Good Times By the Sea

So I have to take at least one day to recharge my batteries, right?  Normally I am like the Energizer bunny, but once in a while, it’s good to step back and take it easy.  Believe me, it can be difficult to completely check out, but then I’m always glad I did.

I headed down to Hermosa Beach where my friend’s family had rented a beach out for the week and it was absolutely gorgeous!  But really, what beach in Southern California isn’t? Hermosa is right next to Manhattan Beach, a bit pricier in terms of housing, but the entire strip or what they call “The Strand”, makes for a perfect morning run.

Sara and I spent some quality time with the seagulls in the morning, where the sun was out in full-force.  We had our selection of beach space as it was a Thursday morning when everyone else is back at work or school.  Lucky for us 🙂

After lunch we headed back out with Sara’s roommate, Natalie, where once again we had prime selection of sand and water and enjoyed the afternoon’s view of the waves.  We weren’t bothered as much by the seagulls, but I swear they had multiplied.

Later in the afternoon, we took a little detour through the main street where there are a number of quaint beach shops, restaurants, and yes, ice cream shops.  Sara thought that there was a Hawaiian store called Lapperts, but it ended up being a “Hawaiian” themed ice cream shop with Dreyers-like ice cream.  Bonus was they also had the option to have shaved ice or even “Hawaiian Shaved Ice,” which consists of a shaved ice a top your choices of ice cream.  They had covered the labels of the ice cream, but I could total tell by the texture and the sugary taste.   It always seems like I eat ice cream when I hang out with Sara, so she calls me her “ice-cream buddy.”  Not so sure I like having that relationship or title, but whatever.  I am trying my best to mold it into a “walking” buddy or “Bachelorette” buddy, but it still seems to haunt me.  I’ve also found that trying to alter my eating habits can be so darn difficult if people around you don’t believe in the same things or like to make it difficult for you.

I set the seed and ordered a “Lava Flow” shaved ice with strawberry, pineapple, coconut as well as blue raspberry.  Natalie went big and ordered the Hawaiian Shave Ice with a scoop of macadamia nut ice cream.  All in all, it was a good repase, but the sweet syrup got to be a little overwhelming.

So, I’m not usually one to rave about bread and pasta, but this had to be my favorite Italian meal.  I was a guest, so skipping out on bread would have been oh so rude. The meal consisted of: super skinny spaghetti with sautéed shallots/onions (other grilled veggies would have been just as good) along with a tomato paste, garlic bread (La Brea’s “Take & Bake” with butter/olive oil & garlic salt … makes for extremely chewy/doughy delight), and salad (lettuce, carrots, avocado, blue cheese, tomatoes, corn, and a vinaigrette)

After enjoying a full day of sun, sand, and west coast sunsets, we enjoyed a home cooked meal and called it a night. Well, I crashed early since I had gotten up early to hang with my gym buddies.  🙂 That’s a story for another day.

“Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones”  – Phillips Brooks


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