WIAW #6 – Touchdown in Northern California

The past week has been full of firsts and lasts.   I went to my first football game (wait for it) AT Stanford’s campus.  I drove back to school last Wednesday and my parents followed me up the following Friday to help move me into my dorm (even though I had schlepped all the boxes on my own) and it happened to work out that we could attend the USC Weekender.  We had a typical tailgate, so I thought I’d show you how some of the pros do it.  Ok, it wasn’t that impressive, but I wanted to share anyways.

I am lucky enough to work in our athletic department here on campus, but what’s even better is that I get to work some of the athletic events.  That means women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, basketball, and baseball.  Since I was working back-to-back matches on Friday night, I didn’t get to actually catch up with my parents until Saturday.  Catch up, meaning talk about anything I did in the past 24 hours when I didn’t see them.  Not much really, unless you would like to hear about how I spent an eternity decorating my new townhouse room.  Yeah, I didn’t think you did. I am however STOKED to live in my own little apartment with my best friend though.  We have possible the BEST and may I say most ADORABLE kitchen and rooms.

So, I met up with my dad in the morning for a long run through Santa Clara and San Jose.  Surprisingly I was able to navigate my way through the streets along with the help of my handy-dandy GPS watch, in order to reach our 10 mile goal.  Towards the end, we needed to extend the route a bit, so I dragged our rears through campus where freshman where freshman and their families were being bombarded by local companies trying to sell their service or product. Note: I did happen to spot a brand-new ice cream company but was unable to see where they were located or grab a sample L  Stay tuned on that front.  With my love for ice cream, I’ll make sure to hunt it down.  It’s crazy to think that just three years ago, I was one of those wide-eyed freshmen ready to embark on the first leg of independence.


Per my mom’s request (I’m sure he would have done it on his own though), he treated me to a bagel breakfast at Cramer’s Bagels.  I have a love hate relationship with bagels, so I try to save them for special occasions.  None of that Safeway or Vons bagel business.

This was a dessert delicacy, crumbly gooey goodness.  Not exactly the healthiest midday snack, but hey, it’s game-day. Almost a crumble/biscuit batter baked into the bottom, covered with a layer of caramel/butterscotch, then topped with another layer of dough. One for the record books.

We were able to obtain a few more tickets to the USC vs. Stanford game, so I invited my roommate and her family to tag along.  This was Liz’s FIRST college football game and while we may not have won (Trojans, I’m afraid this was NOT one of your best games…so much for National Champions) I think she thoroughly enjoyed the fan-fare.  We wandered the enormous campus and ended up crashing one some family friend’s tailgate out under the eucalyptus trees.  Definitely a different atmosphere compared to SC’s downtown Coliseum.

Having been to countless Trojan games in L.A., I was intrigued at the size and layout of their stadium.  We were plopped down next to the rambunctious and probably wasted USC student section that made sure that they were heard.  We took our leave right around the time we realized that a USC comeback was not possible. This was SC’s last possession and Barkley had already thrown an interception and quite a few incompletes.  While Liz and her parents set out to Oakland for Fenton’s famous ice cream, we drove back towards school to pick up a little snack at Chili’s.

Chili’s actually does happen to have a bar atmosphere, full of TV’s all playing different sports games.  SC might have failed us, but the Dodgers had an epic match against the Cardinals.  As Herrera crossed home plate, my dad felt the need to shout “YES!” and throw a fist pump in the air, even in Giant’s territory.   We were looking for something small and since my mom wasn’t in the mood to split a salad, I went for the spicy chicken/sausage bowl of soup.  My mom and dad ended up splitting some chicken tender appetizer with french fries and a side of corn.  From there, I somehow found a second wind to play some cards in a friend’s townhouse and my parents went to bed.  Oh back to being a college student where having a sane sleeping schedule is fairly rare.


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