WIAW #13 – Big Day for the States

Oh so much to say.  The clocks have fallen back (yet it is still 80 degrees in California), our nation has made a huge decision, and retail has decided that Christmas starts in November.

If only dogs could vote.  This video of Jimmy Kimmel’s dog made me smile (before the votes were counted) click picture for added cuteness

  Let’s get this food party started! Thanks as always to Jenn over at Peas & Crayons. I’m going to go through a couple different days so enjoy the ride 🙂
This guy doesn’t know what to do about the weather either. Anyone ever seen a black squirrel?  I had never seen one until I came to Northern California.  For awhile I thought they were mutant.  No, not quite, but they sure are gutsy.

My breakfasts haven’t been too exciting the past week and as a result, I have forgotten to snap pictures.  It has ranged from a Chobani yogurt to lackluster overnight oats and even a banana and peanut butter. I’ve been in a rut in terms of finding breakfast foods that don’t put me into a food coma and ruin my day, but still fill me up until lunch time.  Suggestions?

White mocha (suggested by my friend Louise…delish, yet a little too sugary for my mornings. My head was spinning afterwards), watermelon, and strawberries

SNACK TIME! Because eating all day happens to be a habit of mine.  I try to go for smaller meals, so then I rely on these guys.  My mom has also jumped on the walnut bandwagon, nuts full of omega-3’s, monounsaturated fats, and can help fight cancer, aging, inflammation, and neurological diseases.

So about those holidays.  How about those STARBUCKS HOLIDAY CUPS? Just a tad bit excited 🙂 I know Christmas celebrations really shouldn’t start until the day after Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t help myself and stopped by right on November 1st to pick up a cup.

I attempted to go for a pumpkin spice latte, but the barista decided to give me a peppermint latte.  Um, thanks but no thanks.  It tasted a little too much like pure mouthwash.  Peppermint should be included in chocolate and mocha products, so that was an epic fail. I guess I’ll have to continue my pumpkin obsession for the next 15 days.

I tend to bring a sack lunch to my ethics class, which I’m sure everyone appreciates.  Lately it’s consisted of spinach, tomatoes, tofu, edamame and an iced tea. Trader Joe’s makes a great flavored variety with a heaping portion of protein, perfect to get me through discussions on utilitarianism and sales.

When I don’t exercise in the morning, or feel the need to burn off some extra stress or anxiety (brought on by the real-world, sugar, or politics), I hit the pool.  This was something I tested out this week as a post-workout snack.  They always say that chocolate milk is an excellent recovery drink, but I wasn’t sure how almond milk would do.  It was a bit on the sweet and nutty side (duh…it’s made out of almonds), but I wasn’t attracted to the fact that it only had1-2g of protein for almost 16 grams of sugar.  Not worth it to me.

Here is one of two dinner options.  This is the first microwave meal I have made in ages (months?) and it was alright.  I’m still working my way into eating lasagna again (after years of cross-country and track pasta dinners), but this one wasn’t half bad.  This may be why I dislike pasta so much now. As my sister would say, psychological food issues.

I have been hitting the bottom of my pantry and fridge in terms of good, enjoyable food.  I used the last of my sweet potatoes, Chobani Greek yogurt, salad fixings, eggplant, and TJ’s tofu for a solid homemade dinner.  I baked this potato for about 35-40 minutes at 350F and it came out perfectly mushy in the middle and a little crispy on the edges.

Watching the election was somewhat stress-ful.  Not that I could do much to sway votes one way or another, but still.  It’s a big decision.  Let’s just say it was time for another mug brownie.  This time I searched for an even better recipe than the day before and I came up with this (see below).  Believe me, it’s epic and on the verge of healthy.

Delish Greek Yogurt Mug Brownie
1 Tbsp Greek yogurt
2 Tbsp agave nectar (love this idea!)
1 Tbsp cocoa powder
2 Tbsp whole-wheat flour
1 Tbsp egg white
1 Tbsp chocolate chips
1 generous pinch salt

Mix all ingredients in a mug and place in the microwave for 30-45 seconds (45 for a little chewier, yet still moist consistency).  I find this not nearly as unhealthy as some of those processed sweets are, or so I like to think.

And back to your regularly scheduled programing tomorrow 🙂

“Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should do, they never get around to do what they want to do.”
– Kathleen Winsor


11 thoughts on “WIAW #13 – Big Day for the States

  1. I had never seen a black squirrel until I moved to Palo Alto. I am from the east bay and still had never seen one until a month ago!! I still get creeped out by them haha

  2. ahhh! love it! Happy WIAW!

    I tried the chocolate almond/coconut/soy milk thing for a little while and skipped it after realizing the same thing! Not enough protein for the sugar at. all. I have been trying to rush home to scramble up eggs and pour a box of raisins or some peanut butter crackers into my face on the ride home. Haha it’s not perfect but i’ll get a system down eventually! 😉 xoooo

    • Haha I love this! Yes, I mess around with different “recovery” techniques, although sometimes it’s pointless because I eat my next meal right after. All trial and error, right? I guess I’m lucky I don’t need to mess with the soy/almond milk thing because I’m not lactose intolerant, so I can just use regular milk. I’m stil looking for a solid chocolate milk recipe though. I grew up with Nesquick, then transitioned to Carnation and have tried TJ’s chocolate protein powder, but it doesn’t mix properly. If I am ready to splurge, I go for TruMoo 🙂

  3. I used to swear by Silk’s chocolate soy milk in college…but yeah, TONS of sugar! I drink a lot of almond milk now (Usually to make my oatmeal, or in smoothies) mostly because it has as much, if not more, calcium than regular milk.

    Amy’s veggie lasagna is not bad at all for a frozen microwave meal. I tried one recently and liked that I could actually differentiate the different vegetables…usually those things are just all mush!

    • Does it really have more calcium? Hmm, I might need to check that out. Even though I eat a ton of yogurt, I might need to up my calcium! Great suggestion. Thanks Katie!

      Yeah, usually I am quite disgusted by microwave meals. They rarely turn out like the pictures on the package. So deceptive! But once in awhile I give it a whirl. I’ve been pretty satisfied with Amy’s products.

  4. How funny, I just tried Silk’s Chocolate Soy Milk the other say as an (after o-chem lab?) “recovery” drink. I remember reading that chocolate milk is perfect right after a workout because of it ratio of protein:sugars but I’m not sure how soy compares to normal milk. Oh well it was delicious 🙂 I think I’m going to need to try that brownie tonight during my midterm cram-sesh, thanks Kaitlin!!!

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