Perfecting the Turkey Burger

For some reason, the thought of having a turkey burger for dinner makes me think of a tough, dry piece of meat.  But, it doesn’t always have to be so! After experimenting a bit, I’ve found a brilliant solution, so here we go. 🙂

Take a chunk of meat (turkey, beef, your choice), roll it into a ball, and make a little indentation in the middle.  Pour a little Worchester sauce inside and work it into the meat.  Then, include a little scoop of shredded cheese in the middle and carefully form the meat into a ball.

Place it on the stove and add some additional seasonings (I choose Lawry’s season salt for both and a little chili powder for my own).  I’ve also become a big fan of grilled onions, so I tend to chop some up and throw them in the same pan, allowing the burger juice to sauté them properly.  Keep an eye on the burgers, flipping them and adding additional seasoning as you see fit.  Once they are about ready to be served, add one last scoop of cheese on top and cover the pan for about a minute.  This should allow the cheese to melt and you are all set 🙂



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