Java Java Java

Coffee? Smoothie? Coffee? Smoothie? Coffee? Smoothie?

This, my friends, would be the running mantra I used this morning.  Normally you read about celebrities or the average runner that uses “yes I can” or “one two, one two,” or something fancy, but I’m sure you have never heard one as strange as the one above.  Well, because I don’t really like to eat before I work out, I am constantly brainstorming what excellent creation I can make for breakfast when I finish.  Note: I seem to HAVE to work out in the morning, or it really just doesn’t happen.

It’s pretty safe to say I am talking or thinking about food most of the time, which is exactly why I love working out.  It allows me to feel good about what I eat and create.  Back to why I had such an odd mantra.  I have been whipping up various smoothies with the new Chobani mixed flavored Greek yogurts.  I also have been stocking up my fair share of lattes.  So what would be best today?  I couldn’t really have both (yes, another first world problem), but then why not?

That’s when I thought of this creation – a java chip morning smoothie.  Normally I think that the word smoothie denotes a fruity beverage, but it also is synonymous with breakfast time, so I gave it a whirl, literally.

Java Chip Breakfast Smoothie
2 Tbsp ground coffee*
½ cup Chobani Chocolate Chunk Greek yogurt
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
¼ cup milk
3-6 ice cubes
1 Tbsp flax/chia
½ frozen banana (optional…detracts from the complete mocha flavoring)
¼ cup oats (optional for a more filling smoothie)
*Substituting cold brewed coffee for the milk could also work

If you are looking to create a java chip shake, maybe for dessert, check out the recipe below:

Java Chip Shake
2 Tbsp ground coffee (again, could substitute brewed coffee)
½ cup Chobani Chocolate Chunk Greek yogurt (or scoop of ice cream: chocolate, chocolate chip)
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
¼ cup milk
3-6 ice cubes
1 Tbsp flax/chia (optional if you want an extra healthy boost)

Result? An utter success!  Having the yogurt or milk a tad bit frozen might allow for a thicker beverage, but other than that, it was a perfect blend of flavors (pun not intended…again) – coffee, chocolate chip, and even banana.  Now, this may be a smoothie that I could add in a handful of spinach to obtain the “Green Monster” effect, but I am still on the fence about how I feel about it.  Stay tuned.



3 thoughts on “Java Java Java

    • You know, I ended up leaving this batch at home, so I never really got to eat it other than in my smoothies. I try to avoid anything too sugary for breakfast, hence the yogurt in my smoothies instead of juice/sorbet like some companies. But, I would definitely recommend putting the carton in the freezer for frozen yogurt/ice cream 🙂

      • Going to try one of these….never thought of putting the coffeei in my smoothie…..a little bit of frozen fruit would replace the ice….when fruit starts “turning” we freeze it for smoothies……..Papa

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