Tangy Summer Sorbet

It’s time to bring out the ice cream machine.  I attempted a few recipes last year, but was not granted much success.  So, while we are in the midst of summer, it’s a good time to test it out again.  Although, before I dive back into the creamy classic, I thought I would test my luck with fruit sorbet.  When browsing for dinner the previous night I had seen strawberries, pineapple, and peaches, all perfect ingredients for a summer sorbet.


Scrumptious flavors: pure pineapple and a peach-strawberry surprise.  I include the word surprise at the end because I had made the sorbet without telling my sister Meghan what was in it.  She acquired a strong hatred of peaches at a young age (who knows why) and I secretly wanted to see her reaction to it. Maybe it was a tad bit mean, but that’s the role of an older sibling 🙂

Other ways to make the most of your summer fruit:
–          Dinner Greens Having a salad at dinner doesn’t mean you can’t have your fruit too! Add in sliced peaches, plums, or strawberries to a chicken, seafood, or steak salad
–          Relish Away Use a mixture to accompany your hot dogs or slice up pineapple for a burger in paradise
–          Rainbow Pizza Spread cream cheese on toasted English muffins or whole wheat pita bread and top with colorful sliced plums, apricots, and kiwi.
–          Honey-Grilled Fruit Place pitted and halved peaches and nectarines and sliced pineapple on the barbecue grill for a sizzling fruit platter you can top with a drizzle of honey.
–          Tropical Dip Cut chunks of banana, mango, and papaya for dipping into lemon yogurt then sprinkling with toasted coconut or crushed cereal.
–          Green Slushies Puree kiwi, green grapes and honeydew melon together, freeze in ice cube trays, then process again in blender until a slushy consistency.
–          Fruit Dunkers Easier than fondue, just dunk fruit chunks into caramel or chocolate sauce thinned with hot water or use maple syrup, honey, or whipped topping.
–          Asian Fruit Salad Combine mandarin orange segments, boysenberries, and cubed Asian pears, top with Chinese noodles, and let everyone eat it with chop sticks.
–          Crazy Quesadillas Spread shredded mozzarella cheese over a one half of a flour tortilla, top with sliced strawberries, then fold other half over and heat until the cheese has melted.
–          Parfait Cones Layer yogurt and berries in an ice cream cone for a portable snack filled with summer’s best.


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