WIAW #12 – My Monstrous Mash

We did the mash, we did the MONSTER MASH!

Not only is it Wednesday (Happy Hump Day), IT IS HALLOWEEN!!!  I adore celebrating holidays for an entire month before hand.  As you may have seen, I have certainly done this by incorporating pumpkin into each and every recipe or meal.  There were a few items I couldn’t get to (gnocchi, enchiladas, whoopie pies, pumpkin spice cookies, cinnamon rolls, donut holes, risotto).  It is also possible to continue such experiments into November as pumpkin is a fall favorite (maybe even year-round favorite)

Recap of my Halloween Spooky Treats:
Pumpkin Spice Granola
Pumpkin Bread/Brownies
Pumpkin Quesadillas
Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt
Autumn Applesauce
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Blondie Bars
Pumpkin Macaroni & Cheese
Pumpkin Scones

Now onto my eats … I’m highlighting a couple days worth of food, so please enjoy 🙂

Sunday was another day of working our school’s soccer games.  I volunteered to work both the women’s and men’s matches, so I sat on the field for a solid 5 hours, poised and ready to blow the air horn.  I guess I should explain that my job is to take count of the substitutions and then alert the referee when they are ready to go in.  Simple, right?  Well, it’s a pretty leisurely job for the first 30 minutes of each half.  Then in the last 15, both teams decide to sub their players at a rapid pace.  Always nice to get yelled at when your finger accidentally blows the horn too early.  Ooops.
Here was breakfast to go.  Chobani’s fabulous flavored Greek yogurts – actually delicious flavors and packed with protein. I also took along one of my pumpkin scones from this weekend’s baking.
I stayed strong and avoided this week’s batch of donuts, but had to include a picture for your viewing pleasure.  They are from a local donut shop called Psycho Donuts.  Their claim to fame is to make the oddest combination of donuts complete with Nilla Wafers to Bacon Pieces.
Perk of my job?  Hanging out with Brandi Chastain.

Sometimes I grab a chicken sandwich from the snack stand.  It’s another perk of having actual credentials at the game.  In between games I went for a fuji apple (probably my favorite apple) and paired it with a ThinkThin bar I brought from home.

Dinner, dinner, dinner.  Actually quite the dilemma.  I don’t like eating alone had no idea what to make.  So instead of making a decision, I decided to take a trip to the gym.  There, I “read” my California History assignments, watch the Giants vs. Tigers World Series game, while biking. I was probably more distracted by the music, countless televisions, and people walking around, but it I made it through a couple of chapters. Dinner dilemma still unresolved, so I biked over to our sorority to pick up mail that had been delivered (why people are sending it there, I have no idea).  When I got there, my friend Sam invited me to stay for dinner.  She too has issues making meals for one, so it worked out perfectly! Quite a treat! I will have to stop by more often 🙂

Pasta, grilled vegetables, chicken, pesto, and parmesan cheese 🙂

Now, to celebrate Halloween, we are planning a night in with lots of scary movies (or happy halloween movies…we shall see) and experiment with a fun dinner.  Maybe a soup or chili recipe, little hot dogs, and dirt cups.  A total throwback to my childhood Halloween dinners.

Silky Chocolate Tofu Pudding – I used this to make the pudding of one dirt cup version.  (no, not the dirt on the ground. Jeez, if you don’t know what this is, you obviously didn’t have a childhood)
And it wouldn’t be Halloween unless we carved pumpkins, right?  Here is my lovely creation along with delicious PUMPKIN SEEDS!
Pumpkin Seeds
Remove all seeds from your pumpkin and separate from the stringy orange mess.
Preheat the oven to 325F
Place all seeds in a bowl and mix in 2 Tbsp olive oil (or maybe coconut oil…whatever you are feeling) along with 1.5 Tbsp seasoning (I added a nice Lawry’s seasoned salt to one and my uncle’s special spicy seasoning mix to another, just to test things out)
Place in the Oven for about 20 minutes, stir and replace for another 5-10 until the seeds appear a little crispy.
Let them sit on the stove for a few minutes and ENJOY!

What sort of recipes do you like to make during the fall?

11 thoughts on “WIAW #12 – My Monstrous Mash

  1. I’m obsessed with pumpkin seeds! They are so, so good! So are dirt cups. And your pesto pasta dish looks delicious! Actually, reading this made me hungry! Looks like you’re having a festive halloween, girl 🙂

  2. What a delicious pesto dish!! I was aiming thinking of incorporating pesto into tonight’s dinner, and now I’m fore sure going too 🙂

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