Halloween Snail Mail

Happiness is receiving a letter in the mail. No, not one of those letters addressed to the “current resident,” but one from someone you actually care about. (Holiday magazines are another one of my favorites). I always remember exchanging letters with my grandparents and honestly, that’s pretty much who I keep in touch with now.  It’s something about a hand-written note that makes things so much better.  I also love cutting out articles and sending them to various people who might find them interesting.  Sadly, it’s a dying art, but I try my best to keep it alive. 
Now, on the off chance you receive a care package, then your week has just gotten exponentially better.  My family has been extremely kind and caring and have sent me holiday goodies since freshman year.  I have done my best at reciprocating the effort, sending cards, my grandpa’s favorite cinnamon bread, sourdough bread for Meghan, etc.

So, I went to check my mail the other day and what do you know, I have TWO packages! What a day!  My grandparents informed me that they were sending a little goodie box, but I was completely surprised that my aunt sent me something too. Both parties were tuned into my full-on holiday celebration mode, not to mention pumpkin obsession.

No, I did not receive an artichoke in the mail, that was my dinner, but paired with Nancy’s rolls.  The rolls are a Nancy classic.  I’ll have to see if I’m allowed to post the recipe and if so, you are all in for quite the treat. They make an annual appearance at Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas. Perfect with some cranberry sauce, gravy, maybe even some pumpkin butter.  We all know where my head’s at. My cousin loved them so much that he asked my sister for a batch for Christmas. Now, if only everyone were that easy to please. Note: I have not made these with wheat flour, but am not sure if they would have the same buttery flavor and flaky texture.  I’ll have to experiment, but experiment outside the boundaries of my family.  They are not always pleased with my experiments.

I think I will whip up this bread (maybe with some chocolate chips) to feed my sorority sisters at chapter.  We are trying to meet and greet with all the new members and maybe my epic baking skills will help me attract another little. Now, that’s just starting to sound a little creepy, sort of like Hansel & Gretel status. I’ll stop.

A few weeks ago, my other grandma sent these adorable towels up for our stove.  Don’t worry Mom, I don’t put them on the stove (nor do I put anything except pans) 🙂 I seriously think our apartment is the most put-together and is just SO DARN ADORABLE.  I’m sorry if this is too much bragging today.  It’s just been one of those weeks where it needed to happen.  But really, Liz and I have one epic villa apartment. So homey 🙂

We decided on a whim while walking through Costco, we needed a pumpkin pie.  Why not? It’s a deadly place.

On another note, I am trying to figure out what to be for Halloween.  My grandma would make our costumes when we were little.  Sew everything from a pumpkin to an astronaut, Nancy Kerrigan (skater…yes I was that odd) to Sacagawea.  It was adorable when we were little and could roam the streets on Halloween night, but when we got adults rolling their eyes and questioning why were were still “Trick-or-Treating,” I knew it was time to move on.  Sad days…  This year I think we have a number of scary movies lined up, but might roam the streets in our own college fashion as well.  Which leaves me to my next dilemma.  A costume.  I’ve never really been successful at creating my own costumes from thrift stores and let’s just say the recent trip to the Halloween costume shop was even less of a success.  I went on a whim with my friend Hallie, but we were not in the mood to purchase a costume that covers about 25% of our bodies, for about $50+.  Then, when we  drove to where we thought the thrift store was, we found it had moved.  Excellent.

Really, I think if I went in my cheetah spandex and a sports bra, calling myself a runner (which I am, just not usually solely in a spandex/sports bra combo), it would do the same thing, but for much cheaper.  Any ideas?

If only I could pull this off.  Wouldn’t be great as if I trekked through campus or even around the streets, but hey, it’s cute 🙂


2 thoughts on “Halloween Snail Mail

    • I totally suggested that to my sister!!! I want to do that. You will have to share pictures! That’s right, you guys have multiple nights. I wanted to visit my friends down there one year but never really got around to it.

      “Keep Calm and Carry On”

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