So Long Megnan!

On my days off, I always dream of relaxing on the beach or by the pool; maybe organizing some part of my room (yes, I actually enjoy organizing…if I could get a decent job as a personal organizer, I’d be thrilled), baking and experimenting, etc.  There are endless opportunities and lists I have made, but what does it really end up looking like?
I end up driving around running errands, spending most of the day in the car and when it gets to be evening, I wonder, where in the world did my “fun” day off go?

So I did get to do one fun thing on my day off this week, which was to help my sister move into her dorm room.  Well, to be completely accurate, she was up in Tahoe for a week with her cross-country team (jealous…she has 60 automatic friends or at least friendly faces) and had received a few lovely belongings from my parents the night before.  I was simply the pack mule for the day, driving the clothes and whatnot down so she could actually create her living space. Ok, it wasn’t that bad because I got to help arrange the photos on the wall (my creative fortay 🙂 and I got to understand the town she would be living in.  AND I GOT 21 CHOICES!

After unloading the car and some of her boxes into the room, I acted as chauffeur as we visited Target (land of the “Let’s see how much we can spend on things we don’t need”) and then to downtown Claremont for lunch. Meghan and I make for a good team, most of the time.  She has a more quiet personality and can usually deal with the vast amount of talking and random rambling I like to do.  The only thing we are not very good at is making decisions, especially concerning food.  Our discussions usually go like this:
K: What would you like to eat? (subtext: please have something in mind already)
M: Not sure, what do you want? (subtext: I don’t want to decide)
K: Doesn’t matter, I’m fine with anything (subtext: I’d like salad or anything that has a buttload of vegetables)
M: Hm, I don’t care, what about (and lists off every place we walk past)
We also like to walk past a restaurant, look at the menu, then keep walking.  Needless to say, we could probably continue all day like this until our hunger gets the best of us or one person mans up and makes a decision.  (Note: I am fine making the decision as long as there is no complaining afterwards.  I hate feeling guilty that everyone is not enjoying themselves, when really, if they didn’t offer a suggestion, it’s there fault.  But please don’t offer up Taco Bell)
Don’t worry, we didn’t starve.  We were walking towards a taco place she and my dad had eaten at before, when we walked into Mr. Grubb’s.
I’m proud of Meghan because she has finally started to accept some of the healthier foods 🙂 For the longest time she would make fun of my eating habits, but after a week of “XC Camp,” she realized all her teammates had similar eating patterns.  So, Kaitlin is not so crazy after all.  I may not get her to agree to all my meals, but I have regained some power in the kitchen.  We ended up splitting the #2 Meal (1 Entree, 1 Sauce, 2 Sides).  I let Meghan choose because like I said, while she has learned to like some things, I doubt she would have gone for my choices.
One thing I love about hanging out with Meghan is that a majority of the time, she is willing to split things. Just like our lunch here 🙂 Better price, excellent portion, perfectly prepared.Lemon grilled chicken, lemon thyme vinaigrette (on the side), herb Basmati rice pilaf & grilled vegetable medley.
 Now onto the real reason this day was so special (just kidding Meghan). There is a place called 21 Choices in Pasadena, which serves up about five fun and fresh flavors each day as well as over 21 different choices of toppings.  They have stores down at USC, as well as two in Claremont.  I believe the original store is also in Claremont, but most people know of its existence in Old Town, Pasadena.  Let’s just say its a legend.  I know people who frequent there so often, they will phone an order in and one of the employees will bring it out to the car.  That’s frozen yogurt loyalty. 
You can opt to have your toppings right as you would think on TOP of your frozen yogurt.  Or, they will mix the toppings right into the yogurt.  I’m talking all sorts of toppings.  It’s like frozen yogurt heaven.  
A great face made by Megnan as always.  Surprisingly she did smile like a normal person when she was younger.  At least it is a bit different from the shocked face with thumbs up 😉 Just kidding M, I appreciate your odd faces.
They changed the format of the shop so while they still have the daily 5 selections, they also have a board with 21 different suggested combinations.  This is for all you picky individuals who have a difficult time deciding what to pair your yogurt with.  Ok, I’m guilty and am one of those individuals.  In fact, it took a sample from each flavor of yogurt (which of course is necessary!) as well as a three minute (30-second really) consultation with Meghan, who I call my decision maker.  Eventually I settled for the strawberry-cheesecake yogurt with crushed Oreos.  Couldn’t have made a better choice.
You’ll just have to trust my word that this tasted delicious.  Ice cream is certainly difficult to photograph and mixing ingredients into the froyo doesn’t help much.
Meghan selected one of the board’s recommendations – vanilla, Oreo, and strawberry.   

Of course this post has more to do with ice cream and food than it does with saying goodbye to my sister. I she’ll be alright.  She does live pretty close to home (not that she’ll abuse the privilege) and she really can’t get away from me that easily.  Now that she has a new and improved cell phone, she has no excuse for responding to my random (yet informative in my opinion) text messages.

Good luck my sister, have fun, push the pace, make the most of every experience 😉

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