WIAW #10 – A Day of Eats in the City

Week 5. Midterms. Getting my head in the game.  Need I say more?  While I may not have created any extreme recipes this time around, stay tuned for the days to come.  Leading up to Halloween, there will be lots of fun goodies.  Hey, wouldn’t you know, Halloween is on a Wednesday.  How nice 🙂

So, if you saw what I posted about my very exciting and shall I say productive weekend (maybe not in terms of homework, but that’s not here nor there), you will know there had to be some wonderful eats in there. Well, if you aren’t aware of what I have been up to, I’ll give a quick summary.  Mom flew up north, we drove to SF, ran a half-marathon (WHAT??) and went to see Carrie Underwood.  But this just doesn’t do it justice, so feel free to browse on over 🙂

Saturday morning’s early breakfast consisted of my usual berry chia pudding, topped with pumpkin granola, in front of the computer.  I know, it’s not good to eat while distracted, but I wasn’t in the mood to just sit and ponder life while staring into space (or my living room).  My favorite is when the holiday magazines come out and I can browse the pages while savoring my food’s flavors.  Or scarfing them down.  That works too.

Then, we picked up my friend Louise and stopped by Noah’s bagels for this epic pumpkin combination she had been telling me about.  Something about a toasted walnut crunch pumpkin bagel with pumpkin “schmear.” What a mouthful. Not much of a bagel fan, but it was worth it.

The bagel acted as lunch since we had it around 11, but to pacify myself, I packed away a bag of carrots and celery.  This was for our walk through San Francisco, since I knew it would be a long afternoon.  Originally when I offered this to my mom, she laughed and refused.  Then, as the clock started ticking towards 3, she broke down and asked for a carrot.  Look who is prepared now 🙂

Dinner was an early affair since we wanted enough time for it to digest.  You get the idea.  Our friends wanted Cheesecake Factory, which 1) Don’t go if you aren’t getting Cheesecake (might have been a little rich before the race) 2) the waits are ENDLESS and 3) the portions are HUGE.  End of story.  We went to Nordstrom’s Cafe instead and had a grand ‘ol time.  The portions were perfect, I got my risotto and salad that I had been craving, and I snacked on the mint-chocolate sticks supplied with the check. Ah, I forgot the delicious sourdough bread that was served with olive oil before-hand, along with my raspberry lemonade.  Yummmm.

Race Day = GAME TIME

We woke up around 5:15 to eat, check out and really make our way over to Union Square.  I had a Luna bar (chocolate-coconut, one of my favorites) along with a banana.  I think at this point, I wasn’t even hungry, but nervously eating, knowing full-well that if I didn’t, I would probably crash a few miles in.

Post-race, there were countless delicious goodies being handed out to all the runners.  I didn’t run with my phone, so you will have to take my word for what I ate and how delicious it all was.  Believe me, after running 13.1, it all starts to taste really good.  That is, if you are hungry.  Sometimes, your stomach can be a mess.  Nike Treats: banana, bagel, chocolate milk, Ghiradelli, frozen strawberries, coconut water (a bit…still not my fav), Luna bar…yep, I think that’s all.

You know, just chilling with the San Francisco firefighters on a Sunday morning.  They were there to hand us our Tiffany’s necklaces as we crossed the finish line 🙂

Since we really didn’t have the opportunity to have Boudin while in San Francisco (tragedy, I know), we drove over to the local mall food court, where they happened to have one.  So, it’s not exactly the same, but we needed to pick up a few loaves for my mom to take home and soup and salad sounded perfect to round off the massive amount of sugar I consumed post-race.

This would be my spring salad mix and vegetarian chili.  This salad has to be my favorite salad ever! As for the soup, I was really looking for a broth based soup, like chicken soup, but this wasn’t half bad.  My mom ordered the clam chowder bread bowl with spring salad and was completely satisfied 🙂

When I dropped my mom off at the airport, I picked up a pumpkin coffee to help revive me before my evening adventures.  It had been a long day and I still wasn’t anywhere close to being finished.

Still eating?  Yes, mind you, a significant amount of time has passed in between each meal and look at all those vegetables! Dinner consisted of half a wheat quesadilla with asparagus, brussel sprouts, zucchini, and some tofu doused in BBQ sauce.  I’m having a tough time finding ways to eat plain tofu. It’s totally fine if it is has been cooked already (TJ’s has a BBQ flavored type I like), but plain is just a little bleh.


Probably the main reason I wanted a coffee…to stay awake.  So I actually got the coffee for free because I had a card that granted me “one free drink.”  When I ordered my “grande,” the cashier asked if I wanted a treinta.  This would have been logical had it been a Sunday morning or had I not wanted to sleep for 2 days.  However, I was indeed planning on crashing right after the concert, so I declined the offer and went for my grande pumpkin iced coffee.

What a weekend indeed.  What fun eats did you enjoy this weekend?  Any good recipes I should try for fall?


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