Strive for Self Confidence

Less food and more of a self reflection post today.

I can be a people pleaser, I know. I constantly want to make sure others around me are happy, which can leave me a little run-down and overwhelmed.  I run in a family of teacher’s pets, which you know isn’t always a terrible thing, but it can certainly be taxing.  I know I spend too much (way TOO much) of my time thinking about how others view me, my clothes style, habits, hobbies, etc.  You name it, I’m sure I’ve worried about it.  My new view?  (Yes, Mom, you get the gold star for giving me this advice day in and day out)

Believing in myself is the number one goal.  (Universal “you”) Who cares about what others think.  If they don’t care enough to appreciate you for who you are, they aren’t worth your time.  There will be people who agree with your views, and those who don’t.  Don’t get caught up with those who don’t.  Find happiness with yourself, your quirky habits and features are what make you unique and move beyond the flaws. Instead of self-pity, work for the future.

Goal: to work more for myself, internal gratification and happiness rather than constantly searching for the constant gratification by others. Of course I’m sure we’d all like a gold star sticker after we complete a task, write a blog post, finish a homework/job assignment without complaining.

Goal: Find a cause, charity, or program I believe in and want (rather than feel the “need”) to help out with.

Goal: Live in the moment, but when is that not a goal? 🙂

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
– Theodore Seuss Giesel


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