My Beverage of Choice

This is not your average lemonade my friends.  A recent discovery by my sister, Meghan, is this fabulous restaurant located in Pasadena, Downtown, MOCA, Beverly, Venice, Brentwood, USC, and soon Westlake Village and Manhattan Beach.  Lemonade is its name and it is known for its daily fresh and unique lemonade flavors, as well as its fresh and gourmet foods.  Some of the honors and articles that have been bestowed upon it include: Best Patio for a Salad (Best of LA), Have Lemonade 5 Ways in LA (Huffington Post) and Cupcakes Take the Cake (I guess their cupcakes are mighty fine).  I also have to mention that lemonade is probably my favorite drink.  I always order it at restaurants, sometimes opt for the Arnold-Palmer, and constantly find new twists and combinations.


Meghan had visited the Pasadena locations a few times and had even brought me back a sample (Watermelon-Rosemary), but this was my first actual visit to the eatery.  I met up with a girlfriend who also loves finding new and healthy options out. Each location is decorated in a crisp and clean manner, full of picnic tables, umbrellas for the outside patio, bright colors, and clear of any clutter that would overwhelm guests.  I overheard one couple sitting next to us say, it is sort of like a Souplantation, but much classier.


The way it works is you pick up a tray and shuffle your way down, perusing and ordering different salads, sandwiches, salads, hot dishes (mac & cheese, chili, rice, grains), sweets, and of course lemonade.  I went into dinner planning to order the half portion ($4.25), which gives you a choice of two selections, but my mind won over my stomach and I ordered the full portion ($8.50), thus expanding my plate to four possible selections.

1 – Sweet potato and peach salad
2 – Arugula, blue cheese, fig, balsamic
3 – Rice, salmon, cherry tomatoes
4 – Mozzarella, pasta shells, asparagus
Blood-Orange Lemonade


The Name-Sake ($3): Blueberry Mint, Old Fashioned, Blood-Orange, Arnold Palmer, Watermelon Rosemary, Cucumber Mint, Peach Ginger and a sugar-free option available daily.

Some of the other delicious combinations and creations from the salad bar include (red quinoa, cherry tomato, basil, sundried tomato dressing), (orecchiette, asparagus, perlini mozzarella, sorrel vinaigrette), (broccoli, ricotta, champagne vinaigrette).

I can also vouch for the macaroni and cheese.  While I did not purchase a portion, I did request a sample and savored every noodle.  I would rank it high on the list with its rich and creamy flavor.

While I did not indulge in a dessert this time around (I was recovering from my four delicious options), but had my eye on a cookie (chocolate chip, white chocolate cranberry…), lemon bar, or cake slice (cocounut layer or pumpkin milk chocolate), there are a number of other dessert selections, but those were the ones I will hold out for until my next trip. (Desserts $1-$5)


This is one of my new favorites (yes, I might say that about many of these joints, but I’m SERIOUS) and I can’t wait to take a trip back.

Do you have a favorite beverage or place to eat?

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