Yes, I love this drink so, no judging.  I do admit, when I heard that it was fermented tea, I did judge myself.  It sounds like someone from the ‘60s would drink in one of those hippie compounds. There was actually a girl down my hall in college who would create, or I guess ferment, her own kombucha and sell it.  Now, I was a little wary of purchasing it out of a dorm room, something like a drug deal, but I was open to trying the bottled sort by Synergy from the store.

Just a warning, the taste can be a bit shocking when you taste it for the first time.  It’s not the most appealing beverage, but after a while, it becomes addicting.  Also, tip: don’t try the “Original” flavor first.  It’s better to go with a flavor that you find appealing, just like I go for flavors such as cranberry or passionfruit.  I could probably order any beverage that had passionfruit in the title and be content.

Note – I am not a dietician and have no schooling in what is healthy for food, nutrition, workouts, etc.  A lot of what I post is what I follow, have read up on, etc.  For example, many claim that kombucha ‘detoxifies the body and energizes the mind’, but little research of its health benefits have actually been published.  If I ever do find information on my “healthy claims,” I’ll link to that website and author and let you know 🙂

Once I got hooked, I had to encounter another problem – how to find it!  I used to have to make an out-of-the-way trip to Whole Foods, which really wasn’t too bad, but became expensive.  But, that changed when what do you know?  Vons and Safeway started to carry it!  The flavors aren’t as extensive, but they do have my favorite – Cosmic Cranberry.  I’ve also experimented with Passionfruit, Gingerade, Triology, as well as a couple of the chia sorts.  While it can be a little costly, I think it’s worth it (especially if I can slip a few into the cart while my mom is grocery shopping).  It seems to fill me up and give my stomach and body a sort of cleansing feeling 🙂


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