Perfect Fall Adventure

How about apple picking?  Some of my friends in San Luis Obispo have done this and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than exploring a local apple orchard?  It took me awhile to find one since the Silicon Valley isn’t necessarily known for its farming.  I bet Yahoo and Facebook have more important issues to worry about than harvesting the best fuji and gala apples.
But, before we could set off on our adventure, I made sure to squeeze in a morning jog.  I am getting ready to run the Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon, but I have been struggling with some shin and leg issues.  Not good, so while I made it through 4 miles yesterday and today, I will try to take the week off in preparation of my race.

Aren’t these houses adorable with their spooky Halloween decorations?  I may not have yard decorations out, but our apartment is quite festive 🙂 And why not start the day of apples with apple yogurt?  Chobani has a delicious Greek variety with tons of protein to fill me up.  I added some berries to it, but it would have been great with extra oats or granola.
Over a few days, I spent some time browsing the internet and looking for the perfect ranch. Actually I looked for a ranch that was less than 75 miles away, allowed you to pick your own produce, and didn’t charge.  A lot more difficult than it sounds, but after calling a few different companies, I found Gizdich Ranch out in Watsonville.

Once we filled up our bucket, we put it on the scale and found out how inexpensive our findings were!  Who knew that purchasing right at the source would be so rewarding?  There is so much in store for these apples 🙂 Hmmmm applesauce, apple fritters (that’s Liz’s project…I’ve never heard of them before), apple butter, or maybe an apple crisp.  We went back to main area of the ranch where they had an antiques store, barn to make the apple juice, a deli, and mini-apple market (if you didn’t feel up to picking your own).

We also made a stop at the pie shop and deli for a quick lunch.  I wasn’t exactly in the mood for a full on sandwich, especially since was a bit warmer outside than had been expected and I’m not such a fan of eating when it’s very hot,  (This made eating in Spain interesting since the humidity never seemed to cease) but my dear friend Liz was up for splitting one with me.  What would I do without her?  It actually was one heck of a sandwich – great big slices of turkey, a juicy slice of tomato, lettuce, onion, a thick slice of cheese…perfection.  To finish it off, we sampled the pie selection because well, it felt right.  One employee had recommended the olallieberry pie a la mode, but I had to go with the seasonal selection – pumpkin…DUH. I did however pair it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and have no regrets.  Katie actually tried the apple pie, which wasn’t half bad; it was certainly packed with apples, making it well worth it. 

On our drive home, there was an organic produce stand that I was dying to explore.  I had to shop for groceries anyways, right?  Turns out the produce there was extremely fresh and much cheaper than Safeway and Trader Joes so I stocked up for the next week (or two). I actually spent so much that they gave me a free bag of oranges and mangoes, which was great but I don’t really like mangoes.  I’ll have to figure out where to send those babies off to. Share the love.

I loved the variety of flavored pretzels they had, notice the tiny bananas (perfect for snack time 🙂 ), SO many types of squash and pumpkins…perfect for fall, and look at the size of that Lawry’s Seasoned Salt!  My grandfather was a president of Lawry’s for some time, so I try to promote the products whenever I can.

The ranch was about an hour away, so I don’t think I would make it a weekly trip, but it certainly was worth it this season.  Next up, a pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving!

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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