So to start off this lovely season (I have to say I prefer spring and summer, but it is nice to change things up a bit), I went for a wonderful bike ride with my friend Louise.  We headed out towards the Stanford campus where there happened to be tons of other bikers.  How fun would it be to ride in a large group?  Some day…some day. It was absolutely GORGEOUS out there.  Beautiful weather, fall leaves (even for California), and great company.  I was really bad about biking this summer (maybe just once out on the road) so it was good to get back into the swing of things. Who knew that the time goes so much faster when you ride with someone else? Not to mention, it is way more enjoyable.

Once back, I let Louise in on a favorite lunch spot of mine – The Falafel Drive-In. 🙂 Surprisingly she had never been there, so it was obviously necessary.  First things first, have you heard of the show “Diner’s, Drive-In’s and Dives” with Guy Fieri? Well, Guy goes around the country searching out just that – the best diner’s drive-ins, and dives and lets us know the hottest places to eat.  Many are what you consider “holes in the wall” eateries and others are more well-known.  I always drool while watching the show (too much information I know, I’m sorry) and hope one day I can find the best of the best.  A couple of years ago when I first arrived in the Santa Clara area, one of my triathlon buddies treated us to lunch at the Falafel Drive-In.  Not to use a cliche, but it was love at first bite. The falafel was so fresh, the pita just right, and just enough sauce and vegetables to make the sandwich juicy and delightful.

It’s located off Stevens Creek Blvd and can be spotted by the old-fashioned light-up arrow flashing and pointing down towards the joint.  It’s just like the old-timer In-N-Outs with a walk up window to order and all-outdoor seating.  They have a sort of canvas cover to keep the rain and wind out, but it provides for a refreshing dining experience.

They are known for their falafel but also have a variety of sandwiches, gyros, chicken pitas, salads, and even search America’s favorites – hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, and onion rings for the more picky or shall I say “traditional” eaters.  I have to say, their shakes are my favorite.  They use a lower-fat milk, so while they aren’t as creamy, it serves as the perfect combination for the falafel sandwich.  And that’s just it – one of their best deals is for about $5.50 or so (will have to check on the price again) you can get a snack wrap pita sandwich and a banana shake smoothie.  I’m sure you can substitute it, but they are probably as popular for their falafel as their signature banana shakes.

I attempted to complete homework throughout the day, but that was sort of an epic fail.  Luckily I have been relatively on top of things and proactive, so all I really have to do is read a book by Monday.  The book isn’t too tedious, Fast-Food Nation, but still, 300 pages might be a little overwhelming come Sunday evening.

What I did accomplish was a whole lot of shopping 🙂 Let’s just say there was some serious time spent at our commercial row…Target, World Cost Plus Market, and Michael’s 🙂 We just HAD to pick this out.  Now that fall is here, I have an entire list of pumpkin items ready to be made and consumed.  Pumpkin: bagels, bars, chocolate chip cookies, enchiladas, donut holes, and more.  Don’t worry Mom, I will find people to eat them with me or for me. That is the beauty of living with a bunch of college students.  There is nearly always someone ready and willing to snack.

This didn’t make it to the shopping cart, but it should have.  Maybe in a few weeks.  I do need to space all of this pumpkin goodness out after all.  Otherwise, I will be hard-core burnt out!

Now onto the dinner eats. It did happen to be a day of spending, which can happen.  I figure I needed some food items to fill the fridge for the next few weeks and eating out once a week or so can’t be too terrible.  A few of the gals and I made our way through the crowded outdoor mall to The Counter, a dinner/upscale burger classic. They always have intriguing combinations as well as monthly selections.

I adore going to The Counter, but absolutely hate how many choices  I have to make.  I ended up on a limb with the ahi tuna filet on a bed of greens with the following: coleslaw, blue cheese, tomato, pineapple, grilled onions, and a horseradish mayo. This along with the sweet potato/regular “50-50” fries we ordered for the table.  Quite enough to send one into a food coma.  Good thing I have a run planned for tomorrow morning 🙂

“Since no one is perfect, it follows that all great deeds have been accomplished out of imperfection. Yet they were accomplished, somehow, all the same.”
– Lois McMaster Bujold


2 thoughts on “WELCOME FALL!

    • You know it was alright but I had my hopes set on a little more pumpkin spice flavor to it. My roommate said she could pick out the subtle flavor as the aftertaste, but I was semi-oblivious 🙂 I noticed you have picked up the Blue Moon variety before, how was that? What I might have been thinking of is like a pumpkin cider.

      “Keep Calm and Carry On”

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