Last Sunday Run of July

Although I may not be on a cross-country team anymore, I like to fill my mornings and weekends with running.  Of course it’s not all I do, but I never seem complete without a morning jaunt and on the weekends, a long run.  My sister will be a freshman at CMC this fall and is going to run for the distance team, so she has been in full-training mode all summer long.

There was one time (a very short time) where I could beat her in high school.  Later, I found out that she practically let me win so that there was no family drama.  I’m not sure how I feel about it, since it sort of is like a slap in the face, but that’s history, so we move on.   There were certainly times after I graduated where I was jealous of her accomplishments in the sport, the sport I led her onto, but I’ve reached a point where it doesn’t really matter.  I’m proud of where she is going, the experiences she has had and will have with such a wonderful sport, and hey, it’s good training for me to run with her 🙂

I’ve run about five half marathons, starting when I was 16, and have finally decided to try the ultimate feat, the marathon.

Huntington Surf City ½ Marathon – February 2007
San Francisco Kaiser Permanente ½ Marathon – February 2010
Nike Women’s ½ Marathon – October 2010
Santa Cruz ½ Marathon – April 2011
Huntington Surf City ½ Marathon – February 2012

Like most of my other races, I signed up on a whim or impulse.  If I think about it too long, the moment has passed.  If you are going to do something, do it.  Don’t lolligag and flip-flop between your decisions.  Make one and stand by it.

I decided on the Nike Women’s Marathon, which will be this upcoming October.  It’s my last shot to get automatic entrance for the race because while all college students are allowed entrance, the race has become so popular, entrance is based on a lottery system.  Who knows when the next opportunity to run in such an event would be at my fingertips?  There’s still a chance that if training doesn’t go well, I can run the 1/2 marathon, which would still be an amazing experience.  But for now, summer would provide the perfect time to train.  I have my sister to run with, our high school team to train with (once a Spartan, always a Spartan), and far less homework to worry about.

Since our schedule yesterday didn’t allow for a long run, we settled on one this morning.  I don’t think I was nearly prepared enough for the heat.  Yes, it’s summer, but lately we have had some cooler patches and I assumed that it would remain 60 degrees throughout the morning, even though we were inland and didn’t start running until 7:30.  Fat chance.  I was exhausted and probably dehydrated by the time we finished.  I know there are other, healthier options to replenish the electrolytes after exercise, but I had been craving the ice cold Gatorade that I knew was sitting in our fridge.  Once I gulped that down and jumped in the pool to cool off (after stretching of course), my mom, sister, and I had a lovely Sunday breakfast of make-your-own waffles.


Bodie wanted one, but he settled for his farm animal toys instead.

We used the Trader Joe’s waffle and pancake mix, which is so much more delicious than Aunt Jemima.  Again, there are a number of other mixes available in grocery stores, ones with wheat, oatmeal, flax, etc, but I can deal with pretty much anything from good ‘ol Trader Joe’s.   Meghan’s selection was simple as always: chocolate chips, maple syrup, and strawberries.  I believe my waffle had to be the most delicious creation to happen to mankind during the breakfast hour.


Atop a golden waffle: keifer yogurt (on 1), maple syrup (on the other), peach, strawberries, walnuts, and a tad bit of whipped cream.  We did after all run 12 miles, so a little treat can be in order.


In the afternoon, we stopped by Oakmont to practice our swings on the driving range and play a quick (relatively) 9 holes of golf.  A little scrapbooking, baking (in preparation for my cake class), Olympics.  All in all, a solid Sunday.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
–      Aristotle

Do you have a favorite race location?


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