Get Ready for FOOTBALL!

Oh no my friends, it is HERE!  College football happens to be one of my favorite sports to watch.  The collegiate season kicked off this past Thursday and the PAC 12 led off with  UCLA @ Rice, but what I am really excited about is the start to the USC Trojan Football season.  Let me just say that have never been and will never be a band-wagon fan.  I grew up going to football games and certainly have Trojan fever in my blood. While I may not have attended USC, I will always be a strong supporter, especially of their athletics.  Besides, my college didn’t have a football team (and our athletics were on the iffy side at some points), so I have to adopt one don’t I?

The begging of football season reminds me that fall is near.  We may still be experiencing some heat waves (extreme rain for the Gulf Coast), but crisp fall leaves and pumpkins are floating in our future. But back to football. If you are into the sports world, take a look one of the latest Sports Illustrated magazines with Matt Barkley on the front cover.  It was an amazing and truly heartfelt or inspirational section.  USC had its moments, good and bad, yet Barkley stood tall through it all and helped get the program and his teammates back and running.  Figuratively and literally I guess 🙂 Too bad he is taken and has been taken since he was about 5 years old.  Who knew you found your soul mate that young?  But really, he is an amazing individual and one only hopes that young athletes can have a mentor or figure like Barkley to aspire to.

Fight on Trojans!


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