WIAW #4 – So Long Telemundo

Today’s post is a little on the longer side.  I’ll work on that 🙂 In terms of WIAW, I also try to keep in theme of what happened on Wednesday.  That may not work as I get into busy school schedule, but for now here is today’s exciting foods and encounters.

A quick note on last night’s dinner, I was invited to some family friends who had both graduated from Santa Clara University back in the ‘60s.  I like to grab coffee with him every so often to catch up and swap experiences.  Our conversations have changed over time and I’d like to pat myself on the back and say I have matured a lot since our first meeting about four years ago.  They were generous enough to invite me to their GORGEOUS old Craftsman house to enjoy a casual dinner from Porta Via in Pasadena.  We ate family style out of a few containers – pasta, orzo salad, grilled vegetables, turkey meatballs, and one large hunk of a baguette.

Now onto today’s exciting foods and encounters.  First off, it was the LAST day of my internship, which means school and fall is just barely around the corner.  Everyone seems to ask me if I am super excited for senior year.  To that I answer, yes, I am, but I like to stay in the moment, so a few days off are just what I am looking for.  Not to mention I haven’t really packed for college yet, soooooooo that should be interesting.  As of now, I am using my sister’s room as a staging area and it is half-full of my crafting materials.  If I have any down time I plan to stay busy crafting, working out, baking, exploring Northern California and of course making friends and being social! (Don’t worry parents, this comes after studying 🙂 )

I really wanted to find the perfect sugar cookie dough recipe and make large “T’s” to give my colleagues as thank-yous, but since the batch I made this weekend was 1. Not perfect, 2. A little too hard (probably left them in the oven a tad too long), and 3. Eaten by my father who thought the “T” was for Tom, I took another route.


This month’s theme for WIAW is “FALL INTO GOOD HABITS.”  Thank you as always to Jenn at Peas & Crayons for spreading the inspiration around 🙂  I think I have a habit in itself of starting fresh each month, with new resolutions and goals, just as we all do on the first of January. Then there is the question of who do you share your goals with?  If you aren’t able to keep them, but shared it with the world, than it can be slightly embarrassing.  So let’s start off with some manageable ones 🙂

  • Eat less sugar and more vegetables
  • Get more sleep
  • Have fun and go with the flow (give people a little slack…they are not all blessed with an OCD mentality, aren’t all as motivated or foodie oriented as you are or would like 🙂 )
  • Work out more or BETTER (healthy training plan for the next half-marathon, including rest days, cross-training, and improved nutrition)

Look at Bodie’s new outfit.  He’s our Rufferee 🙂

And now onto my eats.  This morning I took the Moto man (Bodie) for a nice little jog at the local field.  He had already walked with my mom at 5:15, but he is always up for a “double-dip.”  I think he was extra excited because his friend Bob was there to feed him treats.  Actually, it can be slightly embarrassing because Bodie will sprint into the park and stay right next to Bob until he gets his little doggy biscuits. He really can be quite selfish and rude.  Once back at home and after stretching, I went to work blending my new favorite breakfast treat – Cherry Berry Chocolate Smoothies.  I did feel the need to add a crunch on top, so I sprinkled about ¼ cup of Grape Nuts and a couple Golden Graham squares.

Cherry Berry Chocolate Smoothie
~¼  cup yogurt (I’d rather use Chobani Greek Yogurt but since we had ran out, I went for TJ’s Pomegranate Keifer)
~¼ cup milk (plus a little extra to get the goods moving)
1 scoop chocolate protein powder (or even a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast)
1 small banana or ~½ large banana (optional) (best if sliced and frozen beforehand)
~¾ cup mixed berries or cherry berry mix by Trader Joe’s
1 Tbsp Each (unsweetened cocoa powder, ground flaxseed, chia seeds)
¼ cup oats

Place all ingredients in a blender and let it go until everything is silky smooth. I was debating about whether to attempt the Green Monster (aka add spinach) but we didn’t seem to have any in the house and I am not so sure how arugula would taste in my smoothie.  Maybe if I added enough cocoa powder it would be alright.  I leave that test for another day.

I had placed the keifer and milk into a Tupperware last night and stuck it in the freezer.  This allows for a thicker consistency smoothie.  The only downside to this was that it froze in the shape of the container (duh) and took a little longer to blend.  In the future, I am going to try to freeze the liquids in little ice cube trays so that I can easily pop them out and into the blender.

It being the last day of work, I got the usual lecture/interrogation from Tfred, “Enjoy your last day, make the most of it.  Do you think you benefitted from your experience?  Did you learn a lot?” Yes, good morning dad, love you too.

Midway through the morning, I took a break for a cup of TJ’s green tea and quite a large and extremely juicy Fuji apple.  Then around 1, I settled into lunch at my desk, manned the phones, and relinquished my computer for their weekly sales meeting.  This was a salad, surprisingly healthy selection from Ralphs, with quinoa, edamame, feta, tomatoes, onion, a few other veggie items I couldn’t really pick out, all doused in an Italian vinaigrette.  I threw in some carrots on the side and finished off yesterday’s Kombucha. I am a sucker for anything Hawaiian and so when I saw “guava” in the title, it reminded me of POG and I just had to buy it.  You know, it’s even better than POG and so much healthier.  Definitely didn’t feel like I was drowning in sugar.

Speaking of sugar, this afternoon I received a very sweet treat.  We were getting into the later hours of the afternoon and I was not quite sure how to end the last day of my internship.  In years past, it hasn’t been much of an event.  One of my bosses came into my cube to see if I could help her out with something.  I had been filing ad reports for her, so I didn’t think anything of it.  As we walked into the conference room, I saw that the rest of our department was sitting there.  I thought we had walked into the 3 o’clock meeting that was still going on, but then I saw the cake.  Needless to say I was extremely surprised and very touched.* It was even a gourmet cake from a popular bakery, Sweet Lady Jane, not one of those ready-made Vons creations.

Yellow butter cake filled with two layers of house made English lemon curd and a center filling of raspberry curd.  Topped and decorated with a light green and pink buttercream.

I don’t usually like bragging to the world, but this moment made me so happy that they appreciated my time and effort at Telemundo this summer. It was one of the best internships I have had, I learned countless tips, tricks, and sales programs, and being surrounding by a great group of people made it that much better.

Everyone asked for tiny slivers of cake and some didn’t even finish theirs.  Others didn’t partake as they were on a “no sugar during the week” kick.  I can be a complete sucker for sweets, but it isn’t as fun if no one else around you is eating it.

*Note: I am a VERY difficult person to surprise.  Somehow I seem to find out every little secret, surprise, gift, plan, etc. so if I am surprised, two huge thumbs up.

Suuupper, supper, supper, supper TIME. If you didn’t catch that, it’s a reference to the Peanuts Musical, “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.”  I went for my new favorite – cous cous with pesto, grape tomatoes, garlic, broiled salmon, eggplant, and zucchini.  That and one large glass of skim milk.  All while watching “Juile & Julia.” What a way to end the day.


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