KQRR – Toomey’s, Mammoth Lakes

I’d like to consider myself a Mammoth “Old-Timer” and I think this is given the fact that our family has been making the trip to Mammoth for years and long before the town even considered building the Village down by Canyon Lodge.  We have our favorite spots, our favorite hikes, ski routes and have most definitely seen the rise and fall of a number of motels, stores, restaurants, and bars.

Down where the Village is today, there used to be a general store, a few homes, and a couple other stores that I frankly can’t recall the names of.  Today, it plays host to a hotel/condo property, Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop, Old New York Style Bagels, ski shop, gondola (strategically placed so that we may walk down to the village and then take it to the shops), and a few other restaurants. Concerts play in one corner of the property during both the summer and winter months and if you are lucky, you might catch a wine, margarita, or other fun festival going on.

Because the property is supposedly considered “prime location,” the lease rates are probably relatively expensive, and as a result, different companies enter and leave at a rapid pace.  Those that were able to gain a following early on, or cater to the mountain crowd and visitors, are able to remain standing today.

It was our last day in the mountains and Meghan and I had gone for a long workout.  Meghan’s plan was to run 14 miles and I would have I would have been right there with her (or more likely behind), but after straining a muscle (still not sure which one) and aggravating a past injury, I was left to bike alongside.  It’s no fun running when the entire right side of my body seizes up and my arch hurts as if a stress fracture is imminent.  So, cross-training it is.  Both my mom and dad were out running (actually with the Bodie man as well), and when we got back it was that time.  Yep, time for breakfast.

I’m sure you are wondering when I might make it to the actual restaurant review, since I haven’t mentioned a specific restaurant yet. It being our last day, we thought it might be nice to go out to breakfast.  Actually, it was my dad’s idea since he is starting to realize Meghan and I will both be off to college, and he wants to do everything possible (really…everything) as a family. This is funny because we are not really the “big breakfast” family and when we do eat breakfast, we tend to make our own selection of food and eat at different times and different places of the house.

We sampled a relatively new shop down at the Village, Toomey’s, a more upscale, yet casual spot that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  According some other diners and reviews, the owner, Matt, was running a “take-out” in a Mobil Station on the way to Yosemite. Don’t be too skeptical Mobil in particular is high-class.  This morning’s selection included: breakfast burrito (one w/ veggie/potato scramble, one without), French toast, and a Green Monster.  The Green Monster was a bit of a gamble as I wasn’t sure if I would like the taste, but wasn’t really craving anything else on the menu, so it was worth a shot.  Honestly, it was tasty the first few sips, but after that, I could have probably made something better.  I think it was the fact that the over-ripe banana flavor overwhelmed the rest of the fruit.

Price-wise, you got enough for what you paid for and possibly more.  Most portions could be enough for two people, but one hungry individual could most definitely consume it all.  You may be in a slight food comma afterwards, but that’s your choice.

Beyond breakfast options, they offer a selection of appetizers (steak tacos, oyster, crab cakes, baked brie, etc), main entrees (salad, seafood Jambalaya, wild buffalo meatloaf, grilled pork rack chop, baby back ribs, filet mignon, and an elk rack chop), and wide variety of beverages including fine wine and local Mammoth brews.  I’d definitely be interested in making a trip back to sample the buffalo meatloaf, but might have to save up a little bit, since it is on the pricier side ($$).  The restaurant itself has patio seating and probably four tables inside, but appears very casual in comparison to the menu that is offered. All options are good in-house as well as to-go.

Another place to check out (classic favorite, but extremely long waits, especially on the weekends) is the The Stove, located along Old Mammoth Road.  A traditional American spread, relatively priced ($$), open only for breakfast and dinner.

Sorry I seemed to have gotten carried away writing, but I hope this gave you a look into another one of Mammoth’s great eateries.

6085 Minaret Road
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
Monday – Sunday 7am-9pm

What’s your favorite way to cross-train?


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