Sewing Trick #1 – Avoiding Frayed Edges

Do you ever find the edges of your fabric fraying and are not sure what to do about it?  I discovered this little tip with the help of clear nail polish. 

Since I don’t start my internship until this upcoming week, I thought I would be a little crafty.  I was planning to cut out fabric flowers and sew them onto something, but realized the edges of the fabric continued to fray, no matter how many times I cut them.  So, after a little research I found that by dabbing some clear nail polish on the sides, makes for the perfect finish.  After some trial and error, I learned that brushing the side lightly allows the fabric to stay put, but does not cause the entire piece to become stiff and change color.

Other Uses for Clear Nail Polish:

  1. Extend Life of Costume Jewelry: dab some polish on to keep the beads clean and shiny
  2. Sealing Envelopes: I certainly get tired of licking the envelope and it doesn’t taste good in the slightest.  Use some nail polish and viola.
  3. Securing Buttons: it allows the threads to stay put and keeps the button safely in place
  4. Waterproofing Matches: Paint the tips with polish to avoid a soggy box of matches on your next camping or grilling trip
  5. Wood floor Repairs: helps touch-up minor dents and scuffs (as if it never happened)
  6. Avoid Rust Stains: putting some polish on the bottom helps keep the metal on the bottom of cans from rusting

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”
– Linus Pauling


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