Ah, Sugar.

Well, well, well.  Where shall we begin?  While I don’t have too specific of a routine during the summer, I have fallen into a pattern of running in the mornings and working during the day.  I am working three days a week as a Telemundo Ad Sales Intern at the wonderful NBCUniversal out in Universal City.  The commute isn’t too bad; a half hour at most, which is heaven in comparison to my previous summer commutes (60-90 minutes one way!).

I was still feeling a little exhausted from yesterday’s long run, so instead of beating my muscles to a pulp, I decided to rest them and hit the pool instead.  After a good 45 minutes swim (and accidentally breaking our pool’s cleaner or “creepy-crawly” … sorry dad), I fixed my breakfast of chia pudding (recipe to follow soon!), a slice of zucchini bread, and a cup of java.  I’ve learned that I can handle hot coffee from home, but need to leave iced coffee and the various sugar-filled sorts to the expert baristas.

Alright, back to the internship.  Today I finally was able to put some of my skills into practice, which needless to say, made me feel very helpful and productive, two great feelings.  I lucked out this summer and am working under a super supportive group of account executives and sales assistances.  My main boss has not only instructed me on his daily tasks, but has even let me take the lead and actually drive the programs.  It was also pretty sweet because I was out making a round of the office (to get off my bum once in awhile) and when I returned, my boss had left the TV remote on my chair with a note to turn on the Olympics.  Aw, how thoughtful.

Working at NBC can have its incentives.  My family jokes with me that I choose the companies based on their perks.  One of my dream jobs?  Working at JCrew, which would mean an almost 50% discount!  I have heard retail is tough to deal with, but really, it’s 50%!  I swear I could live out of that store.  For now I’ll stick with the college discount as well as some strategic shopping at the outlets. Camarillo anyone? 😉  Other dream jobs: Being a part of NBC’s TODAY Show, a contributor in some form to a food/fitness/health/travel company.  The latter is vague, I know, but it’s a work in progress.

I’m slightly embarrassed to say I didn’t really plan ahead for lunch.  I tend to have a love-hate relationship with the meal and as a result, never know what to pack.  I certainly packed one today, but it was a tad heavy in the fruit category: cherries, watermelon, peach, pineapple, oh and some celery, cucumber, and hummus.  That’s a TON of sugar.  I think I’ve hit my fruit content for the week.

My sister calls me the “Carb-Doctor” because I tend to stay away from breads and pastas.  For some reason these types of food as well as meats make me very sleepy during the day.  Why is that?  Anyways, too large of a meal and I zone out with the “2:30” feeling.  But then, too little and I feel ravenous.  Recently, I’ve found a number of foodie/fitness bloggers who post what they have eaten and so hopefully I gain some inspiration of what to pack for a nutritious and delicious midday meal.

Something else I realized today is that it’s unbelievable how large the blogging community actually is.  Just in the past week, I have found several blogs and individuals who are so similar to myself and seem to share the same interests and posts; I am flabbergasted.  (No, I didn’t write this sentence just to use that word. Well, maybe.  It is fun to say isn’t it? 🙂  My parents always told me to keep an eye out for people who share my interests and voila, making friends should be a piece of cake.  If only it really were that easy.  I’ll try to keep even more of an open mind and try to be a little easier on those around me.  Maybe that’s the key to success.

This evening I also had the first of my five beginner’s cake decorating classes.  We have this fabulous little baker’s shop in our town, Jane’s Cakes (which is actually run/owned by a man named Tom) with every gadget, mold, and tool you can dream up.  I’ve always wanted to take a baking class or decorating class and this was my chance to try.  If you are in the market to learn how to decorate cakes, I highly recommend this class.  Our instructor, Tom himself, cracked jokes, taught us the basics, and gave us the ins and outs of the process. I wasn’t sure when we would get out of the class, so I made sure to scarf down some dinner before hand. The class started around 6:30 and we didn’t leave until 9:30!


I did make sure to make a filling meal before hand (quesadilla with some ground beef, cheese, bell pepper, onion, spicy salsa, and asparagus), which was good because I then was not as tempted by the buttercream or chocolate frosting!

The class was a great deal of fun and I learned some helpful decorating tips and certainly why cakes are so expensive (especially those wedding cakes laides!)  Fun fact: the best buttercream frosting used to decorate cakes does not actually contain any butter.  Butter is the ingredient that will actually cause your frostings and icings to run off the sides.




Even though I was stuffed from my quesadilla, I still stole a few tastes of the frosting and boy, I’ll be happy if I never eat one of those cakes again.  It is true that once you work in the food industry or work with a certain food (hm…cakes), you are pretty much turned off of them.  I think as I attempt to master the art of creativity and decorating, I’ll try to scrounge up some healthier recipes of my own.  There certainly have to be some out there that don’t cause a full-on sugar attack.  (One would think, especially with so many healthy bakers today).   For the time being, I’ll deposit my goodies at my dad’s office.  I’m sure his staff will looooove that! No really, I’m sure the cake will be gone in 10 minutes, even at 9am.   As for me, I’m all sugar-ed out.  Time to start over fresh tomorrow.

“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”
– Benjamin Disraeli


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