WIAW 2 Summer Delights

First off, mahalo to our friend, Jenn at Peas & Crayons for making this happen and now let’s dive into what was consumed this week.  I am most definitely a creature of habit and so breakfast didn’t change much throughout the week.  I whipped up some tasty chia pudding with my latest Chobani tub of yogurt.

Thankfully I purchased the larger size because seriously, it has come in handy with every recipe I’ve made.  I keep finding new ways to substitute in Greek yogurt, which amps up my protein, always a good thing.  My latest chia creation included the berry bunch: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, as well as peach and banana.  It was just a fruit frenzy morning.  I also am experimenting with this new peanut butter, PB2, a powdered substance that when mixed with water, provides an excellent creamy base of my chia creation.  It’s great because you control the consistency, if you want it thicker, add less water.  If you’d like it thinner (I’m thinking perfect to drizzle over everything???), add more water. I also tested out a new coffee that was so nicely gifted to me and was completely satisfied.

Opps, forgot to mention that little stub of bread up there.  Well folks, that is probably one of the best zucchini breads I know of.  I’m working on actually MAKING an “out-of-this-world” zucchini bread, but for now, this is a little treat we picked up at Green Street, home of the Diane Salad.  If you go to Trader Joe’s and pick up the “Pasadena Salad,” it’s basically an attempted recreation of what we like to call an delicious summer salad. SNACK TIME 🙂 Mom and I did a little back to school shopping out in Camarillo and I am happy to say I FINALLY found a new decent pair of jean shorts.  You might be thinking, yeah, yeah, big deal.  Oh, no.  This has been a little debate in my family because about three (yikes, almost 4) years ago, I purchased a great pair of denim shorts from JCrew (probably my fashion heaven) and wore them into the ground.  It wasn’t bad until I took them abroad to Barcelona, where I was not informed adequately about the humidity.  My warm weather clothes were limited and so I pretty much lived in these shorts.  They soon became known as my “Barcelona Shorts” and my mom begged me to retire them before I came home.  I agreed, but had a weak moment and threw them into the already overstuffed suitcases and they traveled the long 12+ hour trip home.

Maybe it’s because we have been through so much together. Maybe it’s because they fit so well and make me feel comfortable.  Maybe it’s because running has given me some muscular legs that don’t really allow me to fit into all the other shorts and pants people wear.  Long story short. I was restricted to wearing them in the confines of our home (unless Mom didn’t see me exit) and I was constantly on the look out for something that looked good (aka not ripped, frayed, and were a darker wash) and actually felt good.  No shorts that ballooned over by back end and sucked in my thighs like pants made of saran wrap. The lucky store? JOE’S JEANS! Maybe a bit on the pricier side, but well worth the price for the amount of use I get out of their jeans and now shorts. Plus, there’s an outlet store, what a win.

Before heading out I guess I should have asked what the lunch plan was.  I didn’t really plan out anything substantial and stuck with celery, grapes, and kombucha.  The grapes though, for anyone interested, were the perfect texture, ripe green grapes that were just firm enough to puncture the skin with a nail, but not completely frozen.  By the time we got back, around 3:30, I was starving (too dramatic…) very hungry so I pulled together a bowl of leftovers from my dad’s work party this weekend.

Leftover salad, tomatoes, Mexican rice, refried beans, shredded cheese, picante Pace salsa, avocado, halibut, and Ralph’s extra greasy tortilla chips.  (I usually have low willpower if I’m too hungry and I haven’t planned out my meals…snacked on a tiny cheesecake brownie bite from the dangerous Trader Joe’s…oops. Tasty nonetheless) We were planning salmon for dinner but when it got too late in the evening to prepare such a production (Mom claims she was STARVING) ;), I brought out the ever so popular grilled vegetable display.  On menu we have: onion, eggplant, sweet potato, corn, and a bit of chicken for protein. (Not too appetizing of a photograph, for which I apologize for)

We had some leftover supplies from yesterday’s successful berry crisp, so my mom and I baked up one more dish and split the sweet treat. After a tall glass of milk, I was stuffed for the night.

I’d say the essential staples for the week include nature’s deliciously fresh berries, peaches, and maybe even that sweet potato.  It seems to be making a huge presence in my diet lately. Fun fact, did you know today is National Eat a Peach Day?


6 thoughts on “WIAW 2 Summer Delights

    • I completely agree! Sometimes the smoothie or salad may not be the most appealing, but it does happen to have excellent flavor 🙂 Bring back the cliche, can’t judge a book by its cover!

  1. I pass the Camarillo Outlets everytime I drive to or from school but I have yet to stop! I heard they can have some really good deals 🙂 Ahhh isn’t PB2 the best?!

    • Oh there are SO many good deals out there. I highly recommend it for Christmas shopping too 🙂 I love the JCREW, Nike, Banana Republic, and now Joe’s Jeans there. It has three sections so there are LOTS more stores with excellent deals. I’m a huge fan of PB2. I just attempted the green monster recipe for the first time and adding some PB2 made it all the better.

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