WIAW #15 – Thanksgiving Adventures

Yes, tomorrow is the big day indeed! Are you mentally and physically ready for the turkey extravaganza?  I have been lucky enough to spend the week at home and have gathered some fun adventures and eats to share from the past couple of days. Enjoy 🙂

While I played golf with my dad on Sunday, I made Monday a day to spend with the madre.  We each went running in the morning, took care of some errands for Thursday, and even explored the Huntington Museum out in San Marino.

I breakfasted on this delicious Noosa yogurt, which is based all the way down under in Australia! My mom loves to eat this in the morning and I have to agree, it is a scrumptious way to start the day.  I added some banana slices, walnuts, and TJ powerberry mix as well, just to fill me up a bit.

Wouldn’t these be fun to make and put in your hot cocoa?

We had planned to eat lunch at this little bakery shop called Little Flower Candy Co., a darling shop in Pasadena.  It has been written up in Sunset Magazine as the perfect place to stop for coffee, breakfast, or even lunch.  It was a bit too early for lunch, especially considering we had a late breakfast, but we stopped by all the same.  We browsed around and even sampled their tasty caramels; lemon for my mom and sea salt for me.

From there, we made our way to San Marino to check out the latest Civil War exhibit at the Huntington.  Entering the grounds of the historic museum is like escaping reality for a short time.  It would be such a great place for a picnic, to bring a book, or even take a stroll through the gardens.

Before we entered the exhibit itself, we needed to sit down and snack before our blood sugar got too low.  Museum food can be a little iffy, but our Cobb salads weren’t half bad.  Tasty if we put enough ranch on the lettuce.

There is even a tea room, which would be totally delightful to sit and have a cup of tea and a few pastries before going to the museum sometime!

And, of course we had to check out the gift shop.  If you are from Southern California, I really recommend reading this book, Helen of Pasadena.  It is quite the hoot and you might even be able to spot some of the characters (or people similar) around town.  At least I could 🙂

Who doesn’t like a quick stop at Anthropolgie? It can be a hit or miss store, more of a miss for me this week, but I always adore these ceramic berry baskets. How funky!

I had quite the afternoon with my mom and thank her for being such a great sport 🙂 She always knows how to plan fun trips when I am home.  Even shopping at Target can be enjoyable with her.

Dinner consisted of some BBQ chicken (grilled on Sunday), grilled veggies, sweet potato, a heaping portion of ketchup, BBQ sauce, and honey mustard, along with a tall glass of milk.  Got to keep up that calcium!

Yep, another microwave cake.  This time I experimented with pumpkin and chocolate protein powder.  I realized it wasn’t as sweet as some of the others and this was probably because I left out the sugar (by accident).  Oh well, I didn’t feel as bad then 🙂 Getting ready for pumpkin pie!!

Alright, quick rundown of Tuesday, since it was a little different in terms of eats.  Since I had to run to the doctor in the morning (check out a gnarly cough), I didn’t have time to go to the gym.  Instead, I whipped up a piece of toast with PB2, homemade grape jam, and banana. That along with my leftover Americano.  Mmmmmm.  Hadn’t eaten that in awhile!
For lunch, I had the privilege to drive out to Claremont and visit my sister at school.  I had visited her back in September, but hadn’t gotten a chance to visit any of the dining halls.  We went to her favorite lunch-time dining hall (no idea which college it was…maybe Scripps?) where we both got sandwiches.  The glory of this dining hall is that you can pick up your sandwich and put it in a panini press and grill it to your liking. (Mine is the lower left corner with wheat, pepper, eggplant, turkey, pepper jack, and pesto).  I did have to splurge and try a piece of their pumpkin pie.  Not too bad, but my grandma’s is better 🙂

How awesome! I’m glad I had a dining hall that was based on points and not meals because I would get too distracted by the “all-you-can-eat” element.  Too much of a good thing I guess.
It was fun to see where she lived and even meet some of the people she had been talking about.  Now I can actually visualize the people when she tells stories 🙂

Well, it seems whenever I hear the word “free,” I automatically gravitate towards the source.  Well, it was Customer Gratification day at 21 Choices and I so happened to be in Old Town.  Well, just a little taste couldn’t hurt, right?

Dad was out at Claremont for dinner (I swear, we are going to overwhelm Meghan before she even gets home for Thanksgiving break), so dinner provided another opportunity to experiment and my mom was oh-so-kind to play along.  We made up some tofu nachos with pepper, eggplant, and onion.  I also treated myself to a Diet Black Cherry Soda 🙂

Sorry this was less of food and more of adventures, but they seem to go hand in hand in my life.  What have you been up to this week?


6 thoughts on “WIAW #15 – Thanksgiving Adventures

  1. Happy WIAW! You hit all my favorite spots in one day! I love the Huntington, as a child I used to bike there with friends. Also Claremont is one of my favorite places to visit, I love the farmers market on Sundays. I love Little Flower marshmallows and Noosa yogurt. 🙂

  2. This food is making me hungry! LOVE froyo and microwave cakes. I’ve only made them a few times but I love the muffin-like consistency and a semi-healthy cake taste 🙂 Have a good week!! It looks like it’s off to a good start!

  3. I’m lovin the pre-thanksgiving festivities! From that little bakery to visiting you sister I would definitely say you are having an awesome break so far 🙂 I just got home last night and have barely ventured out of the house, but I’m sure this weekend will be exciting. GO SC!!!

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