Oh to Be a Senior

So now that I am a senior, I get to deal with some fun stuff like: senior portraits (ew), career fairs (gag), and actually applying for jobs (oh goodness).  Ok, my reactions to all of the above aren’t really that bad and in fact, it can be quite exciting.  I’m actually not joking that I don’t really like senior portraits. My hair never looks good, I am usually dealing with some sort of acne that day and am more of the spontaneous and candid pictures kind of gal.  The last time I had an official portrait, the photographer told me how red my face was. Um, rude? Thanks but there is no way I’m paying for extra prints after that little stunt you just pulled. Plus, I don’t feel obligated to purchase expensive pictures with a fake diploma.  I can just as easily have my dad snap some at the day of graduation.

As for career fairs, I have been attending the ones our school hosts for the past few years, but have never really been interested in any of the companies there.  Plus, most of the companies are looking for accountants and engineers, neither of which I am.  They can also be extremely overwhelming with students trying to talk and suck up to various company reps. Want to know the good thing about career fairs? They usually have lots of free goodies to take home.  Most people tend to walk around with bags as if it is Halloween, picking up pens, stress balls, “chip-clips” and yes, candy too.

I never try to act in such a way that would make me look like a “suck up,” but I really do enjoy talking to people about the company, what they do, and how I could get involved.  For example, I chatted up a storm with Chegg, the online book rental company and asked about how to get an informational interview with them to learn more about their sales positions.  I also found a woman, Marlene Koch, who is an author and dietician, and was looking for a social media expert to help her with her Pinterest boards and social media.  That conversation was also fascinating and I was really interested in learning more since it’s a position I already have with our athletic department and of course for myself.

There are some perks about being a senior on campus though. Besides knowing my way around, knowing where to study and where to eat, there are a few “senior only” events that are put on by the alumni office.  A few include wine tasting, tips on barbecuing, and general networking with alumni.

Yes, I am looking into jobs for post-graduation and am setting up countless informational interviews, but can’t I enjoy college life for just a little bit longer?  It seems as if every time I start to settle down, I need to pick up and move on once more. I also don’t want to live like I am waiting to reach a point in my life where everything is perfect.  I want to be able to enjoy each day and each moment, no matter how crazy or idealistic it seems 🙂

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”
– Diane Ackerman

1 thought on “Oh to Be a Senior

  1. Believe me Nance and I know about “Picking up and moving on” as does your Mom. The most important thing to understand about different phases of ones life is that they are part of a continum and not a termination and start over. Our years have been a teriffic mosaic of new and old and continuing events, places, people etc. Do your best to retain some of the things you are leaving (example become active in the Alumni association of Santa Clara) and add them to the new things you decide to do.

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