KQRR – The Mogul, Mammoth Lakes

Our family has its favorite spots and can be quite predictable in our selections, but tonight was a night to experiment and try something new.  The Mogul was our destination, a restaurant that opened in 1971 and one my parents had eaten at when it was known as a cook-your-own-steak place.  Usually people go out to eat so that they don’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning, but who knows, maybe it’s a unique experience.  It might have been my one shot at being a restaurant ready chef.  Let’s just say I don’t do well cooking/baking wise when under pressure, so unless I get a decent amount of training and experience under my belt, I’ll just put that wish or dream on the shelf for now.


The Mogul is a great American food restaurant that has a warm mountain atmosphere where hikers and skiers alike come after a long day’s trip to enjoy one of the finest steaks in Mammoth. Some of the steaks being offered include: top sirloin, New York strip steak, filet mignon, pub steak, and porterhouse. Each one is center cut, and are choice or better in quality.  Even if you aren’t a huge fan of beef, keep reading.  They offer an excellent selection of land and sea options.  From pork to BBQ ribs to chicken, as well as daily fresh fish selections (scallops, salmon, halibut, and trout), there is enough to please any palate. I selected salmon with a lemon dill sauce, salmon being my absolute favorite fish, and could not have selected anything better.  It indeed had a fresh and rich flavor and was as flaky as any well-prepared fish should be.


Most meal portions are sufficient and are excellently priced in comparison to portion, however, baked potatoes and salad bar is also offered at additional prices.  One neat aspect to menu is that they offer unique combinations of fish and steak, fish and chicken, prime rib and steak, or pretty much anything you ask for.  Most restaurants that I know of are unwilling to combine different entrees, so this was a treat.  Another part of the menu my sister and I loved was the fact they offered smaller or “petite” portions of most entrees.  I love selecting a steak or chicken but am often overwhelmed by the enormous portions some U.S. restaurants provide.  I’m also not much of a leftovers gal, so whatever is placed on my plate, is usually consumed.  My dad likes to tease me that they might as well reuse the plate because I had practically licked it clean.

We opted out of the dessert menu (we might or might not have picked up Ben & Jerry’s in the Village), but the dessert dishes I saw exiting the kitchen, also looked large enough for a table to share.  The Mammoth Times, basically the Yelp, People, TripAdvisor, and community insider of mountain town has voted The Mogul, the “Best Steak Place” for numerous years.

*Tip – it’s best to call ahead to make a reservation.  We called the night before, which was clutch because if we hadn’t, we would have been either scrambling for another restaurant option or waiting a good 20-30 minutes.

1528 Tavern Rd. (Next to Nik-n-Willies Pizza)
Mammoth Lakes, California
(760) 934-3039
Open at 5:30pm (5:00pm Winter Holidays)
Early Specials * Kid’s Menu Available * Full Bar

Other Great Mammoth Dinner Options:
Z Ranch & Burgers (casual American food options)
Gomez’s & Roberto’s (Mexican selection w/ better atmosphere at former – inside Village)
Whiskey Creek & Chart House (latter more on the upscale side)

Do you have a favorite go-to restaurant?

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