After participating in countless soccer tournaments as a kid and running a number of cross country races in high school, I have accumulated who knows how many t-shirts. It’s great to wear and show off for a few months or even years, but when the sweat stains set in or you start to realize how many tshirts you really have, its time to figure out what to do with them. Here are some options:

1. Donate the lot
2. Have a t-shirt sharing party. Not everyone will like your used shirts but then again, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
3. Make a tshirt blanket/quilt (stay tuned…)
4. Create tank tops

If you have a model of the tank top you would like to create (i.e. a current bro tank or outline) it makes the process a lot simpler.  I have been successful in creating a number of my own tank tops, but was recently given the task by my sister to create a tank out of an extremely large t-shirt.

Size L for a size S runner?  Yeah, that doesn’t work out so well.

Take your shirt and cut around the outline or cut off the sleeves and neckline.

Fold over the edges (1x for a simple yet less finished look; 2x for a very crisp and finished look) and place pins in the edges to prevent it from unraveling.

Take a sewing machine (staples if you are that desperate 😉 and sew your way along the edges.  Try to stay within a centimeter or so of the edge, so there is a nice fine line.

Viola!! Ready to rock your tank to the gym, class, the house, or the beach/park.  I find it helpful to have some cut-off T’s when I work out and it happens to be bloody hot in the poorly ventilated gym.  Sad there was no Jersey Shore reference?  Well, you can wear it out to tan as well 🙂


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