Great Sunday and Birthdays All Around

An extra hour of sleep, a beautiful run outdoors, and a pumpkin smoothie.  What a great way to start my Sunday!  Even though I could have utilized this extra hour by sleeping, I made a running date with Louise to check out an new trail to run. We headed out to Fremont Older, out near Saratoga I believe.  It was BEYOND HILLY, which was a slight issue since I haven’t been running hills since September (or earlier), but had such a picturesque view with the clouds sitting low on the horizon and a view of every city in the vicinity.  If you are familiar with the Mt. SAC race, down in Southern California, I would have to equate today’s run to a continuous stretch of switchbacks and poop-out hills.  Needless to say, an hour and 6 miles later, Louise and I were hungry and exhausted.  I haven’t been running much, in order to rest my legs and help them recover from over-use.  Today’s run was just what I needed.  I wish I had taken pictures to share, but didn’t carry my phone.  Next time!

Afterwards, we sought out a local Jamba Juice for breakfast.  Pumpkin Smash for the both of us, a spinach/egg wrap for me, and a berry oatmeal for Louise.  I highly recommend the Pumpkin Smash Light with soy protein smoothie if you are at all a fan of pumpkin.  It has just enough sweet, but is not too overwhelming. From there, I spent some quality time at the pool, reading my various textbooks (business ethics, history, and marketing).  I enjoy reading, however when it is “assigned” it becomes much more of a chore and much more dull. But, only in California can you do that in the beginning of November.

Side-note on daylight savings – My dad would always change the clocks in the afternoon, giving the perception that we had gained an extra hour to relax 🙂 I always want to do this, but end up scheduling things, so it doesn’t always work.  There was one time freshman year when I woke up and had clocks with three separate times.  I had no clue what time it was. Thank goodness iPhones change automatically.  Only bummer is it gets lighter later in the morning and darker earlier in the day.

So we haven’t hit the holiday season yet, but I am in full “Birthday Celebration” mode.  (Although it seems we have started Christmas festivities by the way the retail stores are stocked.)  This past week we celebrated my friend Hallie’s 21st birthday.  On Tuesday, her parents were oh-so-gracious to take us out to dinner at BJ’s to celebrate.  I wasn’t too impressed by BJ’s selection of food, but then again, I went for the “eating light option.”  I had the mahi-mahi salad, which was decent, but I have a much stronger love for salmon.

Then, Katie, Liz, and I made a detour home (detour of 100 feet walking distance) to pick up a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  Katie and Liz went with the epic red-velvet selection and I choose a slice of pumpkin.  It felt right. 🙂 The entire piece was enjoyed over some last minute homework.

Here was a look at her “21st Birthday” present 🙂 Isn’t this cute? I found the idea on Pinterest (yes, I’m doing my best to actually implement my “pins” into real-life)

On Friday, we had an actual Mad-Men themed birthday party, and it was quite successful.  Full on costumes (not a single person came dressed down), ’60’s themed music, and Mad-Men in the background.

Tomorrow is my best friend, Liz’s 22nd birthday, so we are all going out to dinner to celebrate.  I can’t believe it has been a year since we celebrated her 21st in Portugal with her family.  It seems like a lifetime away.

Here is a look at her “Lemon Drop Birthday Surprise”  She is a huge fan of everything lemon and has always wanted to order a lemon drop martini, so I included a few of the necessities (lemons, Absolut Citron, lemon juice, martini glass, lemon candies, and lemon scone mix)

Happy Birthday my dear 🙂

How did you spend your weekend? 


9 thoughts on “Great Sunday and Birthdays All Around

    • Thanks! Mad Men was so much fun! I love costume parties because we actually get to dress up 🙂

      And Jamba Juice for the win! I’m jealous you have one on campus!

  1. This sounds like SUCH a good weekend! Especially the part with the dessert and running 🙂 Celebrating birthdays is seriously the best thing ever.
    I love daylight savings (in the fall), although I woke up so confused this morning when my alarm clock said one thing and my iphone said another! And then my eating cycle gets so messed up! But it definitely will feel pretty nice in the morning when I wake up “later” for my run
    p.s- your mad men outfits are cute!

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