Leggo’ My Eggo

Please tell me you caught on to the Kellogg’s Eggo Waffle reference? Who else grew up on these fabulous frozen products? They have certainly changed and expanded since I was a kid.  Been there, done that, even in the days before french toast sticks or chocolate-chip waffles, but today I tend to prefer the fresh, fluffy Belgian waffles.

And yes, it is indeed National Waffle Day 🙂  According to the best of the best (aka the Internet), the first waffle iron was patented on this day in 1968.  You really can pair a waffle with anything.  Syrup, fruit, whipped cream, yogurt, eggs, chocolate, salmon and asparagus (why not?).  The word around cyber-town is that waffles were first cooked in Ancient Greece.  Seems like most things originated there, so I’m not too surprised.  Anyways, they would cook flat cakes called “obelios” between metal pans over a fire.

Of course we think WAFFLES…BREAKFAST. But, really it’s possible to eat them all day.

Donkey Clip from Shrek 🙂

I seriously had the BEST waffle in my entire life from the Waffles de Liege food truck. This was about a year ago during the Wheel Food Wednesday at Jone’s Coffee Shop in Pasadena.  Meghan and I believe the key to this waffle’s success is the fact that the batter had a consistency that was closer to actual dough, and the top was covered with crystallized sugar.  Not to mention my mom and I split one with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and sliced strawberries. Mmmmm, heaven on a waffle.

Waffles have become like a little celebration breakfast because I save them for special occasions like New Year’s Day or after long runs/workouts.  On a normal basis though I’d prefer to have a smaller breakfast and that’s why the food truck waffle was so fantastic because it was more like my dessert.

Want to tag along? Find a diner or restaurant to have a waffle.  Better yet, follow one of these fun recipes and bring out the waffle machine! Breakfast for dinner anyone?

The Waffle, Hollywood – Best thing ever. Blueberry lemon, gluten-free, classic, cornmeal jalapeno to red-velvet waffle, what could be better?
The Griddle Cafe, Los Angeles
Rosco’s Chicken and Waffles, LA/Pasadena
Waffles de Liege Food Truck
Buttermilk Waffle
Gluten Free
Pumpkin Waffles
Gingerbread Waffles
Additions: berries, fruit, granola, coconut, syrups, whipped cream, chocolate, eggs, chicken (eh…I’ll have to test this out), and more.


1 thought on “Leggo’ My Eggo

  1. OMG I totally love the Waffles de Liege Truck too! But topped with ice cream?!? Now that is something I NEED to try! Also those gingerbread waffles will definitely be making an appearance in my kitchen come December 🙂

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