KQRR of SUSHI and Off to SB

Today I spent the day at Hulu where I met up with a few individuals to have a few informational interviews.  I met with the most adorable account executive who shared her non-conventional path through sales.  We were chatting about the fact that life doesn’t always need to be led by a certain set of rules.  If we have enough faith in our goals, and ourselves anything really can become possible.  One gal I met with in the finance department was a hoot and took me out for my first round of sushi at SugarFish.Yes, I have never had sushi before and I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel about it.  Well, I certainly had an open mind going into the meal and absolutely loved it. I really couldn’t turn my nose up at a good lookin’ piece of salmon.

Lauren didn’t even need a menu as she visits this restaurant at least once weekly.  She has made a point of stopping there and even knows the people who run the place.  Now that is dedication to your food. I needed a little more guidance and after a quick scan selected the “Trust Me/Lite” – organic edamame, tuna sashimi, albacore sushi, salmon sushi, nozawa shrimp sushi (I substituted another salmon roll), toro hand roll, and an iced green tea. The green tea intrigued me because it was indeed just that – green. It turned out alright, but I have no clue how I will fall asleep tonight simply by the vast amount of natural caffeine I consumed between coffee, iced tea, and now green tea.  Oh boy.

I was thinking about checking out a shaved snow shop out in Brentwood on my way home, but I was nearly stuffed from lunch and was attempting to hold my promise to eating less sugar.  Once my mom got home from work, we headed up the coast to Santa Barbara to see my sister’s cross country team race. It’s a perfect location, excellent September weather, and ideal timing to see my grandparents one last time before school starts up again.  We all made our way to the Beachside Café for dinner where I can say each one of us ordered off the fish menu.  Generally, ordering a fish dish at the Beachside and many other restaurants in Santa Barbara and certainly along the water is the best choice.  On our way over, we passed the original “The Habit” restaurant in Goleta, where I promise myself one day I will visit.  The restaurant has a number of different eating arrangements – the booze bar, the seafood bar (great seating overlooking the preparation of seafood dishes), the outside patio that overlooks the beach and is often heated by a fire and moveable heaters, and finally inside filled with booths and tables, also overlooking the beach and ocean.

I resisted ordering dessert, but made sure to test my grandpa’s and dad’s cheesecake selections to make sure they weren’t poisonous. The decadent chocolate (above) had a very dense and rich chocolate flavor, along with a subtle hint of cherry or raspberry flavoring.  My grandpa’s over the top selection of “5 Layer Heaven” or so it appeared, contained a mix of regular and chocolate cheesecake, topped with a layer of Heath bar.  Definitely a little over the top, even for my sweet standards.

My grandparents are certainly some of my biggest fans and I have always looked up to them as some of the best role models.  I adore the fact that they continue to travel and try new things.  I also think that as I have matured and grown older, we have actually grown closer.  From sharing a love for mud pie to shopping for shoes, cooking and baking, laughing at ourselves, and even discussing issues on a deeper level makes it so much fun to be together.

“Laughter is the closest distance between two people.” – Victor Borge

2 thoughts on “KQRR of SUSHI and Off to SB

  1. Ah I seriously live so close to the Beachside Cafe but have yet to go!! Next time you are in SB, let me know and you HAVE to make me go to that restaurant! And I promise I will treat you to a burger at The Habit 🙂

    • I will so take you up on that offer 😉 I seem to be in SB all the time and never visit the Habit! If you love seafood, I really recommend the Beachside!! I adore the mints they have at the register too!

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