Fight On Trojans!

So a quick recap of yesterday’s game…we DOMINATED!  Again, I may not have attended the University of Southern California, but I am a true fan from birth, not one of those flashy fans that will root for them when they are winning, but abandon them during the various sanctions, coach departures (cough…Pete Carroll…cough), etc.  My entire dad’s side of the family attended USC for their undergraduate, so we have all been fortunate enough to attend the games together for as long as I can remember.  We love to tailgate too and these little festivities have changed as we have gotten older.  I personally think we always have the best set-up by far.  If you aren’t impressed by what we usually have out, you really need to see our spread for the Rose Bowl Games.  Now that is an award winning operation indeed.

Spent some time with the cousins checking out all the free stuff outside.  Not too much I’d want to stand in line for 30+ minutes for.  Here’s our picture with Carl, though.  A flashback to my picture with him and Meghan a few years back…

We have had anything from packed sandwiches to mini burgers bar with ahi tuna ceviche.  The usual culprits include a platter of cheese and crackers, guacamole and chips (because this is Southern California!), fruit, and usually chocolate chip cookies.  The chocolate chip cookies in my opinion have had their hey-day and need to be spiced up or altered a bit.  But that’s a battle for another day.  We also usually have a football being tossed around and depending on how big of a weekend it is, there might be a TV set up with other matches on. This trip, there wasn’t nearly as much, as it was a relatively small game.  Usually the lot we are parked in is jam-packed when we arrive, but it didn’t even get close to filling up by the time the game started.  My mom and dad picked up sandwiches from Sprouts.

Mike, munching on his chicken and looking oh so pleased to be photographed. Oh, life of a teenage boy.

It was a great price and my mom’s sweet wheat with turkey was devine!  My dad on the other hand was pickier and believes that Panera is better.  Eh, sometimes a sandwich is a sandwich.  I had packed one of my mesh-pot salads (throwing in whatever looks good from the veggie drawer), grapes, carrots, cranberry Kombucha, but also sampled some of my aunt’s spread of fried chicken, coleslaw, and fruit.  She had purchased her grapes from Bristol Farms, expensive but EXCELLENT quality food, and I don’t think I have ever seen a larger grape.  We also finished up with some chocolate chip cookies, which don’t call the kettle black, but were pretty darn good.  I stand corrected.

It was great to see a game inside the Coliseum this year.  Last year I had been abroad, so I  missed practically the entire season.  Well, I did actually with the exception of the bowl games.

The Usual Story


Some people like to get up and walk around, use the restrooms, and grab more food during half-time.  I prefer to sit back, spread out and enjoy the USC Marching Band.  My mom and I joke that if you want to be a song-girl, you need to have extra long hair that you can flip around.  I just don’t think I would be able to wear a sweater that long, especially during a 90F game.

Because of rules and regulations (and so many rowdy crowds in the past), they stopped selling alcohol inside the stadium, this is actually very smart, but people still tend to pre-game a little too hard.  Food-wise, it’s divided between pricey and bland stadium food and pricey and tasty.  They have upped their selection to include authentic juices (the Mexican stands with delish tacos, burritos, horchata, lemonade, watermelon & pineapple juice, etc), Cold Stone ice cream sundaes, kebab and Hawaiian chicken stands, cookies and brownies (almost the size of your face!), and more.  We had packed in some peanuts and pistachios, but I jumped in on my cousins’ shaved ice.

I thought I’d take some creative license in my photography, be a little “artsy” 😉  I do love my Vans thought and got quite a few compliments.  It was funny because as everyone would get up and shuffle through the seats to exit and enter (why so many times during the game I never know), one man said “Love the shoes” and the next time he went out and back said, “still loving the shoes” as he said excuse me.  It was pretty cute.

Every game after the third quarter, they light the torch. This, ladies and gentlemen, would be the Olympic torch, which is like a tiny speck of dust in comparison to China and London’s rendition of the Olympic torch.

Next up, USC at Syracuse, 9/8/12.  Fight On Trojans.

4 thoughts on “Fight On Trojans!

  1. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, I went to the game too!! Both of my parents are alum and have been season ticket holders since they graduated! Literally they have sat in the same seats for 30 years 🙂 Because schools starts soon the next game I will be able to make is against Notre Dame around Thanksgiving…Do you go to every game?!

    • THAT’S INSANE! So many people I knew seem to have been at the game yesterday! I do happen to go to a lot of the games when we are in town. I went all the time in high school, but same idea that when college starts up, I don’t go to as many. We do luck out though this year and since I go to school up north, my parents are coming up for the Stanford game. Otherwise, my next live game will be Notre Dame too! That and the UCLA ones are always pretty fun to attend. And in regards to seating, we have the same thing, except I think we have encroached on my grandparent’s seating. 🙂

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