Quick Trip to Paris

Wouldn’t that be nice?  No, instead of making the 12+ hour flight, I took my grandma to lunch in Old Town.  We ate at a lovely French bakery, Le Pan Quotidien.  The one thing I remember from my quick trip to Paris while I was abroad was their delicious bread and this little bakery is just as great.

This little restaurant in Pasadena serves up a mean selection of salads, tartines, breakfast pastries, and more.  Even better, it is all organic.  They also offer a different daily selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  Items such as: a Peach, Watermelon, and Mozzarella Salad (which I was sooooo close to ordering), organic yogurt and rawnola (raw granola, I’m assuming), etc.  I believe we pondered the menu for about fifteen minutes, in which I made three different decisions.  I finally was sold on the Mediterranean plate with hummus, baba ganoush, and a quinoa tabloulé, all accompanied by a selection of their organic breads.  I noticed that a fellow customer was eating this delicious looking meal and I had to as the waiter what it was.  When I heard there was eggplant included, I was sold.  What I should have said was, “I’ll have what she’s having,” but thought of it after the fact.  That always seems to happen. Jamma ordered one of their tuna tartines and even had enough to take home.

Their tartines consist of open-faced sandwiches, served on their house-made wheat bread.  It was my aunt who first introduced me to this place and I honestly had forgotten about it. We both had sampled the open-faced tartine with tuna, white-bean spread, and hummus.  The portions are not overwhelming; it is more of a European style restaurant after-all, yet the food is certainly filling.

Le Pan Quotidien is open for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner.  It would also serve as a wonderful place to catch up over coffee or iced tea.  I adore how they serve their tea and lemonades in little jugs to go along with your drinking glass.  It operates on a seat-yourself basis with one large wooden table through the middle of the room along with smaller two and four person seating areas along the walls.  There is also a few tables and chairs outside along Colorado Blvd. This would be perfect for a morning coffee or tea or even an evening meal.  However, we were being a couple of wimps and wanted to get out of the midday humidity.

This is their organic hazelnut butter, apricot jam, and red fruit jam that is served with the breakfast items.  The hazelnut spread was simply DELISH!  Send me a jar on its own 😉

There are so many other items from the menu, which I am dying to sample.  From their whole wheat French toast to an arugula salad and maybe even a pain chocolat. Ever since I was a baby, my mom would treat me to a chocolate croissant on my birthday, so I sometimes cave and sample what looks to be a really well made pastry.

So, while I couldn’t make my way back to Europe, although I wouldn’t mind doing so, I seemed to make the most of my time in Southern California.


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