Meeting Up with Old Friends

So far, it has been a week of bathing suits and I love it.  We jump from one activity to the next, changing our outfits, which are mostly swimsuits, on the way.  This is because we are on an island where most of the activities are water-oriented and well, wearing a dress or a pair of jeans just wouldn’t do.  I’m in seventh heaven because ever since I was a little girl, my favorite go-to outfit has been a bathing suit.  Call me crazy, but I adore it.

Anyways, the plus of the trip this week, as if visiting Hawaii wasn’t enough, was that we got to meet up and travel with some of our oldest family friends – the Spinellis.  My dad and Mr. Spinelli (Gene) met while were attending Northwestern’s Kellogg business school.  Tom and Gene were both just married, and both couples (Tom & Sue, Gene & Jeanne) gravitated towards each other and have been great friends ever since.  They live on the east coast and while we don’t see them often, it’s always a blast when we do.  We have grown up together and are all relatively close in age.  Their oldest, Andrew, who is a few months older than I, did not make the trip as he was working at a finance internship back at home.  The next is Mia, who is 19, and then Jack, who is 15.  In the past, we have travelled to Club Med, Lake Powell, and most recently, Costa Rica.


Check out this guava! They were located all along the river and forest.  We were able to simply pick them up and dig right in. Quite the experience.

Today’s adventures consisted of “Flumin’ da Ditch” along with a game of golf. “Flumin’ da Ditch” is basically a lazy river ride along the Kohala Ditch, an irrigation system created by Japanese immigrant workers for the sugar plantations along the island.


For lunch, we decided to test out Kohala Burger & Taco again, this time Meghan and I splitting the pork taquitos, finishing off the lettuce from Jack’s taco, and then selecting our own shaved ice.  Now, this is no ordinary shaved ice.


If you are familiar with the “Hawaiian Shaved Ice,” you will know what I’m talking about.  Oh the array of flavors that were being offered! It was almost too difficult to decide what combination could make the day even more extraordinary.




Well, it wasn’t so hard that we didn’t buy one 🙂 I choose a toasted coconut ice cream for the base (so tasty, I’m inspired to make it at home…stay tuned), with passion fruit, cherry, and sugar-free blackberry.  I’m always attracted to something that says it’s sugar-free, although I still experienced the same sugar crash later that afternoon on the golf course.


Jack double-fisting with a cheeseburger and shaved ice 🙂


Our tee-time on the Hapuna course was set for 2pm and about 4.5 hours, 6 lost golf balls, and a zoo later, we had finished.  I say “zoo,” not because we played terribly (in fact, after not playing for a year, I had some clutch drives and chips.  We’ll ignore the short game for the time being), but along the 10th and 12th holes, had to be about 20+ goats grazing the course.



For dinner we made our way to the Mani Lani shops for Mexican at “Just Tacos.” If you happen to be on the island and in the mood for Mexican, this is definitely a place to consider.  The prices aren’t too bad and the portions are quite generous.  Even the beginning chips and salsa were prime.  As Mia pointed out, you know you are in for a treat if they have quality salsa.  Yep, she was definitely right.


We were making fun of Jack being the youngest and always having a habit of crashing at the dinner table.  It probably was tough for them with such a time difference.  We had adjusted to the mere 3-hour difference, and here they were practically fresh off the plane, dealing with a 6-hour time difference.  But, no matter how old we get, I will always see him as little Jack back at Lake Powell.

Off to bed for another early adventure tomorrow!

Fun fact: The Kohala ditch was started in 1905.  The 22.5 mile long ditch was completed with the use of dynamite, picks, shovels, hammers, and the immigrant’s bare hands. 


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