Craft the Week Away

When in doubt, exercise or find a craft to do.  It may seem as if I am never in class or studying, but believe me, I do my part to further my education.  I simply craft and bake to release my stress.  Also, unlike most college students, I find it difficult to sit and watch hours upon hours of television in my spare time.  Instead, I try to find ways to be outside or be productive.

Here is another one of my gifts I gave to my little 🙂 There are quite a few projects inspired by Pinterest, so at least I am putting my pinning skills to actual crafting use.

I even decided to make a look-alike Tiffany’s box for her sorority pin or whatever she chooses to fill it with.  It could be like when Eeyore decides to put his balloon in the empty honey pot 🙂

And when I am not crafting or studying, I am usually doing some online browsing or shopping 🙂 That’s why I work my friends. One of my friends, Sandy, created this company,  By the Seashore and she sells a number of adorable nautical/seashore products: jewelry, hair ties, and perfume.  Last year I purchased a roll-on coconut perfume but when I saw these blue hair bands, it had to happen.
Funny thing, is I know the Jessica that these bands are named after 🙂 She is one of my sorority sisters and such a fabulous person!

Do you use these hair ties? What do you like to craft?  Have you been able to make some of the things you pin on Pinterest? (If you have fallen into the Pinterest trap) 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Craft the Week Away

  1. I was the same way in college – when I wasn’t doing stuff for school, I could never just lay around and watch TV for hours. All of my roommates would spend ALL DAY Saturday watching TV until we went out at night, and I would die of boredom. I would always find other people to do things with during the day (love doing crafts too!). I don’t make things from Pinterest very often even though I pin like crazy. Love the Tiffany box idea!!

  2. I’ll spend hours in front of the TV, or on pinterest, or reading blogs. But I can’t sit still, either, so I try to do some things to stay busy during the day! That Tiffany box is SO cute! My roommate and I made a DIY paint chip calendar on pinterest and then we painted the inside of on of our cabinets with chalkboard paint to write our grocery list or recipes on. It’s such a great way to get creative and counter boredom 🙂

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