Lazy Sunday

Maybe not that lazy, but just enough to get my body and mind ready for one last week of classes before Thanksgiving break.  Yesterday I participated in a SHPE Soccer Tournament called the Bomba Cup.  SHPE would be the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, of which I am neither, but I am a club member, so go with it.  As a freshman, I was also a part of the Hawaiian club and even participated in the annual lu’au, just because I had an immense love for Hawaii.

Anyways, we had quite a long day yesterday, waking up at 5, driving three hours to Fresno, playing from 10-3:30 and then driving the three hours home. The rides were surprisingly not too bad.  I think it had to do with the fact that I had great company to drive with, excellent music (thank you Pandora Pop and Best 2000’s Hits), and the morning’s Starbucks certainly didn’t hurt.  In terms of Starbucks, I think I have found my favorite drink; an americano with room for milk/cream.  Cream isn’t that healthy, I know, but an inch can’t hurt once in awhile.  All the other drinks are tasty, but have way too much sugar for my liking in the morning.  I’m a recent fan of coffee, but it tends to make me a little jumpy.  A negative effect of the caffeine, I know, so I’ll have to work on that 🙂 Maybe I’ll stick to decaf and see what happens.

We started the day at Jamba Juice with a Pumpkin Smash Light and spinach/egg wrap.  Originally we had stopped at Carl’s Jr., but I just couldn’t imagine playing all day with hash browns and biscuits in my stomach. The local panaderia (bread shop) had supplied a wide selection of conchas (Mexican sweet bread), and Fresno State had provided Subway for lunch.  I admit, I can be a picky eater, but “manned” up and had a salami/pepperoni sandwich on wheat, and have to say, it was pretty darn tasty.  For dinner, I made myself a mean grilled cheese with a heaping portion of green beans.

Back to soccer.  It was exactly the sort of day I needed after a stressful week.  Running around with a bunch of really nice people (on my team), no homework to worry about, a pumpkin smoothie in the morning, some sunshine, and the fact we won the entire tournament.  Yep, we were the reigning champions, so all around a solid day.

I had debated crashing on the couch with one of the last 007 movies, but decided to rally and hang out with some of my Theta sisters and I was so glad I did!

This is my “little” sister, Ellen 🙂 Don’t we look alike?  I think some people have had some trouble keeping our names straight.

This morning, I had planned to run, but feeling how sore I was (in much different muscles than distance running) and considering the fact I haven’t taken a day completely off in a few weeks, I took it easy.  Instead, I made some lists for the week, went to a local farmer’s market, and skyped with my Barcelona house mom, Conchita.  Of course we also skyped with her two cats, Kingo and Nanjo, who I swear can talk.  I was extremely worried my Spanish had become incoherent or practically nonexistent, but was surprised how easily it came back.  The benefit of talking with Conchita versus practicing with people here, is that Conchita is patient.  She will help you finish the sentence or understands if you have trouble putting your thoughts together.  When I try to practice here, people just stare at me, laugh, and respond in English.  I feel like I may have written that sentiment previously, but had to say it again.

Anyways, Campbell’s farmer’s market is SO much better than the ones near school.  The little town blocked off two full blocks so that countless produce stands could set up their goods.  I may have gone a little overboard, but I have to remember that some of it is going towards my foodie pen pal exchange.  Also, I have quite the variety of vegetables for this week.

When I got back, Liz, Eddie, and I took a quick trip to the Country Inn Cafe.  I had been snacking throughout the day, so I wasn’t entirely hungry for more food, but had always wanted to go there.  Liz had been raving about its diner feel for ages and how good the food was, so I went anyways.  It was a quaint atmosphere with many of the locals sitting and enjoying a nice meal or brunch. The service was extremely fast and it surprisingly didn’t cost too much.

I had cereal (I think it was Kashi Go Lean…because it looks like cat food), Liz had egg’s Benedict, and Eddie went with an eggs/hash browns combo.

Because I don’t have too much due this week, and nothing really tomorrow, I have the ability to organize a bit more of my life including my resume (oops, need to do that now), kitchen, room, and watch some football. Slight bummer of the morning occurred when I went to make some granola and found that my blender was broken. Being so new, it shouldn’t have broken this fast.  Sad day in the villas, but I’m going to take it by Target tomorrow to see if they can do anything.

I’m looking forward to this Friday, which starts my Thanksgiving vacation.  I will be heading north to San Francisco to see the next edition of the Twilight Saga with Liz and her cousin.  I know you are all jealous.  I’m not exactly a die-hard Twilight fan, but it’s only right to finish what you have started and it’s sort of an event for Liz and I since we saw the first part together in Barcelona.  The only difference is that this time we won’t have Spanish subtitles.

Then on Saturday, I am making the long drive down to Santa Barbara where I get to spend the afternoon and night at my grandparents. Sunday I hope to swing by UCSB to say hi to a couple of my high school girlfriends before I head home to my mom, dad, and dog.  Boy, I miss Bodie 🙂 7 days!

“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”
– Carlos Castaneda


6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

    • When I discovered that smoothie there was no turning back! I’ve had it three times in the past week I think 🙂 I get it “light” which is 1/3 less calories, sugar, and something else!

      “Keep Calm and Carry On”

  1. This looks like such a fun weekend. Sorry we failed to connect again on Sunday – Saturday night was an even later one than last weekend and I literally didn’t move from the couch all day yesterday. I completely forgot we had talked about doing something because my brain seemed to have been not functioning either 😉 It WILL happen soon love!!

    • Not to worry at all! I seemed to be in my own little world all Sunday! I’m glad you had fun in the city again though, you will have to suggest some of the best places to check out 🙂 Happy Monday!

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