Mammoth Getaway

Is there a place where you can escape to and feel completely relaxed?  For our family, this place is Mammoth Lakes.  If you know our family or can understand from some of my stories, we are a very active family and usually are constantly on the move.  I’ve learned over time that a little R&R is necessary and Mammoth is my favorite place to make this happen.  I absolutely ADORE the mountains in the summer its sun, clean and crisp air, beautiful trails and trees, a simply wonderful area to hike, bike, fish, run, or just sit and read a book.  I think it is wonderful to forget about technology and instead relax.   We have been very fortunate to share a cabin with my dad’s side of the family and have had the opportunity for years to travel to the mountains in the summer and winter.  I am not at all a fan of the cold, so, for me, summertime wins the prize.  Sidenote: I’m not sure how this will work out for my plan to live on the East Coast for a short stint, just to understand how the other side lives, but who knows what could happen for this California girl. 

We spent the weekend running (boy, that altitude was TOUGH! It exhausted us all!), hiking (the dogs loved trekking around Convict Lake and picking up/leaving various scents), and biking to Horseshoe Lake, a favorite bike ride of ours.  We have been doing the last activity for a number of years, sharing the rode with countless cars, RVs, bikers, and runners, but this was the first year that we had the luxury to ride along the completed pedestrian path.  This path winds its way all the way up the mountain, through the Twin Lakes campgrounds, past Lake Mary, and ends at Horseshoe Lake.

Something odd about Saturday was the fact that we were hit by a number of thunder/lightening/rain storms.  I have never in my 21 years of visiting Mammoth, experienced such a summer storm.  In fact, I can’t ever recall being caught in a summer storm.  As Meghan and I ascended the mountain, I could see some lightening in the distance and the sky turned an ominous grey.  All of a sudden, when I reached the top, the rain began to fall, some the size and consistency of hail (or at least it was pelting my skin so hard it sure felt like hail).  I promptly turned my bike around and booked it back to our cabin.  The rest of the night, the weather altered between a clear, crisp, and gorgeous sunset and a stormy, rain-filled sky.

Between all of our activities, I am proud to say I not only got caught up with my scrapbooks, but finished Martin Dugard’s, To Be A Runner, which I highly recommend, as well as Jennifer Weiner’s Best Friends Forever.  I preferred Dugard’s book, mostly because I was a cross-country runner and continue to be a runner, so I can relate to many of his serious and hilarious narrations.  Now that I have read a couple of “leisure reads” as my dad would put it, I should probably dive into the Steve Jobs book, which would probably please TFred (a name that Meghan and I like to call the padre).

This weekend was totally what I needed, a time away from a desk, the city, and time to relax.

“Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.”
– Will Rogers


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