goal is to be perfect or do something perfectly.

It is good to set goals for one’s self, but to make them as difficult as to become a “perfectionist” is simply setting one’s self up for failure.  Even if you have heard this a million times, please realize we are all human and all make mistakes, big and small ones.

Create a goal to do your best and utilize the resources and people around you to reach this goal.  It is ok to ask for help and doing this might set you closer to your goal than if you had attempted to attain it by means of your “perfectionist” ways.

For the full article, you can access it here.

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor”
Truman Capote


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