Remember years ago when chia pets were on the rage? Now everyone seems to be eating the chia seeds. Yuuuummmmmm.  Ok, once you move past the fact that fact, you can start to see the benefit of this superfood.  Some people who have consumed this high fiber seed claim an increase in energy, clearer thinking and a calmer, happier mood.  Sounds good to me!

Like many of my other recipes, I browsed through some of the best, and then used them as a backbone to make my own chia pudding.
–        ¼ cup oats
–        ¼ cup chia seeds
–        1 scoop vanilla protein powder
–        1 tbsp ground flax seed
–        ½ cup fruit (rough estimate) – raspberries, blueberries, banana, peaches, strawberries (honestly whatever I find in the house at the time)
–        ¼ – ½ cup yogurt (again rough estimate – the more yogurt, the more soupy it becomes)


I basically started to throw some ingredients in a Tupperware, mix in some yogurt and fruit, then let it sit for a few hours or even over-night.  This has been extremely helpful to make a few days in advanced because I know that when I work out in the morning and then have to shower and zoom off to work or class, I rarely have a chance to enjoy a full sit-down breakfast.


I’m sure it would taste great as a peanut butter chocolate banana variety, but have yet to test it out.
–        1 scoop chocolate protein powder
–        ¼ cup oats
–        ¼ chia seeds
–        ¼ – ½ banana sliced (either all inside the recipe or part sliced on top)
–        ½ cup – 1 cup vanilla yogurt

Depending on how hungry I am, I’ll either consume the full container (usually after a tough workout), or divide half into a bowl with some walnuts on top and maybe a special slice of zucchini bread to go with my coffee (that is if I get around to brewing any)  🙂

Curious to see what other ways you can use chia seeds?
–        Baking substitute: chia seeds w/ water to make an egg substitute (cakes & cookies)
–        Added protein to granola
–        Thickens soups, kombucha, and porridges
–        Blended into smoothies
–        Added crunch to salads, granola, base for cheesecake

What are some of your favorite breakfast recipes or healthy baking/cooking additions?


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