Cake Class Round #2

So now that I have had my second cake decorating class, I guess I could call myself somewhat of a novice.  As I may have mentioned last week, the five week beginner’s course is hosted by Jane’s Cakes and led by none other than owner Tom himself.  If you have not entered into this store, I recommend you do so.  It has to be a baker’s paradise with every type of pan, mold, cookie cutter, crafty tool, and more, just sitting waiting to inspire the next cake boss.

I was a tad bit nervous for last week’s class, so I ended up using a box cake and purchasing frosting from the store.  This week I was feeling a little more confident and while I still used a box cake (we had it in the cupboard and it had to be used at some point, right?), I gave the homemade icing a whirl.  Do you actually know what is in cake icing? Shortening (½ butter is optional, but this causes the icing/frosting to melt and slide off the cake…bad news bakers), vanilla, water, and powdered sugar.  Can we say sugar overload?  Good thing I will be so sick of it by the end of the class.  Also, while I am making this recipe for my cake decorating class, I will be on the hunt for a tastier and healthier recipe to use in the future.

Our instructor, Tom, recommended we purchase as many of the weekly products (we need different frostings and cake tips depending on that week’s cake) from the store.  He is on a mission to retire from one of his law jobs and instead make sure the store can fully support him and his family.  There is also the option to create the necessary buttercream icing, which should be based on the Wilton Buttercream Icing recipe.  Surprisingly, it’s actually a simple process: blend the butter & Crisco (or in my case, simply Crisco), add in the vanilla, and then powdered sugar, cup by cup.

One interesting tip is that using normal baking vanilla will create a cream-color frosting, rather than the stark white frosting shown in the pictures.  This is because the vanilla has a coffee-brown color that will ever so slightly penetrate into the white shortening and powdered sugar.

And of course by the end of the night, I was just as sick of the smell and texture of frosting as I thought I would be. Hm, who should be the lucky recipients of tonight’s cake?


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