Conquering the Bridge!

First off, HAPPY LABOR DAY! I hope everyone enjoyed their one last extra day of summer. This morning I willingly choose to get up at 5:50am to go run a race.  Well, sort of willingly.  A few months ago, one of my friends had told us about this race she wanted to run, Conquer the Bridge, and it seemed like a good idea.  I would have been hanging out with my parents for the past few days anyways and my sister was off at college.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my family, but sometimes it’s good to make the rounds 🙂 I still think running the race was a good idea, but getting up that early was a bit tough.

The race was out at San Pedro Bay and went literally across the Vincent Thomas Bridge.  It do have to admit, running across the bridge was a bit scary, especially considering it is the 4th longest suspension bridge in California.  Yes, I know the morbid details concerning this particular bridge as well, but we don’t really need to bring those up.

We were ready to roll when the race started around 8:05 (why the extra 5 minutes, I have no idea) and headed out for a flat mile, then increased the elevation while crossing the bridge, finished mile 3 on the other side of the bridge before reversing the course.  It wasn’t too scenic of a race, besides the bridge and the water. Luckily they covered some of the grates so we didn’t break our ankles.  I love running races because the hundreds of people out there help get my adrenaline pumping and I actually push myself for once.  That normally doesn’t happen on regular road runs 🙂

I do have to say, even though I adore racing (not so much the race fees), I get nervous at each and every race.  Sometimes it has to do with how I have been training (or not training), any injuries (the lovely pulled groin/hammy that has been bothering me), or just other runners out there.  Surprisingly looks can be deceiving; some of the racers dressed out in full Nike suits or clad in simply spandex and sports bras can be the slowest of the bunch.  Others you may have counted as “fast” just based on how they look can race out of the starting gates and end up finishing long behind you. Point of the story is that anyone can run and it’s great that everyone is just out there being active.

Afterwards, I had been craving one of my smoothies (recipes coming soon for your viewing pleasure) but ended up being social and stuck around for breakfast at Everest.  Of all the fast-food options, I went for the egg breakfast burrito and ended up picking out the eggs and hash browns (quality hash browns actually) along with salsa and ketchup.  I seriously couldn’t escape sauce if I tried. Later on in the day I continued my scrapbooking (FINALLY finished my Barcelona Abroad book), took a quick nap (sort of a shocker for me), swam, and enjoyed the September sunshine.

In my mind, it was the perfect way to spend my day off, or at least morning. What did you do for your day off?

 “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives”
– Annie Dillard


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