The Godmother

I had the day off from my internship and so I went for an informational interview at Hulu.  I was able to catch up and shadow a few of my old colleagues who are sales coordinators and account managers.  I would love to get into sales and so, understanding some of the key entry level positions would be crucial to my future success.  Around lunchtime, I met up with my sister, who is currently spending a few days a week interning with my dad.  He likes to get us started in the industry at an early age :).  There were a number of food trucks lined outside the front of the office buildings, but none of which really grabbed my attention.  Plus, we had already planned out our meal for the past few days.  It’s just something we do – to look up the menus in advanced, just to know what to order when we arrive.  It can be a disappointment though if we get ourselves jazzed up about a particular restaurant dish and it’s not available when we arrive.

If you are familiar with the Santa Monica area, you already know that I am referring to the most famous sandwich from Bay Cities Italian Deli located off of Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica.  My dad first introduced me to this god of a sandwich a couple summers ago, when I was interning out there on the west side.  Just as my sister is the expert in the department of chicken strips, I’d consider my dad the of deli meat sandwiches.  The man is a creature of habit and will have a sandwich, chips, carrots, and Diet Coke every (yes…I mean EVERY) day for lunch.  He has recently gotten better about his Diet Coke consumption and has alternated with some iced tea, but if I ever want to know where to get a good sandwich, I’m sure he could point me in the right direction.


He had taken Meghan out to lunch there last week and just as I had been sold on the Godmother, Meghan was in seventh heaven with her meatball sub.  It just had to be repeated today.   This is a small old-fashioned deli and grocery store with pretty much the best of the best foreign wines, cheese, and all sorts of gourmet pastas, meats, and more.  It’s like taking a step into what I think Little Italy would be like; all crammed into an American grocery store of course.  The food options and delicacies there are endless.


For a number of years, they had the menu on the back of the counter, but have recently upgraded to a digitized version that rotates above the meat counter.  Inexperienced patrons might find themselves in a quandary with the crowded parking lot, full tables, and tight space inside the store.  Well folks, it’s because the deli is that good.


Meghan had some free time on her hands while she was “working” (just kidding Meghan, you do work hard), and placed our order in ahead of time.  This allowed us to zip in, browse the aisles, pick up our sandwiches, and check out.  Granted, we still had to wait in line to pay and weren’t able to get a table to eat at, but settling for a wall/curb didn’t affect our experience in the slightest.  Meghan went for a repeat of last week – meatball sub, and I of course had to go with the classic – The Godmother.  I don’t normally eat these sorts of things, but once in awhile, it’s a splurge and well worth it at an authentic Italian market.


The Godmother: Genoa Salami, Mortadella Coppacola, Ham, Prosciutto, and Provolone.  If you order it with the works, this includes: mayo, mustard (yellow, honey or dijon), onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, Italian dressing & mild or hot pepper salad


While it was just as good as I remembered it, there was something missing.  I realized it was the spicy peppers that could be included in the “works”.  Meghan believes I have ruined my taste buds and require everything to be extremely spicy or doused in sauce for it to taste good.  As a result, she ordered it with mild peppers.  One of my favorite parts about the sandwich is the baguette that it is served on. It’s like a sourdough baguette, but with a crusty exterior and doughy interior, perfect for fitting as many meat combinations in between two slices of bread as possible.  Bay Cities is certainly a treat, but make sure to time your visit!  When in doubt, order ahead and remember, they are closed on Mondays!


2 thoughts on “The Godmother

    • Yeah, I seem to rarely eat sandwiches these days, but it’s a treat for sure 🙂 Any recommendations for eating out in California? I’m always interested in finding fun restaurants and other shops, especially the healthier sorts!

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