Pinkberry at Home

Remember when Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt was on the craze?  All of a sudden this Asian inspired tart frozen yogurt with countless toppings was popping up all over.  It was great during the summer, but let’s be real, it was great year-round.  With the expansion of its line of flavors and toppings, I was instantly attracted to this seemingly healthy dessert.  It is still yogurt, so I can throw the “probiotics” card out there 🙂 While it sure was tasty, the frequent trips never really bode well for my wallet, as it can be on the pricier side.  Well, when is eating out cheap?

I decided to whip up a version of my own, mostly because I found a lone carton of yogurt in the fridge.  I was browsing through the fridge and found and unopened tub of plain Greek yogurt that had to be used or it would expire in two days. There wasn’t much hope for the yogurt even if I planned to consume it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  So, instead, I made frozen yogurt.

I can’t say I used any recipe in particular, but browse a number of sites and then decided to wing it.  I started with a Trader Joe’s Plain Greek Yogurt tub (about 2 cups worth), and added about ¾ cup of sugar or the respective in Splenda (surprisingly still trying to finish off my purchase from 2 years ago).

I’ve heard that Stevia is the go-to healthy ingredient swap, so I might sample it out after I of course finish up the Splenda and Agave Syrup.  Remember, even when trying to be creative, resourceful, and healthy, each of these different products will alter the consistency.


The key to my success this time around was that I had actually put the ice cream maker bowl in the freezer at least 24 hours in advanced.  When I attempted sorbet, I had only set the bowl in the freezer for about 4 hours and thus it turned out a bit mushier than planned.  The sorbet did eventually turn out after I placed it in the freezer, but I wouldn’t have served it right away.


It is also possible to use flavored Greek yogurt, but I’m not sure the feasibility of purchasing tubs of flavored Greek yogurt.  Plain flavoring seems to be more popular.  Other options would be to include a scoop of vanilla or chocolate powder, coffee grounds (or flavoring), or blend in berries or other fruit for a more unique flavor.  Lastly, you can create your own “froyo bar” by pulling out each and every candy, cereal, and fruit topping you own in your house.  Who said that gummy bears, cherries, strawberries, chocolate sauce, and graham crackers don’t go together?


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